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ESP Liberty City 2007 (GTA Game-fic)

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(Carefully for this logotype size below! 56k warning!!!)
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Release: 22/04/2007 (PS2 and PC), 15/07/2007 (Xbox 360).

Six years later, Eddie Peugeot returns to Liberty City for more situations to solve. But some people where betrayed and killed are alive and must eliminate them or more consequences will happen.

Group Eddie e Seus Peugeots Productions / Rockstar North and Square Enix (Partnerships)

Eddie e Seus Peugeots Games (ESP Games)

Differences between GTA 3 with ESP LC 2007:
  • Uses GTA San Andreas' enhanced RenderWare engine
  • Most cars of Liberty City have been converted from GTA 3 Xbox and modified to be 2007 style
  • All GTA San Andreas cars (except Admiral, Sabre and GTA 3 based cars) appears on streets, but with 2007 style
  • Bikes are included in Liberty City (that year, the bikes returned to circulate in Liberty City after numerous protests and threats to former mayor Miles O'Donovan)
  • Places were modified due time change (2001 > 2007), retextured and remodeled
  • Spring season in Liberty City (in GTA 3, the time sets in Fall season)
  • Missions, scripts and characters
  • Shops (clothes, ammunation, etc. except barber and tattoo) and fast-foods.
Places changed due time change:
  • Fort Staunton plaza has 90% completion (because the completion was been delayed several times)
  • Luigi's Sex Club Seven has been changed to Sex Italian Club Thirteen (Luigi escaped from Toni's threats in 2001)
  • Joey's Garage has changed to Trenton Workshop (Joey has married with Misty and escaped from Toni's threats)
  • Cipriani Ristorante (Momma's Restaurant) was abandoned (Toni was declared dead)
  • Salvatore's Mansion (now as Leone Mansion) being restored
  • Love Media's Building being restored too
  • Kenji's Casino (now as Yakuza Casino) is under renovation
  • Liberty Memorial Coliseum (or Bush Stadium) is under renovation too (for Liberty City Football Cup in 2008)
  • And Cartel Mansion was abandoned (there is no leader in Cartel Colombian)

(Note: Majority missions are inspired from other GTA (excluding IV era and upcoming V) missions titles)
IntroductionWelcome Back To Liberty CityEddie arrives in Liberty City and picks a taxi to travel around the city, until arrives in new apartment in Saint Mark's, where he is greeted by his brother and friends.
Freddy PeugeotChump CrookFreddy sends his brother to see an man on Callahan Point, who is revealed it's a crook and kills him.
Freddy PeugeotHow Doing This Ma?Freddy again sends his brother to see the abandoned restaurant's (Cipriani Ristorante) owner, who is revealed it's Momma Cipriani. She recognizes Eddie due his appearence change in 2004 and blame him for killing his son, Toni Cipriani, in 2001. Eddie escapes from Momma's traps and returns to apartment.
Freddy PeugeotJust Leone BusinessFreddy and Eddie goes to Atlantic Quays warehouse party. But when Freddy enters to warehouse, another Momma's trap against Peugeot brothers arrives in Atlantic Quays. Eddie kills the Leones and escapes with Freddy, when Leones chases against on Portland roads, who Eddie shoots against the Leones while Freddy drives. After the chase, Freddy and Eddie arrives back to apartment.
Freddy PeugeotBrothers Don't Be ScreechEddie sees Freddy's note, and read who Freddy was in Harwood to acquire new car in Car Showroom. Outside, Eddie receives another Momma's threat against his brother via phone. Immediately, Eddie goes to Car Showroom and rushes the car purchase. Then, Eddie and Freddy enters in new car and escapes from Leones ambush, who Leones arrives too late.
Freddy PeugeotThe Eddie In 137 SecondsEnraged by Momma's threats, Freddy wants to change safehouse. Eddie accepts. In outside, the two sees an taxi parked, but Eddie discovers that is a trap, and destroys the trap. Eddie steals an car and escapes along with Freddy to new safehouse, in Hepburn Heights (the same safehouse of GTA 3).
