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ESP 2001 (GTA 3 during-time)

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Posted 24 April 2013 - 09:55 PM Edited by EddiePeugeot, 04 May 2013 - 05:43 PM.

(This fic-game is based in GTA 3 and sets during the events)

user posted image

Release: 14/03/2002 (PS2 and GameBoy Advance), 07/09/2002 (PC), 29/12/2003 (Xbox).

You fell into the trap of Swat and lost his friend in association with a gang. Now, will face the streets, gangs, authorities and bosses in the dangerous islands of Liberty City alongside own friends.

Group Eddie e Seus Peugeots Productions / Rockstar North (DMA Design) (Partnership)

Eddie e Seus Peugeots Games (ESP Games)

Differences between GTA 3 and ESP 2001:
  • All the streets of Liberty City are similar to GTA 3 Beta.
  • The cars have different reflexes.
  • Dodo's handling was improved and long wings (the Dodo's wings were cut by DMA / R.North during development).
  • Sound effects from GTA 3 were replaced by others (other games).
  • The missions take place after the "Sayonara Salvatore" mission events in GTA 3.
  • Peds textures return to the "cartoonism" style as in GTA 3 Beta.
  • Artwork different menus and loadings.
  • Characters of ESP were 3D models (the artwork, are two-dimensional like RPG Maker 2k).
  • Timecyc with GTA 3 Beta style.
Island/CityPortlandStaunton IslandShoreside Vale
MissionThe Escape (Introduction)B.O.B.J. (Joey Leone)My New Jet (Miguel)
MissionBurning Over (Freddy)W.T.F.? Yakuza? (Joey Leone)What Shoreside Needs to See? (Freddy)
MissionWho He Is? (Freddy)Staunton Race By Who? (Joey Leone)The Cochrane's Boat Escaping (Tricks)
MissionThis Is A Raid (Unknown)Hospital Hostile (Joey Leone)Miguel Falls As Bait (Miguel)
MissionThe Challenge Of Gangs (Unknown)So Close... (Joey Leone)Red Baron (Freddy)
MissionThe Portland's Butcher Of Trenton (Toni Cipriani)We're Alive (Mysterious)Toni's True (Freddy)
MissionUndercover (Toni Cipriani)The Truth Is Discovered (Miguel)Luigi's Gateway (Freddy)
MissionLeone "Almost" Revenge (Luigi Goterelli)SPANK Is Dangerous (Miguel)One and Only (Tricks)
MissionRage Aganist in Hepburn Heights (Luigi Goterelli)Cartel Has New Leader (Miguel)Pinheads (Freddy)
MissionThe Trouble With Diablos (Toni Cipirani)Joey's Marriage (Joey Leone)The Chase For It (Tricks)
MissionBig Brother At Chinatown (Luigi Goterelli)Yakuza Must Believe It (Miguel)Raid the Mansion (Tricks)
MissionRevelations Per Minute (Freddy)Yardies Want Kill Us (Miguel)R.E.V.E.L.A.T.I.O.N. (Freddy)
MissionThe Fast and The Furious (Freddy)- - - - - - -Chase By It (Freddy)
Mission- - - - - - -- - - - - - -End of The Line (Freddy)
(Those weapons are same of GTA 3, but their sounds are from Counter-Strike,
except Baseball, Flamethower, Molotov and Rocket Launcher)
  • Pistol (Glock 17)
  • Shotgun (Spas12)
  • Baseball Bat (Beta style)
  • Flamethower (GTA VC/SA style)
  • AK-47
  • M60 (M16) (Like GTA VC)
  • Rocket Launcher (GTA VC/SA style)
  • Sniper Rifle (Arctic Warfare Magnum "AWP")
  • Grenade (CS style)
  • Molotov
(Several characters from GTA 3 continues in this time)

Eddie Peugeot

Born in PeugeotTown (PeugeotLândia, in portuguese), in Portugal on 07th September 1979, Eddie has no religion and caused very controversy in Brazil due a trial of preacher Samuel versus Eddie. Eddie wons the trial and got indenization, who used the money to create the famous group "Grupo Eddie e Seus Peugeots Produções", adding his own cartoon "Eddie e Seus Peugeots" (created in 14th March 1984) with other companies (ESP Games, TV Eddie e Seus Peugeots, ESP Movies, ESP Records, Eddie e Seus Peugeots "Magazine", etc.). He has a brother, Freddy Peugeot, born in 21th July 1980. His father, João Peugeot, was world champion of Formula Peugeot (a Formula One parody) from 1975 until 1979, but died in 25th August 1985 due an cerebral thrombosis. His mother, Maria Peugeot, was a best woman and was elected as councilwoman of PeugeotTown from 1982 until 1986, when moved to Brazil with their sons, Freddy and Eddie. In this game, he is sent by an mysterious contact to Liberty City along with Freddy and Donner (old friend), but was set up by Swat, who killed Donner and Yakuza dealer, but survives with Freddy and escapes with another old friend, Tricks.

Freddy Peugeot

Born in PeugeotTown, in Portugal on 21th July 1980, Freddy, different with his older brother, Eddie, has blonde hair (like his mother, different with Eddie, who he has blue hair, like his father). Freddy is just as nonsense guy, who makes jokes of his brother's works and trying to flirt with other womans (not sucessful), but has best habilitation and vocation of taxi driver, bartender, humourist, etc. In this game, he travels with Eddie and Donner and arrives in Liberty City. He survives from Swat's trap with Eddie and escapes with Tricks.

Jean Carlos Tricks

A very good man, born in 18th June 1978 in PeugeotTown, in Portugal, is a descendent of founders of LunchpailTown (MarmitaLândia, in portuguese). Ignorant and expert of driving skill, he never hear his mother's complant, to cut his long blonde hair. Although, he hates who calls him as woman, due his long hair. He's a best friend of Eddie and Freddy. In this game, he picks Eddie, Freddy and Donner in airport and send them to a park in Wichita Gardens, and escapes with Freddy and Eddie being chased by Swat.

Donner Peugeot

He's calm, expert and Eddie's and Freddy's best friend. Born in 04th January 1978 in PeugeotTown, Portugal, tricked in school and lived in Maués, who became friend of Eddie and Freddy as classmate. Eddie doesn't hated his jokes. In this game, Donner arrives with Freddy and Eddie. In dealing with Yakuza, two Swat soldiers shoots and kills Donner and Yakuza dealer.

Luigi Goterelli

For who played GTA 3, he is a club owner of Sex Club Seven and Leone Family member. After losing his boss from murderous sniper in Leone Party on club, he continued with his business. He's introduced by Toni Cipirani (new Don of Leone Family) to Eddie Peugeot and works some kinds to breakdown Diablos and save his business.

