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[Q] Veteran modder with questions.

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Posted 26 March 2013 - 04:35 AM Edited by Jay., 10 April 2013 - 01:43 AM.

It's been awhile since I've done any modding for GTA and lately I've had the itch with lots of new ideas. I've helped with converting GTAIII's map to VC, MTA:H, Blood Gulch conversion for VC, many Halo conversions including Master Chief player model and I was one of the first people to release a vehicle mod for GTA:SA shortly after it's release(Halo warthog mod) thanks to Kam's script. I'm a gfx designer, 3d modeler and animator. I was part of "Crazy Modding Crew" with "jacob."- one of the developers for SAMP. Enough of my life story-

Some of my ideas include converting Matrix Online's map, maps from SW:TOR, or even WoW maps to GTAIV. I've also been looking into converting playable characters and vehicles. I just need someone to open the door for me here, it's been a couple years since I've modded and I am new to GTAIV's modding scene.

My questions are primarily map based at the moment and I've done searching only to find confusion and left with more questions.

(X) What are the new most commonly used stable tools for map modding? (Export, Import, Placement...)
3dsmax 2012(GIMS IV Script), OpenIV

(X) Are all models and textures still archived in one file?

(X) How different is the layout compared to GTAVC or SA? (IDE, IPL files...)
Rockstar/GTA/pc/maps/<folder>/IDE(Item Definitions);WPL(Item Placement);IMG(Archive)>TXD(Texture);WDR(Model);WBN(Collision)

(X) Is it possible to have custom 3d mesh inside GTAIV? (Saw a lot of "map mods" with already existing models from in game on YouTube, just moved around...)
( )

(X) How many new models can I ADD to the game? Is there a limit?
I've added 100+ and the game still works.


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Posted 08 April 2013 - 11:33 PM

I'm not a modder, but I know GIMS IV and OpenIV are the best tools to use. You will probably have better luck asking for help in those threads. I really hope someone helps you out, it's always nice to have more modders in the community. icon14.gif

good luck

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Posted 09 April 2013 - 09:45 AM

Currently as far as I can tell people use 3DS Max to import/export models from the game.

Cityscape can be used to create maps that can be exported into the game.

I do believe the models and textures are still in the same file for all the game. .wft & .wtd files are the cars, so it would make sense that one is the model and one is the texture.

There is also a bunch of threads documenting the structure of GTA 4.

As for how different the layout is to Vice City or San Andreas I cannot help you there as I never modded either of them, I was too young back then.

Most of the map mods are made using 3DS max or Cityscape, as far as I can tell anyway.

Some trainers can spawn buildings from in the game onto the map.

I know you can add custom models, so that should be no problem.

As for if there is a limit, I am not sure, currently I have added around 15 new vehicles to the game, people have told me once you hit around 20 new vehicles that the game won't take any more, but I do not know if this is so.

Currently I am working on a large mod to make the game more realistic as well as add a new storyline to the game.


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