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OGF clan LCPD Role play TBoGT

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Posted 08 May 2013 - 01:53 AM

LCPD is a Police Role Play clan on GTA TBoGT. We play on Team Death Match, and you must have a working mic.

Our BIGGEST priority is respect, whether your a deputy or the Commissioner respect is the priority whether its rendering the proper respects to a person of higher rank or just speaking with respect from one member to another

Msg CEO-Gvrtles

Local Police Division: This division is the first step for all new officers of LCPD. You will go through training to understand the radio communications within the clan and how we go about operational activities such as pursuits and traffic stops. You will have the opportunity to undertake other training such as Motorcycle Response Officer and Prisoner Transport Officer. The Commander of LCPD is DisturbedSOVIET any questions about training or problems with another officer refer to you change of command DO NOT TAKE ALL YOU PROBLEMS STRAIGHT TO THE TOP HANDLE THEM AS LOW AS POSSIBLE.

Air Support Division: For members wanting to become involved in Air Support. You will be allowed to undertake ASD training. You will be taught our landing, Take off and flying procedures within the clan. You will be additionally be gaining experience and training in Pursuing suspects in different environments and situations. As part of the ASD you will be required to participate in a Rota regarding when you are required to attend a patrol as an Air Support officer or a Standby ASU officer.

Crooks Division: As a Crook, you will firstly have to have previous experience as a police officer. To get into this division, you will be required to produce an incident at the request of Commissioner/ Divisional Commander to demonstrate your improvisation, organizational, drama skills. When I say drama, I mean your voice acting. As a crook, you are required to be as dramatic as possible and make it as realistic as possible to ensure that officers have to use their skills to persuade you to go to safety etc. Once you have successfully completed your entrance requirement, you will go through training to understand different and the variety of scenarios, which can be done.

Swat Team/Task Force: The LCPD SWAT (Special weapons and tactics) is a special division of our clan. Members will have access to the better set of weapons (M16, Desert eagle, and the Semi automatic shotgun and sniper rifles). When on regular patrols, members will drive solid black FBI Buffalos but when responding to major incidents we will drive a black and white Police Stockade. When responding to long distance calls, or calls on rooftops we will use a black LCPD chopper. To tryout for SWAT, Frohsted Turtle will request you to try out. You cannot apply on your own, I will ask you if I see out of the box thinking, and/or amazing skills and accuracy with weapons. Good luck!

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Posted 08 May 2013 - 11:35 AM

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