Toni Cipirani

For who played GTA 3, he is a Leone Family member and "Ma's" son. After losing his boss from murderous sniper in Leone Party on club, just continued. He became new Don of Mafia, and let Freddy and Eddie to low in Gentlement's Estate. Then, he send jobs to Eddie to discover an true "Portland's Butcher of Trenton", undercovers as Triad gang member to discover true plans and set bombs in Diablo Stallion and blows in Hepburn Heights. He set up Eddie for betray and ally Joey Leone to take Salvatore's heritage, then ally with Cartel Gunsher (the new Cartel Colombian leader) to takedown Eddie, but was takendown.

Joey Leone

For who played GTA 3, he's Salvatore's son and Leone Family member. After losing his father from murderous sniper in Leone Party on club, he closes his garage, betrayed by Toni and escaped with Misty to Staunton. For plan his revenge aganist Toni and marry with Misty, he encounters Eddie and Freddy Peugeot when the "Peugeot Brothers" arrives in Staunton, escaping from cop trap in Portland, to help with his revenge. He suspects the alleged alliance of Mafia with Yakuza, send Eddie to race aganist with Mafia members, send again Eddie to chase an van to hospital, suspects the Mafia's traps and sends Eddie to protect Joey's wedding, who he's married with Misty. He, Misty and Miguel escaped from Cartel's, Yakuza's and Mafia's trap and lefts safety from Liberty City.


For who played GTA 3, he's now former Cartel Colombian leader. After the nearly murderous shoot of Catalina (who kills Asuka and kidnapp Maria), he's recovered after risky surgeries to replace burned skin parts (effect oil of chilli in S.A.M. cutscene end) and survives at UTI of Carson General Hospital, who he finds Eddie and speaks when have high and left hospital, he send several jobs. Having high and leave the hospital, Miguel finds Eddie again and send a letter to Yakuza's headquarters, in Kenji's Casino, to reveal the truth of Kenji's death (who the gang member refuse the "truth" of Miguel and shoots Eddie), then send to rig a bomb in Yardie car and blows the warehouse (who Miguel suspects where Yardies manufactures SPANK), discovers the new Cartel leader, send again another letter and rigged Yakuza car to Yakuza members to believe the Miguel's truth (they reads the letter, but Mafia members appears and Eddie blows the Yakuza rigged car, killing them) and escapes to Shoreside Vale to avoid Yardies ambush. He bought his new jetplane, but discovers the alliance of Mafia with Cartel and Yakuza, who Miguel is a marked man, along with Misty and Joey Leone. He, Misty and Joey Leone picks the Miguel's jetplane and escapes from ambush.

Cartel Gunsher

He worked for Miguel and Catalina and is a Cartel Colombian gang member. After Catalina's death and Miguel's "disappearence", Cartel Gunsher was elected by other gang members as the new Cartel leader. Then, he decided to send hitmens to kill Claude (who escaped to Vice City) and make alliance with other gangs of Liberty City. For this, he made alliance with Mafia to kill Joey Leone, Eddie and Freddy Peugeot and Jean Carlos Tricks, who they escaped to Staunton. Then, he discovers who Miguel is alive and survived, sending Mafia to ally with Yakuza for search and kill (who the dealers of Mafia were dead along with Yakuza members from Yakuza rigged car). Then again, he sent several hitmens to destroy Joey's wedding, but all hitmens were killed by Eddie. After that, he make alliance with Yardies to kill Eddie, Freddy, Miguel and Tricks (who discovered the hideout), but they escaped to Shoreside Vale. Being discovered by Eddie, Cartel Gunsher finally made alliance with Yakuza, who marks Miguel, Joey Leone and Misty to being killed, but those three escaped of city. In final, Cartel Gunsher reveals who he sent the Swat soldiers to kill Donner and Yakuza dealer. After Toni being killed in Cartel Mansion, Cartel Gunsher appears with Shotgun, picking the Dealing's briefcase (who contains the money) and aiming into Eddie. Then, he takes a firetruck and runs, being chased by Eddie. After lossing the car's control in Callahan Bridge in Portland, totally injured, Cartel Gunsher nearly being killed by Eddie, but was losing blood and dies from accident.

(Sorry for my bad english)

(This post will be updated sometimes)

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Posted 10 May 2013 - 11:27 PM Edited by EddiePeugeot, 10 May 2013 - 11:41 PM.

Mission name: Ambush and Escape > The Funeral Escape A.K.A. The Escape

Mission giver: Introduction

Characters appearing: Eddie Peugeot, Freddy Peugeot, Donner Peugeot, Jean Carlos Tricks, Yakuza members, Police officers, Tunnel workers, Leone members, Luigi Goterelli, Joey Leone, Toni Cipriani and Misty.

An title appears in screen writen: "Liberty City, 24th October 2001"

The screen fades out and fades in on Airport entrance at Terminal B, setting at Eddie's eyes, then the camera changes on entrance on the trio.

Eddie: "Beautiful city, we never seen this city very beautful!"
Donner: "It's Liberty City, the worst place of America, due the high criminal stats on the city."
Freddy: "Bro, beautiful or not, lets going to check an car..."
Eddie: "Shut up, Freddy! This is not for your business!"

Then, the trio walks to little parking on entrance, when sees their friend Jean Carlos Tricks, waiting with an blue Sentinel.

Tricks: "Welcome to Liberty, huh? It's less security home for tourists and..."
Eddie: "We're not tourists, Tricks! There an anonymus who called us for an deal in Shoreside picnic park. You can drive for us?"
Tricks: "Sure, sure! Leave your baggages on trunk and enters now."
Donner: "Beautiful car, Tricks!"
Freddy: "How much money you used for buy this..."
Eddie: "FREDDY!!!"
Tricks: "Forget it, Freddy. Lets go to park on north..."

The screen fades out and the camera sets fading in picnic park, when sets on white helicopter arriving in the park.
(Note: The background song it's the instrumental version of GTA 3 Jailbreak scene, without the news announcer voice)

Then, when the helicopter is arriving, the camera sets to Tricks' blue Sentinel, and explains to trio about the deal.

Tricks: "Okay, they're on the chopper. They want make an deal for an association between the groups."

Eddie, Donner and Freddy exits the car.

Tricks: "Good luck for you three."

When Eddie, Donner and Freddy walks to Yakuza dealer, some SWAT members are hiding on parked grey Patriot and they're preparing for the ambush.

Yakuza dealer: "Hey, you're got the money?"
Eddie: "Yes. Some millions not used."
Donner: "And guns."
Yakuza dealer: "Thanks for the deal chumps, hahahahaha... ARGH!"

The SWAT members shoots and kills the Yakuza dealer and Donner, while Freddy and Eddie survives and runs to Tricks' car.

Eddie: "GO! GET RUN!!!"

Tricks, Eddie and Freddy escapes but being pursued by LCPD althrough the roads, until runs into the tunnel, then crashed the construction block of tunnel, scares the workers, dumping cement on roads, crashes another construction block, and escapes from Staunton tunnel exit on Rockford. But the pursuit continues from roads of Rockford, Fort Staunton and Newport, when they runs from Callahan Bridge, losing good part of cops. In an alleyway of Red Light District, Eddie exits the Tricks' car.