Freddy PeugeotTo Freddy, the SpoilsFreddy plans the attack against Momma Cipriani, but Eddie speaks to let it more late. The two goes to Callahan Point, when was surprised by another Leone ambush. Angered by another ambush, Freddy decided to plan the attack against Momma now. The two returned to hideout after evading the Leones chase.
Hedust FritadeDrive-By Against LeonesUnderstanding the Freddy's plan, Hedust tells to Eddie to help Freddy's plan, when he contacted three Triads members. Eddie sees the three Triads members, and enters their new car (Pony). Eddie drives along with Triads contacted members in Saint Mark's, and performs drive-by on Leones members. After killing several Leones in 7 encounter points, the player gets three wanted-level stars, and drives to Pay'n'Spray. Later, the four returns to Mr.Wong's Laundrette in Chinatown.
Hedust FritadeCrazy '13Hedust discovers the Leones are making reunion in Callahan Point, but discovers they're not using gunfires. Eddie picks an Katana and goes to Leones' reunion point. Eddie kills several Leones and finishes the job.
Hedust FritadeBig Rumble in Little ItalyHedust sends again three contacted Triads to Eddie for another drive-by against Leones. He discovered another 13 encounter points around Saint Mark's. After killing several Leones, Eddie and three contacted Triads falls in ambush and chased by Leones. After evading Leones, Eddie drives back to Chinatown.
Hedust FritadeThe Black KurumaTo ambush back to Leones, Hedust gives to Eddie a black Kuruma, with another three Triads contacted members, but disguised as Leones. Hedust saids to Eddie to set up a Leone Casino in Saint Mark's. Eddie parks behind of casino and enters as Leone member, while the disguised Triads prepare to Eddie's signal. Eddie opens the casino safe and make signal onto Triads to throw the dynamites. Eddie throws back a cash of casino safe, and puts the dynamites into safe. Eddie leaves of casino thinking who nothing happened to Leones. Then, enters back to black Kuruma and shoots into Leones, along disguised Triads performing drive-by into Leones. After leaving Saint Mark's, Eddie activates detonator and Leone Casino blows.
Freddy PeugeotF.A.R.E.W.E.L.L.After blowing Leone Casino, Freddy calls Eddie to come into safehouse for last job in Portland, to exterminate Leone Mafia Family and Momma Cipriani. Freddy explains to his brother the ambushes in Cipriani Ristorante and the Leones hideout, in their former safehouse. Then, Freddy calls to Hedust to contact all Triads gang members for this raid. Eddie begins to make an attack stealing a Leone car and arm with bomb, parking at Momma's Ristorante. Eddie activates the bomb while the Triads arrives on Eddie's former safehouse. Eddie thinks Momma Cipriani is dead, but he discovers she's in the former safehouse, and decided to help Triads against Leones. Eddie, along with Triads, kills several Leones and Momma Cipriani, who before Freddy kills her, she reveals who Toni is alive. The two leaves and discovered the Leones has called SWAT to finish Peugeot brothers. Triads helps killing some SWAT members, when Freddy speaks to escape via tunnel. When arrives at tunnel, they're discovered they blocked the entrance. For another alternative, Eddie drives to bridge and jumps over SWAT roadblock, entering Staunton Island. Eddie and Freddy loses the cops and enters the new safehouse, in Belleville Park (another same GTA 3 safehouse).
Staunton Island

Jean Carlos TricksCash in Courtney's ChipsTricks greets Eddie in visit of his apartment, when sends the first job to Eddie to deliver the cash to King Courtney, the Yardies' leader. Eddie arrives in Yardies' hideout (in backyard of Ammu-Nation), then, gives the cash to Yardie gang member. When Eddie leaves the Yardies' hideout, a trap. Yardies recognizes the cash as trap and chase down onboard Voodoos into Eddie in drive-by. Eddie runs or steal the car/bike and returns to Tricks' apartment.
