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GTA V International Press Previews May 2nd

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Posted 17 May 2013 - 07:05 PM

Holy sh*t!!!!
Franklin alone has more textures than the entire ped population of GTA: San Andreas.

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Posted 18 May 2013 - 03:51 PM Edited by gamesguru, 30 May 2013 - 02:26 PM.

I've updated my compiled list of mentioned features due to newer previews being released, and translations of foreign previews being made by members of this forum. All of this information below has already been mention around the forum, but I though it would be practical to compile it into one post, for the benefit of those interested in knowing this stuff. I've added these new inclusions in my previous post, of which only includes stuff that isn't already mentioned in the initial GTAV.NET May 2nd preview breakdown (I also added a few minor tidbits to the initial list as well):

QUOTE (GameInformer magazine (US))
• Hits (assassinations) and arms trafficking possible side-missions/activities (hinted at/mentioned, but not confirmed).
• Wheel-man, muscle and hacker mentioned as possible crew member-types.
• When switching to another character (during a mission at least), time slows down as you switch, so that the player can "reorient" themselves.
• The upgradable stats such as stamina and lung capacity are still subject to change.
• The binoculars (previously mentioned) are used by Trevor during the Blitz Party heist.
• During Blitz Party, when the play-tester switches to Franklin in the truck, Franklin is in first-person view (later mentioned in GTA5 o' Clock analysis that the camera switches to a cinematic angle when hitting the security truck).

QUOTE (GTA 5 o'Clock Character Trailer Analysis)
• Armenian car dealer's final in-game name is Simian Yutaria (spelling?).
• Can buy and change clothes in stores.
• Improved cover system includes being able to roll between cover more smoothly.
• The camera app/option is at the bottom right hand corner of the iFruit (so the 9th app in the 'list').
• iFruit UI looks the same as the one see on the billboard in the Franklin trailer.

QUOTE (Spill.no (courtesy of King of Monra))
• NPC activity at the beach includes BBQs and "parties".
• Walking on sand leaves footprints.
• Radar map is traditional top-down, but in a vehicle it switches to an angles GPS view.
• You will meet Lacey Jones multiple times (random encounter character from May 2nd previews).
• Wanted level stars are at the top-right of the screen.
• Grenades confirmed.

QUOTE (Gameblog.fr (courtesy of Septmbrsveryown))
• Car wrecks can be seen underwater.
• The character wheel appears at the bottom right of the screen when switching characters.

QUOTE (Edge magazine (UK))
• Spice 1's 187 Proof on the soundtrack (courtesy of LotusRIP)
• "Time will sometimes pass when you switch, allowing Rockstar to subtly nudge the story forward"
• The camera is "grainy" when pulling up into the Google Earth style view, during switches.
• Characters will "each stick, broadly speaking, to one area of the map". [When you're not controlling them.]
• The descent when Franklin drops from the Helicopter, that opens the demo, took 3 minutes (when parachute is open).
• The hotel Michael is leaving during the demo is called Von Crastenburg.
• The ambient score when Franklin descends has a soft-synth reminiscent of something out of the Drive OST.
•  The three colour meters for health, armour and special are below the radar (which is now square).
• Michael looks like a tough guy, in his walk, but his sprint shows his age.
• "80's Soul" heard from one car.
• Handling is more forgiving, but not "dumbed down".
• You'll only be able to switch characters, during missions, when a menu overlay appears in the bottom corner during missions. A lot of the switches in mission are made automatically. There are also text prompts suggesting character switches.
• During the demo of the Blitz Party mission, Michael, Trevor and Franklin were donning the hockey mask, skull mask and monkey mask (respectively). [Whereas in Michael's trailer they were wearing gas masks; perhaps a development change, or an idea on the choice we have?]
• The characters' turning circle is more like Max Payne's, and less like Niko's (so smoother movement).

QUOTE (Official Xbox 360 Magazine (UK))
• Rockstar Games are unsure on the usability of public transport, outside of taxis (for now at least). IE - taking buses.

QUOTE (Eurogamer.es (courtesy of turksih1981))
• Squirrel(s) seen running up/on a tree.

QUOTE (PlayMania magazine (Spain) (courtesy of Villaran and GTAFan20))
• Helmets worn when riding motorcycles can be changed (might just be like IV though).
• Confirmation of police motorcyclists (seen in screenshot premiered by Edge magazine).
• Shipwrecks are littered with skeletons.
• Confirmation of bears.
• The Military base in Blaine Country is a legend that NPCs mention in conversation (because it's location is unknown).

QUOTE (GamesMaster magazine (UK) (courtesy of GTA Master Blaster))
• To the west of the island (the main portion of the map) is the military base.
• Cargo planes are seen taking-off from the military base.