Tricks: "There an alternative car for escape, huh?"
Eddie: "Yeah. Hey, what a hell is this note?"
Tricks: "Find us on St. Mark's Mansion on Portland Beach. Understand?"
Eddie: "Okay!"

Eddie enters an beige Perennial and runs to St. Mark's Mansion, while Tricks and Freddy runs to Pay'n'Spray, and repaint the car to lose the cops.

Go to Saint Mark's and search an entrance to alleyway to mansion.

Arriving the St. Mark's mansion, Eddie enters, then sits on sofa, sees the Donner's photo, but his brother Freddy appears.

Freddy: "You pick the wrong house, thief asshole! Get out this place, bi..."
Eddie: "Hey, Freddy! Are you crazy? You almost punched me, prick!"
Freddy: "Eddie? Hey, I'm sorry, bro! I was think it's a thief who tried to rob this place!"
Eddie: "Now, what a hell you bought all this place?"
Freddy: "I not bought this place. The new owner hired for us."
Eddie: "New owner hired this place for us? What a hell are you thinkin..."
Freddy: "I can explain, right? Because the former owner of this place was being sniped when was leaving the club. Then, they elected new Don of this gang and he's new owner who hired this place for us."
Eddie: "Hmm..."
Freddy: "He let us to visit the former Don's funeral at Staunton Island on the cemetery. Let's go, bro?"
Eddie: "Alright. Let's go."

Outside, Eddie and Freddy enters the Tricks' repainted car and droves off to Staunton cemetery in Bedford Point. When entering the place, they see three guys and one girl, who Eddie and Freddy introduces himselfs to them.

Eddie: "Heey, friends! New visitors of this cemetery to see this funeral."
Toni: "Hey, if I hired the mansion for you two, what is your names?"
Eddie: "Okay. My name is Eddie Peugeot, and this is my brother, Freddy."
Freddy: "Greetings, friends. But what is your names too?"
Toni: "I'm Toni Cipriani, the new Don of Leone Mafia. This, on my side, is Luigi Goterelli, the owner of Sex Club Seven. Then, on other side, it's Joey Leone and his lover, Misty. His pop, our former Don, has been killed from mysterious sniper on party at Sex Club Seven. His name is Salvatore Leone, who we buried on this tomb."
Joey: "He's always being paranoic due anywhere is ratting him."
Luigi: "The party of my club becames his last on his life."
Toni: "But, let's cut our mourning life to visit an bar, let's go back to Portland."

Outside of cemetery, the six gets surprise when the Yakuza members appears on Yakuza Stingers and shoots onto Leones. Toni, Joey, Misty, Luigi, Eddie and Freddy survives, who Eddie and Freddy enters on Tricks' repainted car, but being chased by Yakuza cars. On Callahan Bridge, the Leones members blocked the way, but let the ramp for Eddie and Freddy jump onto, and escape to Portland.

Lose the Yakuza members and go back to St. Mark's mansion.

The two arrives at St. Mark's mansion.

Freddy: "So, after those problems, it's time to adventure at this dangerous city, bro."
Eddie: "You're lucky, Freddy. But where you go?"
Freddy: "I got the job as bartender in St. Mark's Bistro near here. You can go there."
Eddie: "See you later, brother."
Freddy: See you too."

Freddy leaves the car, who the first very long mission was finished.

Mission passed!
Freddy missions are available at St. Mark's Bistro.
Pay'n'Spray is available at Red Light District (price: 150$).
Salvatore's Mansion is available as safehouse.
Free roam is available.
Sub-missions (Vigilante, Paramedic, Taxi driver and Firefighter) is available.
8-Ball's bombshop is available at Saint Mark's near Car Showroom (price: 150$).
Callahan Bridge is temporarily blocked (an bloody gunfire of Leones against Yakuza)
Porter Tunnel is temporarily blocked (damages of police pursuit and cement overthrow)

Conditions of mission failure
If you dies when searching the Salvatore's mansion, the mission is restarted when Eddie leaves the Tricks' car on Red Light District alleyway.
If you dies when tries to escape from Yakuza chase, the mission is restarted when Eddie and Freddy jumps from Leones' roadblock in Callahan Bridge.

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Posted 11 May 2013 - 02:28 AM

The second mission:

Mission name: Burning Over

Mission giver: Freddy Peugeot

Characters appearing: Eddie Peugeot, Freddy Peugeot, Diablos members and bartenders.

Eddie arrives at St. Mark's Bistro, and sees his brother working, when decides to talk him.

Eddie: "Hey, brother. How doing it?"
Freddy: "What's up, bro?"
Eddie: "Looking my brother working as bartender. This is best job for you."
Freddy: "I need to said permission for my boss to talk with you. But I will say an thing."
Freddy: "An my coworker of Bistro saids me he's forgot his spouse's recipes on Hepburn Heights in an park on bench. You must go now and recover this recipes."
Eddie: "Alright."

Go to Hepburn Heights and recover the recipes on bench.

Eddie arrives to Hepburn Heights, but he sees the Diablos has torched all park, and runs to recover the recipes, who sets 1:30 (90 seconds) of time.

The park is being torched! Recover the recipes before they will be burn!

Eddie recovers the recipes.

Go back to St. Mark's Bistro to deliver the recipes to Freddy.

Eddie returns to Bistro and delivers the recipes.

Eddie: "Those recipes, brother."
Freddy: "Great! I will send to my coworker. Come back again, bro!"

Mission passed!
More Freddy missions are availabe at St. Mark's Bistro.

Conditions of mission failure
Player's death
Time over (who the recipes has been burned)


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Posted 11 May 2013 - 03:24 AM

Instead of writing fan fiction, I suggest creating your own series that isn't based off copyright material and thus, isn't infringing.

Master of San Andreas
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Posted 11 May 2013 - 05:51 AM Edited by Master of San Andreas, 11 May 2013 - 05:53 AM.

QUOTE (GTASAddict @ Saturday, May 11 2013, 08:54)
Instead of writing fan fiction, I suggest creating your own series that isn't based off copyright material and thus, isn't infringing.

So you are trying to imply that writing fanfiction is against the law? That seems about right... sarcasm.gif

OP, don't listen to his advice, Continue your story it is a really good idea. smile.gif

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Posted 11 May 2013 - 04:17 PM

The third mission:

Mission name: Who He Is?

Mission giver: Freddy Peugeot

Characters appearing: Eddie Peugeot, Freddy Peugeot, bartenders and Mysterious Voice.

When Eddie arrives in Bistro, Freddy walks to Eddie and explains.

Eddie: "Hey, what you are not working?"
Freddy: "The son of b*tch of my boss fired me!"

Freddy faces to Bistro boss.

Freddy: "I gonna torch your face and destroy this place, asshole! Wait a moment and BOOM!"

Freddy faces back to Eddie.

Freddy: "There an guy who is calling this prick boss mysteriously to make any jobs. I got this number of his diary."
Eddie: "And where we could call him, because I have a pager?"
Freddy: "Remembers the Hepburn Heights park where you found the recipes? There an payphone on middle of park. Let's go, bro!"

