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GTA Memories

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Posted 09 April 2013 - 02:36 PM Edited by SuperRoadrunner12, 09 April 2013 - 02:44 PM.

GTA V is coming in Seeptember and I can't wait so to kill the time, I've decided to recall psome of my experiences with GTA in the past. I would also like to know if anything interesting happened to you whilst playing any of the Grand Theft Auto titles.

Have you done anything memorable in GTA before?
Have you done anything remarkable?
Have you done any breathtaking stunts and survived?
Do you have any personal achievements from any game in the franchise?
And which GTA did you have the most fun with?

I've had a few memorable experiences before, mainly with GTA IV and San Andreas:

Grand Theft Auto IV: I was doing the mission that opened up the second island: Bohan. The mission involved me going to the station platform to assassinate someone. I spawned a Turismo and took the fastest route to the toll booth, but before I even got there, I drove past a cool sports car (I'm not sure which but I knew I couldn't spawn it through cheat codes) , so I tried to chase it. But I essentially failed and lost the Turismo. So I spawned a Comet instead and floored it down a T interval and next to that road was a giant rock. I'm not sure but the road leading up to the actual T interval was a slope I guess. This meant that driving a comet at full speed caused it to fly a few inches off the road be for crashing in mid air into the rock and exploding. But only just before I randomly pressed the triangle button (on PS3) so I can eject myself. I can't remember why I did that but thankfully I did escape quite narrowly. The torched body of the Comet landed in the middle of a high way somewhere. The whole moment was awesome and left me in awe for a few minutes before remembering I was in the middle of a mission.

I continued on with the mission whilst reeling from the previous moment involving the Comet. I decided to spawn an Annihilator and flew to the train station in order to save the time I had already used since I was aiming for the Liberty City Minute achievement. I arrived at the station and was flying above it slightly so I ejected. Since there wasn't much height between the chopper and the roof, I landed on my feet , there wasn't even a rolling animation or anything, I thought "AWESOME" colgate.gif before the unmanned chopper landed on me mad.gif and fell to the ground.

I got up pulled out a micro-Uzi jumping down to try to kill the target. there was a cutscene which I skipped and proceeded to chase the target down to the street. when I got there I was about to get a car and wait for my target to drive so we can initiate a chase sequence. But then I saw he had a Banshee. I got out and aimed for the driver, who drove out of an alleyway, straight into reversing into another wall just before turning and getting stuck in the woods next to the street. A prime example of Grand Theft Auto's driving AI sly.gif . I tried stealing his car but I couldn't so I aimed for him and shot him through the window and waited for the mission to end so it would save.

Believe it or not the story does not end there. [spoiler]I decided to take the Banshee and drove to Honkers because there is combat shotgun there. After I got the shotgun and partook in the activities at the aforementioned gentleman's club, I, simply put, raised heck up to the point where I had a four star wanted level. I had a snipe rifle and managed to snipe down a couple of choppers.One of them unfortunately landed on the Banshee which made me upset, so I continued to gun down police officers until I made it to the very end of an abandoned highway in Bohan.

A police maverick had found me but because the maverick was roughly level with the highway I was able to aim through its windshield and take out the pilot. When the maverick plummeted to the ocean no other one came, it was there that I noticed the maverick was still on the radar despite being in the ocean. Since I had the sniper rifle and the ammo cheats I had fun taking out police officers who for some reason kept searching the beach about a mile or so away from the highway. Eventually i tried to manually reload but I pressed the jump button jumping into the ocean. I swam to shore but it was no use, the L.C.P.D and N.O.O.S.E officers were there waiting for me. That was it for me.

I have had a few interesting memories with San Andreas: [spoiler] I jacked a train at Unity Station once, and held forward to see where I would end up. I held forward until the train slowed down and eventually stopped at a barrier. So I held backward instead and repeated the process but when I got to the barrier, the train didn't stop, it just phased through the barrier instead giving me a four star wanted level. I knew I was in deep sh** so I held the button and didn't let go.

To my horror, the train derailed, I guess it was because I was going at an insane speed for too long and it wasn't long, (roughly 5 seconds) before the police caught up to me with their mavericks shooting at the derailed train. I waited a few while the police were attacking the train so I decided to step out of the train and simply put, I died.

Another time, I jumped on top of a taxi and shot a bunch a people, this caused the driver to drive frantically whilst I was standing on his taxi and this acted as a free taxi ride. The taxi was going as fast as it could going through the deserted areas, gas and police stations crowds of police shooting at the taxi since the taxi was going through the prohibited areas neither me nor nor the taxi were allowed to go through giving us a four star wanted level. Eventually the taxi crashed. And I slipped off causing a traffic jam (which are caused so often in this game) full of sports cars, police cars and of course, taxis. The taxi and a bunch of other vehicles exploded killing me so that's where it ends.

The word taxi was written 10 times in that last paragraph and don't ask me how many times I wrote the words "and" & "but" were written in this post, I can't count that high.

There are some more memories, mostly with GTA IV but those are for a later time. Thanks for reading this post by the way, I appreciate it



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Posted 09 April 2013 - 02:39 PM

how is this GTAV related? For this server GTA Series Chat

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Posted 09 April 2013 - 02:46 PM Edited by Gamelord, 09 April 2013 - 02:51 PM.

Once I was driving an admiral car very fast in san andreas. It was very much damaged that it would catch fire if I hit it once. There was stunt near by...I went to it very very fast and just slightly hit a Tanker, but I was still able to keep my car under control. My vehicle caught fire but I still continued and...at last completed my stunt! that_guy2057_evilgrin.gif
That was the most dangerous unique stunt I did in my GTA life...
A flamin stunt! cool.gif
I'll never forget this memory. colgate.gif

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Posted 09 April 2013 - 02:59 PM

I don't remember any specifics, but I remember one of my summers when I was 10-12, I spent ~14 hours a day every day playing Vice City. I played the sh*t out of it, I don't think the disc works anymore lol Came out of that summer with a crapload of one-liners lol Without a doubt the funnest gaming session I've ever had. It's hard to play like that anymore, and hard to even get excited over games.

I also remember that San Andreas got me into music. I was never really into any music, I never listened to it. My hobbies were games and action movies and I just didn't get what all the fuzz was about with music. But one day, I loaded up San Andreas and went driving around. Dunno why, but I just spaced out for a bit and when I "came back" I heard the radio station (I think it was K-DST) and thought "hey, that's not bad." Spent the following weeks looking up the radio songs and similar songs and finally got what all the fuzz was about.

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Posted 09 April 2013 - 03:08 PM

I had a memory when I almost destroyed my keyboard after raging in a mission I always fail in.

Is that a memory?

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Posted 09 April 2013 - 03:40 PM

Lol, i remembered back in Vice City when i went to the Malibu Club for the first time during a mission where i had to confront Kent Paul or something, i lol'd so hard after finding a cop stripping in the front stage. After the mission i visited Malibu numerous times to kill the cop, the fireman and those other strange guys stripping.
Good memories.
Also i remembered in SA when i went to play basketball in Sweet's house after the mission "Sweet's Girl", i had like 1% health left. I did a few shots but when i did my last one, the ball hitted my head and i got wasted o.O

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Posted 28 April 2013 - 06:04 AM

Back in the early days of my GTA career, me and my friends would always screw around with cheat codes and try to get into locked parts of the map and do other crazy things. We would always spawn a rhino in San Andreas and blow everything up. Ahh, good times smile.gif

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