QUOTE (May 23rd+ Russian/Polish Previews)
"Peace of mind - heroes outside the mission can not be killed if they do not direct."
• I know a lot of people had some worries surrounding this, and I really don't see how... but there. The other protagonists will not die when you are not controlling them in free-roam (unless you're together in the same area I presume).

Heist Side-Missions:
"By the way, the robbery - a completely independent type of activity that can be practiced in the breaks between story missions. The most complex of them - is multi-way operations per-second planning participation assistants and a huge cash prize at the end."
• Miniature heists like Blitz Party available as recurring side-mission(s)?

"Michael explains the action plan - options robberies, he draws out of a movie - and pulls the mask. Trevor grumbles that will again look like a clown, but still wears his. Masks and really stupid. But it turns dynamic music and heroes of the time to take a position."

"and he is transplanted into a sports car and went home."
• After burning the truck in Blitz Party. Possibly for the benefit of the demo, or player? A hint at being able to teleport into a car, maybe one that you own (after a mission)? Just speculation.

"While Michael, Trevor and Franklin police fired at the crowd from three different points, goose bumps. The music is louder, then fades, maintaining a pause, and then again explodes, creating an incredible effect voltage. Working with sound and almost a Hollywood production of individual scenes - the main differences Grand Theft Auto V from all the previous games in the series."

"Cut-scene showed the wall crumbling to bits, but the man drove a car show that supports very carefully in hitting nothing - rather scripting animation than extensive physics."
• Don't know how much truth there is to this. We know there will be cinematic cameras during missions, and it was implied it was controlled by the player (the truck crashing into the security van/wall, which has a cinematic camera angel), meaning the writer probably assumed it was a cut-scene, so this really relies on if the mention of the physics of the wall being scripted are hearsay or not.

About Police Not Chasing During Heist Escape:
"It seems that after the shooting of police officers arrived all at once calmed down and the stars are gone, but clearly visible search area, which quickly disappeared. Most likely a glitch."
"A few minutes later the cops come to an end (the developers then explained this strange moment for GTA - it is not the final version of the set and reset the "stars")"

• Rockstar probably removed the wanted level for the benefit of the demo, or it's still a WIP.

"During the fight, you can always switch to another character."
"The combat system looks as though without any changes. All the same not very confident of his release in shelters. Max Payne traces were found."
"switched over to Trevor, who scattered their ranks a couple of shots from a grenade launcher"

•The first quote referencing only the firefight section of the mission, as it has been mentioned before, there will be times when you can't switch, and times when they're predetermined. The grenade launcher, is probably a mistranslation of/confused with the rocket launcher/bazooka (been referred to this many times).

"For a few seconds, a window appears with the skills (whether on one button to transition to another character, or close by). Judging by the demonstration, only 9 features, including driving, shooting, endurance, mechanical and something else."
"a spokesman for Rockstar pushes a button and a menu parameters of the character (there are about a dozen - "driving," secrecy "," endurance "," diving "," lung capacity ", etc.). Another click and the camera takes off into the sky"

• Highlighting that the skills of each character are shown when the character wheel is shown (probably).

"Trevor, whose eyesight is better, take a sniper rifle and covers them from the roof."
• Trevor has better accuracy? Due to his military background/experience?

"To meet him busy fishermen and loud tourists cheered."
"drunken fishermen fishing"/"Trample on the Walk of Fame stars, says some drunken woman"
"river fishermen sit with whom you can exchange a few words"
"and a lone fisherman, humming a melody to himself"
"The developers claim that virtually every character in GTA V at the meeting could easily tell the story of the protagonist of his life."

• The cheering is in reference to Franklin landing at the beggining of the demo. Possible mistranslation, or maybe NPCs react to this now. I think the drunken (fishermen) part is just artistic license by the writer (there was probably a few brewskis on the ground and nothing more). All of this hints at more believable NPCs though.

"promise that the water will be part of the mission - including the plot."
"Colored fish swim among the rocks some ruins, lying broken containers."

• Probably mistranslations. Probably meant side-missions in the former, as I recall it being mentioned that the water was more of a optional exploration kinda deal. The latter - the containers are probably referring to either a ship (the shell of it), or actual containers (from a ship).

"blur has disappeared: it looks very clearly and is full of small details."
• Don't know how much truth to this there is to this. Even though the screenshots we've seen are edited, I doubt blur is removed, as it helps with processing. Probably just lest noticeable, especially high-off the ground.

"The reward will be a "thank you" and offer somehow call (smart hero can store a lot of contacts and do a photo)."
• In reference to the random encounter. It is detailed again, that money is harder to earn (outside of heists).

"Polish subtitles are available in the game on release."

"Sunset Boulevard"
• Don't know if it's already been mentioned, but just in case - the equivalent to Hollywood Blvd is called Sunset Blvd.