When the two are leaving the bistro, Freddy shows thumb to Bistro boss, when the screen fades out.

Get an car!

Eddie stoles an car and Freddy enters along.

Go to the payphone at Hepburn Heights

Eddie and Freddy arrives in Hepburn Heights park, and walks to payphone.

Eddie: "Okay, give me the number, brother."
Freddy: "Here, bro."
Note: "555-BISTROJOB"

Eddie pulls out the phone and waits to hear an voice.

???: "What a hell you're calling for me?"
Eddie: "What? I'm looking job!"
???: "Job? What job? You must wait some days then I'll give job for you!"
Eddie: "Alright."

Eddie pulls in the phone and faces to Freddy.

Eddie: "Let's wait some days and he give job for us."
Freddy: "Alright. Let's go back to mansion and wait it..."

The screen fades out and the player is teleported in Salvatore's mansion, setting 48 hours later.

Mission passed!
Hepburn Heights' payphone missions are available.

Post-mission pager message
"I'll wait for another job to work. Just fine, bro. -Freddy"

Conditions of mission failure
Player's and Freddy's death


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Posted 11 May 2013 - 04:49 PM

The hint I tried to signify was that if he published & marketed his own series, I would buy them. However, you can't legally register a work that involves (or is modeled after) another persons work.

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Posted 11 May 2013 - 05:36 PM

QUOTE (GTASAddict @ Saturday, May 11 2013, 05:24)
Instead of writing fan fiction, I suggest creating your own series that isn't based off copyright material and thus, isn't infringing.

That is just fanfiction and EddiePeugeot is doing it for free; he doesn't publish it for money. He is not doing anything that is illegal or that is against the laws in any way and he doesn't have to register anything to write a story, that is more or less based on another story, on an internet forum. What you say sounds more like the target of ACTA and other organizations that want to protect the copyright laws in a way that kinda injures the freedom, the creativity of art, the ability to improve something that already exists, et cetera. If it would be illegal to do that, then I'm pretty sure that fanfiction would be against the forum rules and policy.

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Posted 11 May 2013 - 05:40 PM Edited by EddiePeugeot, 11 May 2013 - 05:46 PM.

It's a just Fictional Game concept thread. I understand where you are talkin', Carl CJ Johnsons Brother Brian.

EDIT: Majority of fanfictions doesn't break the laws! The fanfics doesn't becomes against the laws and not illegal.

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Posted 11 May 2013 - 06:34 PM

The fourth mission (thanks for the feedbacks):

Mission name: This Is A Raid

Mission giver: Mysterious Voice

Characters appearing: Eddie Peugeot, Mysterious Voice, Triads disguised members, Leones members, prostitutes, bartenders and Police officers.

Eddie pulls off the phone and answers the call.

Eddie: "Hello?"
???: "There an job for you. Go to an hideout near here on Red Light District and pick several weapons. Then, go to warehouse in Atlantic Quays."
Eddie: "And?"
???: "An bulletproof and damageproof car is waiting for you. Inside, there an maps to raid some stripclubs and my handymans. Move it, go go!"

Eddie pulls on the phone and leaves the place.

Go to an hideout in Red Light District.

Eddie arrives at GTA 3 hideout and the garage opens, which contains AK-47, shotgun, pistol and body armor. Then, Eddie picks up all and leaves the place.

Go to an warehouse in Atlantic Quays.

Eddie arrives at Vincenzo's former warehouse and the garage opens, which contains an bulletproof and damageproof Patriot with three thieves (three disguised Triads).

Enter the car.

Eddie enters the car and leaves the warehouse, moving to the first target, the Luigi's club.

Go to the first target.

Eddie arrives the Luigi's club, but receives an alert of one of thieves:

Disguised Triad: "Wait here and keep engine running! We're going back several seconds."

Waiting several seconds while the disguised Triads raids the club, they returns and re-enters the car, setting to another place to raid.

Disguised Triad: "Move it to another place!"

Go to the second place.

Arriving at XXX Mags, the same alert who Eddie recives of one of thieves:

Disguised Triad: "Wait here again and keep engine running!"

Waiting several seconds while the disguised Triads raids the magazine shop, they returns and re-enters the car, but the police arrives and chases the four.

Lose the cops!

But when pasts at Luigi's club, some Leones shoots against the car, who it's impossible because the car is bulletproof. Eddie loses the cops when enters the Pay'n'Spray.

Drive to an alleyway in Chinatown.

Eddie arrives at Mr. Wong's Laundrette's alleyway, when the disguised Triads leaves the car, thanking for ride.

Disguised Triad 1: "Thanks for the ride, boy."
Disguised Triad 2: "You helped for this beautiful robbing."

Mission passed!
Patriot (loses the bulletproof and damageproof status).
More Hepburn Heights' payphone missions are available.

Conditions of mission failure
Player's death or arrest.
Flipping the car.
Leaving the car while escapes the cops.


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Posted 23 May 2013 - 12:41 AM

This should be a mod for gta 3 if it was i would dl it

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Posted 25 May 2013 - 12:05 AM

QUOTE (gtaIII48 @ Wednesday, May 22 2013, 20:41)
This should be a mod for gta 3 if it was i would dl it

Could. But there no GTA 3 Mission builder/Sanny Builder 3 gta3 tutorial mission and there no able to create this missions who I post in this thread concept. Just has YeTi's VC coding for VCMB (could function in GTA 3 MB) and others tutorials of VC coding for Sanny Builder (who could function in GTA 3 too).

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Posted 27 May 2013 - 06:57 PM

Mission name: The Challenge Of Gangs

Mission giver: Mysterious Voice

Characters appearing: Eddie Peugeot, Mysterious Voice, Triads gang members, Leone gang members, Diablos gang members and Toni Cipriani.

Eddie pulls off the phone and answers the call.

Eddie: "Hello?"
???: "I've called all Portland gangs for an illegal race. The start line is located near of Sex Club Seven in Red Light District and the finish line is located on Portland Harbor."
Eddie: "And the reward?"
???: "The winner will work to the Leone Mafia Don, Toni Cipriani. Go pick an fast car and set yourself to race."

Pick an fast car and go to start line.

TIP: Like the GTA 3 original, you can pick the Banshee at Easy Credit Autos (Capital Autos).

After Eddie stoles an fast car, then moves to Red Light District at the start line, an annoucer speaks to the public.

Annoucer: "C'mon, Portland! This is a Gang Car Racing Championship at Portland Island in Liberty City. Three gangs and an anonymous racer challenges onto the Portland streets. We sets all around the island until to the finish line in Portland Harbor. The reward to winner of this race, is a work for Toni Cipriani, the Leone Mafia Don."

The countdown starts when the annoucer speaks the countdown.

Annoucer: "Sets your engines! Three! Two! One! GO, GO, GO!"

user posted image

During the race, when approaches in 11th turn (near the police department), an Police Radio Scan detects the illegal racers, who sets the player to three wanted-level star.

