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Dirty men in black

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 12:18 AM Edited by rsgtafan, 27 April 2013 - 12:25 AM.

So I got this theory from a story down below

My theory is that the FIB gives the heist missions to the trio so that the FIB guys could get the money.

I mean doesn't it sound ridiculous if each protagonist gets 1 million - 10 million after each heist.

The FIB agents know how the system works. They aren't happy with their salary?

What if the FIB agents set up this scheme to get an old, experienced, professional ex bank robber (Michael) to
get a crew and do heist's for them to get money. Michael is perfect. He's life isn't going that well and it's boring.
He get's the perfect opportunity to get his life in action. He's accepts.

They give the details. Michael, Franklin and Trevor handle the planning and the FIB supply them with the hardest gears to get.
The trio get the easier gears themselves.

So they start doing these crazy heists but in the end Mich,Frank and Trevor find out that the FIB guys have been
running a scam all along while getting most of the money. The FIB give each a deal of great fortune. So U have to
decide who's going to cooperate and who's going to fight against.

The game give's U a decision to make 1 to cooperate and that would make 1 of the trio
an antagonist.

So what do U think? I think this could be possible do to the fact that Michael is in witness protection
and in the demo that was shown, the FIB had supplied them with a chopper.

Very interesting and in the same time very fishy.

Next week will show more.

I got this idea mostly from a case where a man named Herson Torres
was told by a good friend of he's that he had an opportunity to make 25,000 dollars to
work on a top secret mission for the CIA. What was the job? They wanted him to rob bank's in the Washington area.
Why? Because they wanted to see if they had proper security put in place.
Torres accepted to deal. He was contacted by a man named Theo (Torres never actually met Theo).
Theo gave Torres specific requirements for the job's and told him what bank's he was going to target.
The deal was that he was going to get paid full 25,000 dollars if the job was successful and he had the
money from a heist. 2,500 dollars was guaranteed for taking part successful or not.
So a couple of hours later, he and a friend of he's went to rob a bank but failed.
After a couple more failed bank robberies he had 2 more friends with him.
They where going to rob a bank in Virginia named BB&T bank. As they entered the bank the
manager knew immediately that they where going to rob the bank because they where
wearing baseball caps and big hoodies on a warm day. So she called the cops as
soon as she could and Torres got arrested. Now when Torres was arrested an officer
involved in the arrest got a call to his private cell phone. Guess who it was?
Theo. So he explained that he was ''working for the CIA, he's got this, let Torres go'' and that he
was going to set up a meeting at a random place. One of the officers doubted because he had dealt with the
CIA before and the CIA had never wanted to meet at a random place because
he had always met with the CIA at their headquarters. Did the cops let him go?
No. So Theo contacted lawyers to represent Torres in the case and said that he
worked for the CIA and Torres is in this important operation that's a cover operation and
CIA don't wanna mess anything up. The lawyers believed him. They decided to take the
case because Theo had promised them 45,000 dollars. So time after time when Theo didn't
deliver the money the lawyers got suspicious. So they got in touch with Torres's friend
that had got him in this entire case and she slowly started to reveal some information
including the phone number of this Theo guy. The lawyers found out that the phone number
was a fake number that was used in the internet in the way to mask what he's real phone
number was. So after a little investigation they found out who Theo really was. So the reality
was that Theo did not work for the CIA. Turns out that he was a 26 years old named
Joshua Brady who was living in Matoaca, VA in his mom's basement. He's a very intelligent hacker.
So in the end Brady only got 3 years in of supervision in his mom's house. Makes me think he
works for the CIA now.

Read the whole story here. I advise u to read it. Very good story.

I don't know if this ha's been discussed before.
If it has: Lock or delete this topic.

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 12:25 AM

It's a good true life story. But GTA IV already had us working for an unknown government agent that was probably dirty. And we know Toreno in GTA SA was dirty.

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 12:41 AM

QUOTE (DarrinPA @ Saturday, Apr 27 2013, 02:25)
It's a good true life story. But GTA IV already had us working for an unknown government agent that was probably dirty. And we know Toreno in GTA SA was dirty.

True, but it could be that the government agencies are going to be a bigger part of the story this time. Like the heists.

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