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Academi PMC

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  • ReignMillions

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Posted 3 days ago

Actually I think I'll withdraw my application, the times zones just won't work with my schedule guys. :/


I added you because I'm from the UK as well but I'm not online much till they patch these invincible glitches everyone is doing

  • RavenTend

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Posted 3 days ago

Well if he wants to resubmit he should let me know

  • reuther13

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Posted 2 days ago

Forum's Username - Reuther13

Age (Optional) -27
Xbox Live Gamertag - Reuther13
Social Club Username - areuther
Do you have a mic? - yes
Time Zone -EST
Do you have or are you getting a Next-Gen Console, if so which one? - not in the immediate future
What is your aim preference(Free Aim, Auto Aim, Traditional GTA) - Free aim
What skills do you have that are of interest? Also, what is your GTA rank? - 47. Skilled driver, Good shot, experience in providing security detail to current clan members. Two Mesa's available for use.
How regularly do you visit GTAForums? - once or twice a day
Battalion Choice- 1st Infantry
Past clan experiences? - Zombie Cowboys
Do you have any military experience, if do what branch and how long was your term for? - Army, 4 years, MOS 35F, TS Clearance.
Are you willing to take, or give orders to other knowning this is a military based clan, while understanding the type of environment that you will be in? If so please respond "I will Sir." - I will Sir

  • rushfox

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Posted 23 hours ago

Probably try and get on tomorrow. Anyone want to help recreate the scene from deadpool that was recently released?


  • Vito187

    I am that guy.

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Posted 6 hours ago

what time u goin to be on Fox?

  • RavenTend

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Posted 3 hours ago

Everybody that was on my friends list send a request again, I got hacked

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