Scanner: "We're detected some illegal racers running at Portland View area. Repeating, illegal racers are running at Portland View area."

After avoiding several police cars and arriving at the Portland Harbor, Eddie wins the race and he is congratulated by Toni Cipriani.

Toni: "Hey, winner. Congratulations for your victory very tighty due this cop chase. What is your name?"
Eddie: "Eddie Peugeot."
Toni: "Greetings, Peugeot. Now you can work with me as new worker of Leone Mafia. You can find me at Cipriani Ristorante at Saint Mark's."
Eddie: "I'm sure that could be okay."
Toni: "We're see later."

Mission passed!
Toni's missions are available at Momma's Restaurante in Saint Mark's.
Pistol weapon are available at Ammu-Nation with price of 100$.

Conditions of mission failure
Player's death or arrest.
Leaving the car during the race.
Flipping the car during the race.
Losing the race.


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Posted 19 December 2013 - 11:12 PM

Mission name: The Portland's Butcher of Trenton
Mission giver: Toni Cipriani
Characters appearing: Eddie Peugeot, Toni Cipriani, Sawnmills workers, Dog food workers.
Eddie walks to table and sits starting the talk with Toni Cipriani, when his mother questions.
Ma: "What a hell is this guy, Toni?"
Eddie: "What a f*ck..."
Toni: "It's an new Mafia worker, his name is Eddie!"
Eddie: "I can't believe that bitch isn't ok."
Toni: "It's my ma, Eddie! Although she's could be paranoid, or not."
Eddie: "Aw, man, I hate any paranoid people, threatens for nothing!"
Toni: "Ok, ok, Eddie. Pay attention: an sawmill in Trenton isn't paying my family after i've killed Ma's lover, so they wanna make an blackmail against me by cannibalism. I want you go to sawmill and torment them."
Eddie: "Thanks for informing me, but I don't have any weapon to cause problems."
Toni: "Listen: I've hidden an shotgun in an alley near here. Pick it and screw up the sawmill. And give up the owner."
Eddie leaves restaurant and moves out.
Go to the alley and pick an shotgun!
Eddie picks the shotgun and moves to Trenton.
Go to the sawmill
When arrives at sawmill entrance, the gate opens and Eddie enters and starts to talk the workers.
Eddie: "I want to talk the sawmill owner."
Worker: "You don't have permission to talk..."
(Eddie hangs the shotgun and aims)
Eddie: "I want to talk the owner, NOW!"
Worker: "Ok, ok! Don't shoot!"
Eddie walks with worker inside of sawmill, when the other workers starts to make an trap, with pistols in hand.
Worker: "Freeze! What a hell are you wanna make with our boss?"
Eddie: "Screw your blackmail against Toni Cipriani!"
Owner: "(Laughs) You said, Toni Cipriani?"
Eddie: "Yeah, because you are making an blackmail against Toni Cipriani!"
Owner: "(Laughs) Workers, kill this asshole!"
Kill the workers and the owner!
Eddie attemps killing all the workers and the owner using the shotgun and leaves the place. After that, he receives the Toni's message at pager.
Toni: "Hey, Eddie! The dog food workers are trying to blackmail against me too. Burn down those assholes! There an molotov cocktail at parking in front of Joey's garage."
When picked the molotov cocktails from AMco parking, Eddie entered the dog food factory and later, throw at entrance of factory, burning the workers and all building burns down.
Mission passed!
More Toni's missions are available.
Conditions of mission failure
Player's death or arrest.

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Posted 19 December 2013 - 11:52 PM

You're the protagonist?

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Posted 22 December 2013 - 12:14 AM

Mission name: Undercover
Mission giver: Toni Cipriani
Characters appearing: Eddie Peugeot, Momma Cipriani, Toni Cipriani, Triads members.
Eddie appears at restaurant, when faces the window.
Eddie: "Hey! Where's Toni?"
Ma: "Toni's not here. Go away, stranger!"
Eddie: "What a type is the lady who not respect the your son's worker?"
Ma: "Go away, stranger!"
Eddie: "f*ck you, bitch!"
Eddie leaves restaurant angry due Ma's taunts, when he receives the Toni's message at pager.
Eddie: (Picks his pager) "What a..."
Toni: "Hey, Eddie! Some Triads isn't surrended after I've send an prick who is suspected for killing Don Salvatore, for blowing that goddamned fish factory*. I want you go to Chinatown, but don't call their attention. Just go walking as good citizen and try hear what they are planning for revenge. Your boss, Toni Cipriani."
Eddie: (Holds his pager) "Screw your mother, Toni!"
Now Eddie leaves the restaurant.  
Go to Chinatown!
Arriving the Chinatown at market, Eddie leaves the car (if the player arrived at car) and walks at the market.
Search the alley where the Triads are reuniting.
When approaches at large alley, Eddie sees the reunion and hides to hear. After hearing all reunion, Eddie leaves the hideout.
Find the payphone!
Arriving at payphone, Eddie starts calling to Toni.
Eddie: "Toni?"
Toni: "Hey, Eddie! What you've hear their plans?"
Eddie: "The Triads are planning an ambush against an club called Sex Club Seven at Red Light District and an garage at Trenton. They wanna blow up those places killing two bosses of Mafia."
Toni: "I've warned Joey and he escaped with his lover to Staunton."
Eddie: "The bridge is restricted for traffic..."
Toni: "He left from boat! I know the restriction of bridge due the Yakuza and Leones war."
Eddie: "So, are you planning an attack called blitzkrieg against Triads?"
Toni: "Sure. I've decided to take an time to plan. I've called Luigi Goterelli from his club at Red Light District and he accepted to take you work to him."
Eddie: "Alright, Toni."
Toni: "See you soon, Eddie."
Eddie pulls the phone.
Mission passed!
Luigi's missions are available at Sex Club Seven at Red Light District.
Micro Uzi now available at Ammu-Nation with price of 250$.
Conditions of mission failure
Player's death or arrest.

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Posted 24 December 2013 - 09:15 PM

You're the protagonist?

No. Only narrator, as you see on my description on left below my avatar, creating those stories as concept or fanfiction.

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Posted 24 December 2013 - 09:43 PM Edited by EddiePeugeot, 24 December 2013 - 09:47 PM.

Mission name: Leone "Almost" Revenge

Mission giver: Luigi Goterelli

Characters appearing: Eddie Peugeot, Luigi Goterelli, Mickey Hamfists and Diablos members.

Eddie arrives at backyard of Sex Club Seven and hits the door, while appears an man with dark purple soireé.

Eddie: "I've called by Toni Cipriani to talk with Mr. Luigi Goterelli."

The bodyguard enters inside and Eddie waits outside when the same man appears from door, along with man who he's searching.

