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Wierd Problem. Can't get a Wanted level. No Mods!

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Posted 02 May 2013 - 10:06 PM

Okay, I'm about 50% through the game, dating Kiki, and
now for some reason I can not get a wanted level no matter what I do.
I can walk right up to a cop(s) and shoot them in the face and they do nothing.
I have No Mods, Cheats, Cracks installed, I have not used any of the phone cheats,
and under my stats where it says cheats used, it says 0

I have GTA IV from Steam, updated to latest version (via Steam).

The ONLY way I can get a wanted level is to die first, then after re-spawning,
I can get the police to come after me.
But, after restarting the game, saving the game after wanted level works, etc,
the problem comes back, so at the moment the only way to play correctly is to die first
everytime I start a new session.
Even if I save the game after dieing,
the problem comes back with the new save after re-starting the game.

I completely uninstalled and redownloaded GTA IV from Steam,
and all my old saves have this problem.
If I start the game from the beginning it works just fine.

I do not want to start the game completely over.

So the problem has to be in the save files some where.
I peeked at the saves with hex editors and there isn't anything that jumps out at me,
but my hex editing experience is very limited.

Are there any fixes or programs to edit/fix a corrupted save file?

Furthermore, what is causing this problem,
and what's to stop it from happening again if I start over?

Please Help!

One thing to note, I have a Nvidia GTX Titan with 6GB Video ram,
and I can only get GTA IV to see at most 3024 megs
(I assume that's because it's a 32 bit program and cant use/see over 4 gigs.)
and the only way I can get GTA IV to let me set up the settings is to set -norestrictions
in the commandline.txt, then configure the graphics, and oddly,
after I set everything to max settings, the low system settings warning goes away...

I'm not sure if that might be having a problem with the save files.
My PC is more than able to run GTA IV at max settings, (i7 3770k, 32 gigs ram, Nvidia GTX Titan, Windows 8 Pro, etc)
it's just GTA IV can not see that by the way the vidcard has so much ram.

I would like to be able to not use cheats like xliveless (to use other people's saves)
because I would like to still be able to get achievements, and of course xliveless blocks GFWL.

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