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[Question] Exporting a mesh into 3D Studio Max

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Posted 30 March 2013 - 09:58 PM

Hello all.

I'm sure you may be wondering why I have brought a question about getting a mesh from and old Need For Speed title (High Stakes) into 3D Studio Max (Or hell, even Zmodeler would suffice).

Well the answer is two parts, one because the NFS community isn't all that active these days when we are talking about the older games, and two because I plan to use some of the mesh to build a race track for GTAIV.

The goal is to save the track shape. The dips, bends, and banks then delete the rest of whats there and create an "HD Version" of the track for Grand Theft Auto. I'd like to do this for the original Need For Speed III and IV tracks titled Hometown, Redrock Ridge, Atlantica, and Rocky Pass.

These tracks have always been my favorite places to race around in any given game... they just happen to be getting old and are stuck in an outdated engine. Hoping somebody here might help me remedy that. If anyone could leave instructions for me to follow or point me in the direction of tools or tutorials I would really appreciate it.


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