Eddie: "The name's Eddie. You're Luigi Goterelli."
Luigi: "Yeah. He called about that new contact. And this contact is you, as he mentioned on phone."
Eddie: "Yeah. I've come here to inform the possible blitzkrieg of Triads against this club, as mentioned to Toni. He told me the Joey Leone has escaped from Triads' blitzkrieg at his garage."
Luigi: "Sure, as he told me. But I want your favor; some Diablos from Hepburn Heights, near here in Red Light District, are trying to stole my bitches at the roads. The last time they hired an pimp to f*ck up my bitches, but thanks for that shooter when I've hired they're down."
Eddie: "I think they wanna ally with Triads."
Luigi: "But finally I found you and you can take him down. Toni told me you've killed the sawmill workers to avoid their blackmail. If you need a piece, find Ammu-Nation near here and opposite the subway, if you known the place. Now move it, and remember: No one messes with my girls."

Eddie leaves the backyard and starts the time from 3 minutes.

Search at Hepburn Heights some Diablos hitting the Luigi's girls.

You must save 5 or more Luigi's girls from Diablos' blackmail before the time runs out.

When Eddie spots one girl being kicked by Diablos members, Eddie attemps hitting/shooting against Diablos members, shouting:

Eddie: "You can mess this bitch for money?"

Also, spotting more girls and killing Diablos, Eddie shouts against them:

Eddie: "This place is from Luigi, not Diablos assholes."
Eddie: "Diablos punkass, leave Luigi's bitches alone!"
Eddie: "The Worst Place of America rules against Diablos!"
Eddie: "Diablos? "Help BURN it" Heights!"
Eddie: "Let Luigi's bitches alone, Diablos assholes!"

When the time ends running out and Eddie saved 5 or more Luigi's girls, the mission passes.

Mission passed!
More Luigi's missions are available.

Conditions of mission failure
Player's death or arrest.
Player's fail to save 5 or more Luigi's girls.
5 Luigi's girls death penalty reached (commited by Player, if saved less 5 girls).

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Posted 24 December 2013 - 09:57 PM Edited by EddiePeugeot, 24 December 2013 - 10:04 PM.

Mission name: Rage Against in Hepburn Heights

Mission giver: Luigi Goterelli

Characters appearing: Eddie Peugeot, Luigi Goterelli, Toni Cipriani, Leones members and Diablos members.

Eddie arrives at backyard of Sex Club Seven and sees Toni and Luigi talking themselves, when Luigi sees Eddie waiting.

Luigi: "Hey, it's you."
Toni: "Hey boy. What's up?"
Eddie: "How doing, Toni? What's up, Luigi?"
Toni: "Luigi has an good job for you. Remember, we see later at restaurant."

Toni leaves club.

Eddie: "Strange, all time when he leaves and look at me, he always speaks "we see later"."
Luigi: "Don't worry, Eddie. He's becoming a new Don of Leone Mafia, after Salvatore's gone when somewhere killed him here on outside of club."
Eddie: "You explained that story days ago when me and my brother visited the cemetery when we've spotted you and him. Now talk to me; what is that "good job" when he said while leaving?"
Luigi: "He sent several Leones members here on club to make an good blitzkrieg against Diablos after you've saves some my girls. We're planned this job finding an good shooter, when you arrived here last time. Come here inside to give a good equipament for you."

Eddie and Luigi enters inside of club when the screen fades.

The camera sets on front of club, with two Mafia Sentinels parked in front, when the two boxes of Leones leaves the backyard of club and entering the cars. Later, the camera sets the entrance of backyard of club when Eddie and Luigi appears walking out.

Eddie: "They're ready for the attack."
Luigi: (Another Mafia Sentinel appears in front of club) "Go with them. (gives Sniper Rifle to Eddie) Use this weapon to help the our soldiers."
Eddie: "Hey Luigi, where are you go?"
Luigi: "Toni marked an private talk with me. You must go and defend them."
Eddie: "Alright. Later, Luigi."

Luigi enters the Mafia Sentinel and leaves to Salvatore's mansion, when the first two Mafia Sentinels starts leaving to Hepburn Heights.

Escort and help the Leone members in attack against Diablos.

When the Leones arrives at Diablos camping at Hepburn Heights park, Eddie finds an good position to fire in Diablos with sniper rifle.

The Leones start killing the first wave of Diablos, using the baseball bat and fist (the Diablos starts attacking the Leones with fists). Eddie has option of player if want kill any Diablo member with sniper.

The first wave of Diablos is down!

After the first wave of Diablos being killed, the Leones changes their weapons to pistols and micro-uzis and starts the second wave of Diablos, when they appears with first two Diablo Stallions from Harwood, using the baseball bats and pistols. Eddie has option of player if want kill any Diablo member with sniper. During the wave, two Rumpos appears at park with more reinforcements, still using the same weapons.

The Diablos reinforcements are appearing!

With help of Eddie, the Leones finishes the second wave of Diablos.

The second wave of Diablos is down!

While waits for third wave, the Leones starts calling reinforcements from Saint Mark's with Micro-Uzi and changes the weapons to AK47, while the others still uses the Micro-Uzi. The third and last wave of Diablos starts appearing three Rumpos with Micro-Uzis in some roads to Hepburn Heights park. Eddie has option of player if want kill any Diablo member with sniper. During the last wave, two Mafia Sentinels appears with reinforcements for Leones and one Rumpo appears for last reinforcements for Diablos.

The Mafia reinforcements are appearing to help.

The Diablos reinforcements are appearing!

With help of Eddie, the Leones finishes the blitzkrieg killing all the Diablos of third wave. After completing the mission, Eddie receives Toni's message from pager:

Toni: "Hey, Eddie. I've called Luigi for take his job more later to you. Come to restaurant because there some job before you returns to Luigi."

Mission passed!
Toni's missions are available at restaurant.

Conditions of mission failure
Player's death or arrest.
Killing the Leones instead Diablos.
All Leones being killed by Diablos.


Mission name: The Trouble With Diablos

Mission giver: Toni Cipriani

Characters appearing: Eddie Peugeot, Toni Cipriani, Ma Cipriani, Leones members and Diablos members.

Eddie appears at restaurant but, picks the pistol and threatens Ma Cipriani for taunting Eddie.

Ma: "I don't want you here again..."
Eddie: (Aims the pistol at window) "f*ck you, bitch! Another taunt and you're dead!"

Toni appears.

Toni: "Hey, Eddie! What are you doing?"
Eddie: "Your mother bitch still taunting me again! Now she will not leave alive while still taunting me!"
Toni: "Please move down you gun. This is last job I do for you to leave my mother's hell."
Ma: "This is a hell, Toni?"
Eddie: "Shut you f*cking mouth!"
Toni: "Screw this, ma! Eddie, the Diablos where you killed with the Leone members wants revenge. They wanna attack not our restaurant but whole Saint Mark's. I want you go to Saint Mark's Bistro where they're gonna attack. Some Leones are awaited for you to help them. While you're protecting the bistro, some Leones come here to protect the restaurant. Go, now move it!"

Eddie leaves the restaurant.

Go to Saint Mark's Bistro to encounter the Leones.

Eddie arrives at Saint Mark's Bistro, when sees the five Leones with AK47.

Leone1: "Don Cipriani told you can help us. Quick, pick the Sniper at roof and help us."

