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Posted 29 March 2013 - 02:38 AM Edited by ghpranav, 02 July 2013 - 02:18 PM.

Hello people, this is a major modification for GTA SA, this converts almost all things of GTA SA to GTA IV, but don't forget basic theme will be of GTA SA because GTA IV is already available on disks in shops! :-P

This makes your gta sa more realistic and like gta iv. This mod requires high or med pc specs.

Enjoy, comment & plz rate it :-)

To be frank, I actually used one enb(I can't remember which and whose) and edited the enbseries.ini file and also used d3d9_s.dll as its client to make it still realistic.

My pc specs:
4 gb ram
navidia GT 520
Intel pentium dual core 2.0 ghz
Windows XP SP3 & Windows 7 SP1

bcuz of my poor processor I get lags after playing for sometime.

How To Install:
Just extract files to your gta sa directory(main folder) :-D

Don't use any other d3d9.dll bcuz it may cause blur in the game.

Update 17/04/2013:
Good news people! V2 will be released very soon... :-)

Update 18/04/2013:
Good news again!In v2 I wanted something more so I requested 'GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM' for his mod 'New Graphics Enhancement v2' so that I can use that in this, he gave approval, yepheee :-)

Update 19/04/2013:
New readme file made, it contains some information from which you will get knowledge on how to customize embassies.ini to your taste.So keep visiting, v2 very very soon...

Update 20/04/2013:
v2 is almost over, at present file size is 120Mb compressed to 30mb... :-) Now waiting for 'New Graphics Enhancement v2' to be published.

Update 22/04/2013:
This mod's name will be soon changed from 'GTA IV-SA Enb to ''GTA IV environment in SA''.If you are interested in helping this mod, then join group here:

Update 28/6/13:
This mod is almost done, beta 1 & some screenshots will be released soon :-)

Alexander Blade
Yashraj Devdadiga(John Appetite)
Arijit Sen
Barraq Asyqar
Carl Johnson(Not CJ, he is a moder)
Nabil Budiman (Nabil SpecialOps Troopers)
Zeeshan Shanu
Brandon Torres
Puja Risky Afriyadi
Rajas Patil
Vaibhav Joshi
Prithviraj Shetty
Rockstar Games(for making the game)

Forgive me if I had forget your name to add in list...

Link to GTA_SA_Guru_ZIM's 'New Graphics Enhancement v2' mod:http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=23595

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