Jean Carlos TricksThe Passion of The YardiesAfter escaped from Yardies' ambush, Eddie blames Tricks for cheating and angering Yardies, who Tricks apologizes Eddie for bad joke. Now, with Yardies hostiles the two, Eddie and Tricks decided to make surprise for Yardies. The two drives again to Yardies' hideout, and Tricks apologizes King Courtney for bad joke of "cash". Eddie receives two packages to send to contact in Rockford. Then the two goes to Rockford and delivers to contact. Eddie calls to King Courtney they're delivered the packages.
Jean Carlos TricksDonkey For NothingTricks stranges the King Courtney's attitudes for delivering packages for unknown persons. But when Eddie receives King Courtney's callphone, Eddie refuses to answer, leaving to ring three times. Tricks says it's some Yardies' trap, and the two goes outside in night to spy some jobs of Yardies. After spying the Yardies' work, Eddie and Tricks returns to Tricks' apartment.
Jean Carlos TricksCaught as the BetrayedAfter spying some informations of Yardies' secrets, Tricks and Eddie decides to pay a visit to King Courtney. When the two arrives at Yardies' hideout, King Courtney says there's no more jobs for him, but two Yardies attacks and knocks them out. They are taken to an rocks in Portland-Staunton border near Chinatown-Fort Staunton districts, but they clothes was taken out, leaving only with underwear. When the two awakes, Eddie is surprised by an Yardie member, but he takes down and picks his pistol, shooting another Yardie and picks their clothes back. Eddie and Tricks sees an boat left by Yardies and drives to Newport pier. Tricks speaks to Eddie he will plan an attack against Yardes. Then, Eddie receives a calling from Freddy.
Freddy PeugeotFreddy SabotageReturning in Tricks' apartment, Eddie encounters Freddy and Hedust. Freddy recognize the Eddie's betray against Yardies, and he could help him. Then, Freddy reveals to Eddie he stoled four Yardie cars, who send his brother to arm bombs. After arming four Yardie cars and parks in little plaza near multistorey carpark, Eddie leaves the area and waits several Yardies to enters their cars, until activates the detonator, who explodes their cars.
Freddy PeugeotRiot BrawlDiscovered where Yardies are under rioting, Freddy decides to burn it down, taking to Eddie an molotov cocktail. But Eddie, to not be recognized by Yardies, goes to an clothing shop and buys the Yardies' clothes as disguise, and goes to Yardies' riot in Multistorey Carpark, throwing cocktail molotov into them. Eddie escapes from Newport and returns to Tricks' apartment.
Freddy PeugeotTaking the RideFreddy tells to Eddie who Yardies is planning to make alliance with other gang, the Cartel Colombian. Eddie asks the gang is vanished, but Freddy belies they're returned and taken back the Fort Staunton. So sends Eddie, with another Yardie car stolen by Freddy, to trample some Cartel members.
Freddy PeugeotHot Yardie WheelsEddie, seeing the Cartel's anger against Yardies, decide to anger more Yardies aganist Cartel. Freddy stolen an Cartel car for his brother and drives to trample some Yardies members around Newport.
Hedust FritadeHit the CourierHedust joins the Tricks' and Freddy's jobs and tells to Eddie an Yardie and Cartel courier, who arrives at Aspatria jetty later. So sends Eddie to Aspatria, who encounter several Yardies and Cartel members awaiting for the contact. Eddie kills them, hides from courier, destroys the courier's helicopter and kidnapp him. He's being tortured by Hedust, Tricks, Freddy and Eddie for informations about Yardies and Cartel.
Hedust FritadeReuniting the GangsThe courier tells being tortured, the Cartel and Yardies want make an reunion in carpark (of Liberty Tree) in Bedford Point for alliance. So Eddie, Freddy, Tricks and Hedust goes outside, enters the Freddy's car and goes to Bedford Point. Parking in museum plaza, they see some Cartel's cars running into the parking, and the Yardies' cars too. Eddie leaves Freddy's car, run into the wall (where Pony was parked), jumps over Pony and throws an grenade against Cartel's car, who them spots Eddie. Eddie flees and return to Freddy's car, who starts run over Staunton roads on Cartel and Yardie chase. After evading Cartel's and Yardies' cars, the four returns to Tricks' apartment.