Eddie runs to top and pick the sniper.

Wait until the Diablos attacks the Bistro.

Suddenly, the Diablos arrives from two Rumpos and starts the attack at Bistro.

Leone1: "BLITZKRIEG! BLITZKRIEG! The Diablos are here!!!"
Leone2: "Protect us, newbie!"
Eddie: "My name's Eddie! Not newbie!"

The Leones starts killing some Diablos with help of Eddie sniping at enemies. When the first wave of Diablos is done, three Rumpos appears with more Micro-Uzi Diablos. Eddie helps the Leones while the reinforcements of Mafia appears to eliminate the Diablos, finishing the second wave. The third wave starts when four Rumpos appears again with now AK47 Diablos, where Eddie decided to snipes the enemies while the Leones kills the lasts reinforcements of Diablos, finishing all three waves.

Later, Eddie receives Toni's message from pager:

Toni: "Eddie! Finally you've cleaned the bistro. Now moves to mansion because the Diablos hired an helicopter and they're attacking! Some Leones still there and help them!"

Go to the mansion and kill the Diablos!

Eddie leaves the bistro and enters the attack of mansion to help the Leones at defense and starts killing the Diablos. After killing the Diablos at all mansion, Eddie moves to backyard and spots the helicopter, where an Leone, dead, left an rocket launcher. Eddie picks and shoots the helicopter with rocket launcher, finishing the Diablos attack. An cutscene appears at front of mansion:

Eddie: "The helicopter is down. The Diablos maybe they're given up."
Toni: "The Leones finally won this war, since the Leone-Triads war."
Eddie: "I'm sure they will not attack again."
Toni: "Thanks, Eddie for helping us. One day, we'll promote you the best defensor of Leone Mafia of all times."
Eddie: "As you said, we see later."

Toni leaves the place.

Mission passed!
Luigi's missions are available at Sex Club Seven.

Conditions of mission failure
Player's death or arrest.
Killing the Leones instead Diablos in Bistro.
All Leones being killed by Diablos in Bistro and in front of Mansion.

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Posted 26 December 2013 - 08:18 PM

Three-mission post.

Mission name: Big Brother at Chinatown

Mission giver: Luigi Goterelli

Characters appearing: Eddie Peugeot and Luigi Goterelli.

Eddie arrives at Sex Club Seven backyard and encounters Luigi at door.

Luigi: "Hey, I was waiting for you."
Eddie: "What a problem?"
Luigi: "The Triads. They could plain everything in Chinatown roads. I called Mick to pick an pick-up truck from garage with several cameras on boxes. Now the truck is outside on front. Go, go, install in some places and escape from district."

Eddie leaves the backyard.

Enter the truck.

Eddie enters at Bobcat with camera installation technical on board.

Find some places to install cameras at all Chinatown district.

The places of Chinatown where Eddie must install the cameras are:

-Punk Noodles
-Old school hall (near Callahan Bridge)
-Factory with two asian-style buildings
-Kurowski Station Elevated Train
-Mr. Wong's Laundrette
-Portland Chinatown Subway Train Station Entrance

After installing all the cameras at some places (see above), the technical tells to Eddie:

Technical: "Take this car to the Luigi's garage in front of Hospital."

Take this vehicle to Luigi's lockup.

When parks inside, Eddie leaves the truck and the lockup, when the door closes. After the mission, Eddie receives Toni's message at pager:

Toni: "Hey Eddie! Thanks for all the jobs to saving all Leone Family. How you can't comes to our party to declare you as new Mafia member?"

Suddenly, Freddy's message appears after Toni's message.

Freddy: "Eddie, you're on trap! They're set up you and they're trying to kill you! Don't believe me? Come here to hideout at Red Light District."

Mission passed!
Freddy's missions are available at GTA3's hideout in Red Light District/Hepburn Heights.

Conditions of mission failure
Player's death or arrest.
Drowing or destroying the car.


Mission name: Revelations Per Minute

Mission giver: Freddy Peugeot

Characters appearing: Eddie Peugeot, Freddy Peugeot, Luigi Goterelli, Toni Cipriani, Cartel Gunsher, Leone members and Cartel members.

Eddie arrives at hideout (from GTA3) and sees his brother using an binoculars.

Eddie: "Hey Freddy!"
Freddy: "Thank God, Eddie, you're alive."
Eddie: "What a f*ck you're saying on pager where they wanna kill me?"
Freddy: "WHAT? I told in end; Don't believe me? I gonna show where they're if you believe me."

Eddie and Freddy leaves hideout, and they enters in blue Sentinel.

Drive to Harwood

During the course, Eddie and Freddy starts talking themselves:

Eddie: "Toni Cipriani? I don't believe if he want kill me."
Freddy: "I've heard some alliances from enemy gangs. Such Triads, example."
Eddie: "I've yelled to Toni about an secret reunion to an blitzkrieg against Leones."
Freddy: "Secret reunion? f*ck secret reunion! They've disguised the reunion about an blitzkrieg to kill us."
Eddie: "You told to Tricks?"
Freddy: "Sure!"
Eddie: "And photos?"
Freddy: "No. The camera has flashes and they could spot me."
Eddie: "So, where're making reunion?"
Freddy: "At Harwood car crusher place."
Eddie: "Ok. Let find a place to see that reunion of betray. Goddamnit, Toni Cipriani, you son of bitch."

When the two arrives at Harwood, they enters at 8-Ball's bomb shop yard to see via distance with binoculars.

Freddy: "Nothing of Toni and Leones?"
Eddie: "Still clear. Nothing of their signal."

Eddie spots Toni's car.

Eddie: "Hey, Freddy! He's arriving at yard!"
Freddy: "Let's see... (spots other car) There some car appearing on yard!"
Eddie: "I can't believe he's betrayed us."

Toni leaves his car when sees an somewhere leaving the blue Patriot.

Freddy: "Give me the binocular... sh*t! It's him!"
Eddie: "What? Who he's? Give me back the binocular!"
Freddy: "This guy was the Cartel Colombian gang member and now he's new leader."
Eddie: "And what's his name?"
Freddy: "This asshole is called Cartel Gunsher."
Eddie: "Cartel Gunsher? The colombian drug dealer?"
Freddy: "How you know who he's?"
Eddie: "I've see newspapers about the Liberty City crime, and he's involved about an drug called SPANK, distribuition of drugs from all Liberty City. That two guys who're leaders before him are called Miguel and Catalina. He hated them, and after some events happening at Staunton Island, they're disappeared."
Freddy: "Such involved about the construction at Fort Staunton."
Eddie: "Wait... sh*t, they're friends! They wanna dominate all Liberty City! Freddy, we must leave this city, and this goddamned country because those friends we known are spy and dangerous!"
Freddy: "Could we jump to Staunton Island..."
Eddie: "f*ck Staunton Island! There gangs interessed to this guy, and the Cartel Colombian taken all Fort Staunton construction and this sh*t is over! We must return to the hideout. Call Tricks and we must leave this place."