"Just a few seconds of free fall and parachute opens (his coloring repeats the same that we've seen in TBoGT)";
• This being the coloured smoke that you could active by clicking in the thumbstick, I presume.

"It is made in the style of GPS, with an arrangement of three lights of different colors (red, blue and yellow)";
• Red clearly being for health, yet in a number of previews previously, it was green. So perhaps this was a recent change since the last batch of previews that were shown (it was mentioned that things such as the GPS were still a work in progress in a previous preview).

"Michael, a little staggered out of the bar and some goes for a walk."
• Possibly a little drunk (alas IV)? In this preview and another it is refereed to as bay, but the May 2nd previews reference Michael walking out of a Hotel? Perhaps it's somewhat dynamic?


[Courtesy of and credit to member Game2048 for the following]
• "tourists with big hiking bags, who are very vividly discussing something. As they got closer to Franklin, they briefly interrupt their conversation to say hello to him."
• Сharacter selection wheel: Michael - on the left, Trevor - at the top, Franklin - on the right.
• "we meet the youth get-together on the beach. Some people are in a jeep, on which, apparently, they came here, and others are driving jet skies."
• "During our walk in we did not encounter any repeated pedestrian(means all pedestrians were unique)."
• "Clothes became to look more realistic, it has a relief and it is clear that this is not just a texture."
• Deer walk in packs, and drink water from streams.
• Trevor has a high stealth skill level, and Franklin has high stamina.
• Apparently visiting the gym is among one the activities you can partake in.
• When Franklin jumps at the beginning of the demo, he is 4 kilometers above ground level.
• Rabbit seen being chased by mountain lion.
• Altimeter shows height during flight/skydiving (previously mentioned before I think).
• Stratege notes that Franklin responded rudely (possibly with "f*ck off!") to some welcoming tourists.
• Descending to the ocean bed with Trevor took less time than Franklin's descent from the clouds.

[Courtesy of and credit to member Raavi for the following]
• Rock climbers seen commencing to climb one of the many mountains.
• Franklin had a "rainbow coloured parachute".
• Wave physics are consistent with the laws of inertia. (i.e realistic).
• You can use the iFruit phone to play 'casual' games.

QUOTE (Journalist's Reddit AMA)
[List and breakdown of AMA courtesy of gtamad8]
• Whilst parachuting, weapons can't be used.
• Camera is further away to the character than IV (which matches previous reports of a wider FOV).
• When abandoning vehicle post-heist, NPCs may take pictures of/report the vehicle, so it needs to be hidden.
• The mini-map is styled like a blueprint (like the SE/CE poster?).
• When using the weapon wheel, time will slow down.
• Rats spotted scurrying on the streets of Los Santos.
• Lazlow's return was hinted at.
• No end-mission music was heard (possibly missed it, or to be included).
• Each character had the same running speed.

Rough sketch of the HUD.
The invite he received, for the Russian preview event.
Mechandise he received.

QUOTE (GameStopUK Tweet)
• "GTAV’s real-time weather effects will create furious storms, rough ocean waves and rain forming puddles in mud".

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Posted 18 May 2013 - 05:19 PM

Nice work Gamesguru! Looks better now!

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 10:40 PM

Very nice list there and i took at your older one too, but i missed things. It doesn't mention the options to buy a marina or garages. And Game Informer had spoken about how the mechanics from MP3 basically were put into GTA V. Not with those exact words...but still.

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 11:09 PM

@ gamesguru:
Wow! wow.gif
You did a great job! Thank you!
cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 04:26 AM

wait a second

are the shooting mechanics going to be like max payne 3 or saints row 3,

getting conflicted reports

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 02:31 PM

QUOTE (greenrock @ Wednesday, May 22 2013, 04:26)
wait a second

are the shooting mechanics going to be like max payne 3 or saints row 3,

getting conflicted reports

Max Payne.. dozingoff.gif

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Posted 09 June 2013 - 08:41 AM

great previews. I'm hyped again. Can hardly wait to play this game.

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Posted 09 June 2013 - 09:08 AM

QUOTE (Official Xbox 360 Magazine (UK))
• Rockstar Games are unsure on the usability of public transport, outside of taxis (for now at least). IE - taking buses.

But why? sad.gif
I really, really hope they will fix it, because the buses in IV were just annoying. It adds so much realism if there are NPCs are using public transportation, which is also enabled for the player. But I doubt they will include this feature. Unfortunately.

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Posted 09 June 2013 - 06:31 PM

QUOTE (Steinreicher @ Monday, May 20 2013, 23:09)
@ gamesguru:
Wow! wow.gif
You did a great job! Thank you!
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This. icon14.gif

Excellent job on the list.

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