Hedust FritadeDead Alive in the Staunton RoadsHedust calls and Eddie goes to Aspatria jetty where Hedust is waiting in red Stallion. Eddie enters in red Stallion, and sees the truth, where Toni Cipriani is alive, along with several Leones and Cartel members. Hedust discovers the Leones wanna avenge Toni's mother' s death, telling to Eddie they wanna riot all Liberty City. After the encounter, Eddie drives back to Tricks' apartment.
Freddy PeugeotFrom Zero to FleeAfter Hedust saids to Freddy the truth of Toni is alive, Tricks alerts to trio because the Cartel Colombian discovered their hideout and the courier was escaped. Now, Hedust, Freddy, Eddie and Tricks are marked mens, decided to escape of Staunton Island from boat to Shoreside Vale. When the four arrived in Aspatria jetty, they stoled the Squalo and runs out of Staunton Island, arriving in Shoreside picnic park. Tricks and Hedust goes to an flophouse in Pike Creek, when Freddy and Eddie decided to low in Wichita Gardens apartment (the same hideout of GTA 3).
Shoreside Vale and Final Missions

Freddy PeugeotOver the TopWhen Eddie visits his brother in apartment, Freddy was planning the ambush against Toni and Leones. But he tells to Eddie to find an cargo which contains heavy weapons, who the Leones are after it. Eddie goes to Pike Creek, stoles the cargo, but he's chased by Leones, who they after it. After losing them, Eddie drives back to Freddy's apartment in Wichita Gardens.
Freddy PeugeotLight my PyreFreddy explains to Eddie an secret warehouse in Pike Creek where Leones are guarding it, who contains toxic and flammable boxes. Then, gives sniper rifle (the Leones guards are using mp5k, who is dangerous) to snipe the guards and flamethrower to burn the boxes. Arriving near the warehouse, Eddie snipes the guards and hauls the warehouse, killing several Leones and burning the boxes. Eddie escapes and the warehouse is destroyed.
Freddy PeugeotMayday! Mayday!Freddy receives the Leones call, who they taunting him, but turnoff the cellphone before they finishes. He explains to Eddie who the Leones are sending more poisons and drugs from Vice City and they're coming from plane to Francis International Airport, who sends Eddie to destroy the plane. Eddie arrives at picnic park and finds an boat (Reefer) and RPG, then drives to buoy mark near the runway. But he spots several Leones in runway, then snipes all (or near) Leones. When he hear the plane engine, sets up the RPG and shoots, destroying the plane and collect all drugs and poisons. Then, he drives back to Freddy's apartment, and Freddy burns down the drugs and poisons.
Freddy PeugeotFire Leone BurnaAnother Leones taunt against Freddy via cellphone, and he explains to Eddie they're making an party in Portland, at Red Light District. Eddie decides to burn out the equipments of party, who Freddy gives an coordinates of garage where the Leones' party's equipments are stored, in Pike Creek. Then, Eddie needs to destroy and burn out the equipments inside of 4 hours (4 minutes in real-life) before the Leones arrives at the garage. After burning all equipments, Eddie flees from garage.
Freddy Peugeot555-I-KILL-YOULeones again taunts Freddy via cellphone, but the cellphone is crashed after Freddy's wrath. Eddie calms down Freddy, and explains who's sending those taunts against him. But Freddy discovers they're using some DEA signals from all Liberty City police departments and the Leones' headquarters in Saint Mark's Bistro. Then, gives an RPG. Eddie starts destroying DEA signal in Shoreside, who gets two wanted-level, then, a DEA signal in Staunton, who gets three wanted-level, a DEA signal in Portland, who gets four wanted-level and the Leones' headquarters signal, who gets five wanted-level. Eddie loses the cops and returns to Freddy's apartment.
