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One Of These Mornings

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Posted 31 March 2013 - 03:22 AM

I bury my head in my hands wrapped with the guilt of what I have done,

I canít look at the reflection of the man I have become,

A bag by my left, keys and jacket to my right,

Iíll be out of here before the end of the night,

Bag gripped and jacket on,

Theyíll come looking for me, and Iíll be gone,

I devoted my life to a country and a flag,

I should devoted my life to being a dad,

But this all I know to do,

Dead manís blood and my history, itíll stick with me through and through,

One last look of the life Iím about to leave behind,

Itís the life Iíll prefer to have stuck in my mind,

Walk out the door into the steadily rising sun,

Out of your lives Iím about to run,

Trading away another year of your life to fire a gun,

What I do saves lives,

But being a father is what I never tried,

One of these mornings, you will look for me,

And what youíll find,

Iím not sure youíll like,

But Iíll be with your mother,

Six feet under that oak tree.

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