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Posted A week ago

Hey there everyone. :ph34r:

Hey there, stranger.


Quick update for those who care: I'm in a period of slow input right now, but I've recently discovered how much I enjoy writing creative nonfiction. With the help of my mentor, I'm pushing towards publishing two nonfiction personal essays by December.

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Posted A week ago

Guys, I'm dropping in to say, I'm getting this account closed, due to personal stuff, I feel it'd be another good time for a fresh start since the last one was over a year ago, the next account will be permanent though as I have the perfect name for it. Closing this account will give me a chance to cut off any loose ends and disputes I've had with any members of the forum before I come back as a new member soon.


So, on this account, it's goodbye  :dontgetit:

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Posted 2 days ago

I'm not dead. In fact, my concept has been getting better and more detailed every day, and pretty soon I might be able to get things started.


As an addition on the description on that last page, I should mention one theme that I'm going to use in this. Spoiler is rather minor, but I'll leave it inside the tag anyway: 


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