Freddy PeugeotRiotToni is sent to trial in Staunton Island by misrepresentation, forging his own death six years ago, killing people and threatening their former members. Eddie, Freddy, Tricks and Hedust sees the trial via TV in Freddy's apartment. Hours later, Toni leaves the trial accompanied by his lawyer, who Toni's lawyer reveals that some evidence was missing and not found, leaving Toni as freeman, but not like whole Liberty City. An activist was interviewed and says if Toni still remain free, the whole city will be burned and always, which the four takes surprised, and Freddy sees from window all riot in Wichita Gardens. Freddy says it's Toni's fault for all riot, and it's time to plan a justice revenge.
Jean Carlos TricksCalm Before the StormTricks planned an drive-by to takedown some Cartel Colombian's gang members, who he suspected the gang helped to eliminate the evidences against Toni. Outside, Eddie and Tricks enters the car and make drive-by against Cartel members in Cedar Grove. Several Cartel Crusiers appears and chases Eddie and Tricks, who they loses them. After, Eddie drives back to Freddy's apartment.
Jean Carlos TricksBringing the Yardies DownTricks suspects the Yardies could helped to eliminate the evidences against Toni too like Cartel. Eddie and Tricks runs back to Staunton and make another drive-by against Yardies members in Newport. After some kills against Yardies, Tricks want recover his old apartment in Belleville Park who the Yardies and Cartel members taken over. Then, Eddie droves to Tricks' former apartment, and kills several Yardies and Cartel members. Cleaning all apartment, Tricks decides to low it and calls Freddy and Hedust to return to his apartment.
Jean Carlos TricksSayonara CourtneyTo finish down the Yardies, Tricks and Freddy planned an drive-by in the Yardies' hideout nearbys. Arriving, Eddie shoots and kills an Yardie member, who Freddy drives and Eddie kills several Yardies. Then, King Courtney appears on Yardie Voodoo alongside with two Bobcats with Yardies members. Eddie kills Yardies and destroy the Bobcats and then, shoots into King's Yardie Voodoo who let King Courtney lefts the car. Then, the two kills King Courtney, finishing off the Yardies on Liberty City.
Jean Carlos TricksThe Liberty RedemptonTricks appears with an massive plan, to make very chaos in Portland, calling the Return of Gang War of Leones Vs Triads. Tricks also have stolen an Leone Kuruma, then Eddie drives back to Portland, in an Fish Factory in Chinatown, who the Triads members are reuniting. Then, Eddie leaves the car and speaks to Triads members the Leones are insulting them, who lets the Triads overaged against Leones. Eddie, then, picks the Triads car and droves to Saint Mark's to trample some Leone members. Overaged, they attacks the Triads car, but Eddie escapes from Leones. Now Eddie leaves immediately Portland and returns to Tricks' apartment in Staunton.
Freddy PeugeotEnd of the LineNow the war was returned and the riot is heavy, Eddie and Freddy decides to raid down the Toni's palace. Eddie droves to Toni's palace in your formely safehouse in Saint Mark's (who Toni takenover), then kills several guards, takes down several Leones in first floor, burn down several counterfeit money of Leones in second floor, destroyed the Leones hideout in third floor and finally, Eddie encounters Toni Cipriani after six years. Eddie, taunts him calling his brother Freddy to distract Toni, but, overaged, wrongs the shoots and escapes. Toni shoots at generators, who makes poweroff the energy of palace and burn down, letting Eddie to escape and avoid flames and several Leones members. After escaping, the palace is totally destroyed, and Toni escapes in Firetruck, but Freddy jumps and stucks behind of truck. Eddie chases to save his brother, but several Leones Kurumas chases against Eddie, while several Triads Ponys blocks the Leones chase to help Eddie. In highway from Torrington to Fort Staunton, an Leone member tries to step down on Freddy's handfingers, but Eddie hits behind of firetruck, who let Freddy falls in Stinger bonnet. Freddy takes the ride while his brother shoots down the Leones. The chase ends when Toni loses the firetruck control and falls from Cedar Grove to picnic park. Toni loses more blood, and dies, before Eddie almost shoots. The Toni's death news finally brought peace back in Liberty City and the riots were ended.
(Soon, missions scripts)
(Sorry for my bad english)
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