The two returns to car after see all the truth.

Drive back to hideout.

When arrived, Eddie sees Tricks.

Eddie: "Tricks?"
Tricks: "Freddy warned me. Those italians betrayed us and they're on our tail."
Eddie: "This world is same the World War II and Cold War between USA and Soviet Union. I meet you two later, cause I gonna make a little travel with security."
Freddy: "Take care yourself. Because this place is dangerous."
Eddie: "Don't worry, Freddy. We're going leave this dump city anymore."

Eddie and Freddy leaves the car, while Tricks and Freddy walks to hideout.

Mission passed!
More Freddy's missions are available at GTA3's hideout.
The GTA3's hideout becomes your new safehouse, excluding Salvatore's mansion.

Conditions of mission failure
Player's death or arrest.
Drowing or destroying the car.


Mission name: The Fast and The Furious

Mission giver: Freddy Peugeot

Characters appearing: Eddie Peugeot, Freddy Peugeot, Leone members and Cartel members.

Eddie arrives at GTA3's hideout and sees Freddy and Tricks with hammers and crowbars, including pistols and grenades.

Eddie: "Hey... What a hell?"
Freddy: "We've planned an raid at Saint Mark's mansion, because we discovered an hidden money between walls."
Eddie: "Money inside of walls, what a hell is that?"
Tricks: "Since Salvatore's death, Toni Cipriani never discovered an fortune inside of Leone's mansion since he become Don of Mafia. Now this hour, Toni's left the mansion with his annoying mother to opera at Staunton Island. Also, the bridge is completed and this is a way to our escape after raiding the mansion. Look, the principal room has a lot of money at inside of walls. We smash, pick and stash them to our car."
Freddy: "You accepts?"
Eddie: "I accept."

The three enters immediately at Mafia Sentinel (stoled by Tricks and Freddy) and starts leaving the place.

Go to the Leone mansion.

But hurry up! At (more 4 hours, ex: 12:30h to 16:30h), Toni will return to place!

When the three arrives at Leone mansion, the cutscene starts inside of mansion.

Tricks: "Crush them! (starts crushing the walls along with Freddy)"
Eddie: "I'll be watching the entrance."

Eddie walks away of hall and spys the entrance, when he hears the Freddy's voice.

Freddy: "Hey Eddie! The money! Open the trunk!"

The cutscene fades when Eddie runs after Freddy to help, later, they return immediately the car.

Leave Saint Mark's immediately!

When the three approaches at their hideout at Red Light District, the cutscene appears at Leone mansion when Toni and their guards approaches the place, when they found all mansion hall been trashed.

Toni: "That goddamned kid trashed the Don's place! He's must be killed! Leones, find this asshole and lure him!"
Leones: "Yes, Don!"

The Leones leaves immediately the place and starts the search of Eddie, Freddy and Tricks at all Portland when Toni hangs the phone, calling:

Toni: "Hello, is the WE TIP? I want complain some criminals with blue and blondie hairs driving at Portland roads, where recently they hauled the Salvatore's place."

The cutscene fades, now returning the trio at GTA3 hideout, when they spotted the Leones blocking the entrance of hideout.

Eddie: "Holy sh*t! They discovered our hideout!"
Tricks: "Toni Cipriani discovered our raid!"
Freddy: "Now, what gonna do, Eddie?"
Eddie: "I have idea."

The three leaves the hideout and some Leones returns to cars and starts chasing them, when approaching at Chinatown, some Triads vans starts chasing the trio at roads. The trio finds an alleyway who connects Red Light District to Chinatown (near hospital) and finds the police now chasing them. Eddie starts complaining:

Eddie: "f*ck Toni Cipriani! He called WE TIP and the cops are our tail!"
Freddy: "Just drive and run, bro!"

Making an perfect drifting to Callahan Bridge entrance, Eddie pulls acceleration and picks again an ramp from flatbed truck, jumping at bridge for distraction of Mafia, Triads and cops, when they collide each other. Eddie screams at slowmotion:


The slowmotion ends when the car touches the ground and the cutscene ends immediately to return the gameplay.

Freddy: "Dude, this is a perfect stunt!"
Tricks: "We could repeat at some time!"
Eddie: "Stop commenting this sh*t. Thinks quickly, where're going to low?"
Tricks: "There an apartment at Newport where somewhere called me when the bridge lefts the restriction. There's a perfect place to low."

Drive to the new hideout.

Arriving at the apartment (the McAffrey's apartment at Silence the Sneak mission in GTA3), they leaves the car and walks inside. When they finds the room to low, finally spots two people living the room.

Eddie: "What a f*ck... (hangs a pistol)"
Tricks: "You're the Leone's spy for Toni, huh?"
Joey: "No, no, no! I not work for Toni and not a Leone spy!"
Eddie: "Why, Toni said you left the Portland due the Triads blitzkrieg at your garage and..."
Joey: "I told I'm not working for Toni anymore! He betrayed my family, betrayed me and took my father's heritage. It's all true."
Freddy: "True? What true? (picks his brother's pistol and aims at Joey) What a true is this..."
Eddie: "For God sake, Freddy! Hang down this pistol! He's telling the truth!"
Joey: "Listen; Toni make alliances with Triads to make an partnership, so they made an little reunion with members disguised as Triads members at alley in Chinatown. Eddie, that job of Luigi to install cameras at every Chinatown locations is the vigilante job of Mafia to discover you when comes to Portland, so you must avoid returning to Portland for any evidences of your presence. Otherwise, the Diablos not hostiled the Mafia, so they faked their war when you was set up to help the Leones sniping the Diablos. All gangs, including the Mafia, are hostile against you, Eddie, if you returns to Portland. So don't return it."
Eddie: "sh*t. And this goddamned Toni Cipriani screwed all this things I've do for make Mafia very powerful with Diablos and Triads. f*ck this and f*ck TONI CIPRIANI! It's my fault to not believe that asshole. But I want your help. I want very information to avoid that expansive rise of power of Mafia with other gangs, including the Cartel Colombian."
Joey: "You're right. There a room in other side for you three low at the moments to plain an abort expansion power."
Eddie: "Thanks, Joey."

The three leaves the Joey's room and the cutscene fades out.

Mission passed!
Joey's missions are available at Newport in your hideout at other room.
The apartment (formely McAffrey's hideout) at Newport is your safehouse at Staunton.
Callahan Bridge is reopen for traffic.
Part of Porter Tunnel (Portland-Staunton way) is open for traffic.
Pay'n'Spray is available at Newport (price: 150$).
8-Ball's bombshop is available at Newport (price: 150$).
Ammu-Nation is available at Newport (prices: AK-47 1000$, Sniper Rifle 1500$, Grenade 2000$, Body Armor 300$).
Diablos, Triads and Leones (some using AK47) are hostile against you.

Conditions of mission failure
Player's death or arrest.
Drowing or destroying the car.
Time reached at four hours.

(*)Line's referenced the South Park's movie song "La Resistance (Medley)", at the line: "La Resistance Lives On".


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