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Modern techno and rap is evil

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Posted 24 March 2013 - 10:43 PM

Ok , have any of you seen BlimeyCow's video about " 7 problems with modern music "? If not , then you should look it up , because it describes all of the evil in modern music. But if for some reason you can't use the internet to watch videos , then I'll post the " 7 problems with modern music " here.

#1 : The majority of modern music is annoying , sinful music all about feeling good , and therefore , is pretty much worthless. It's all about partying , having sex with random people , and drinking. Sounds awful , dosen't it ?

#2 : All of the modern music I'm going against is also very rude about women. It's like , women are not just for sex. You see? The band LMFAO is the worst for this , in my opinion. Women are not just items for the use of men. They're a person , with feelings like the rest of us.

#3 : It all sounds the same! ( This scene in the video I've described is pretty funny )

#4 : This particular style of music swears so much! I mean , it's so stupid! They don't need to swear in their songs , they just either think it sounds cooler or are too stupid and lazy to use different lyrics.

#5 : It's ALL about sex. It's completely true! It's as if these people don't know anything else when all they sing about is sex. ( This one's my favorite part in the video )

#6 : It's as if all the modern music artists out there are completely unknowing of dangerous situations , and for that reason , they encourage idiotic behaviour. Think of how annoying life would be if people actually took the phrase YOLO and did something stupid , shouting " YOLO! " as they jump off of a jet that's 10,000 feet from the surface of the pacific ocean. Scary , right?

#7 : These artists are treated like items that you buy from the grocery store ( More or less). They're sold to us like they're not even humans.

And that's the 7 problems with modern music for you , so tell me what you think.

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Posted 24 March 2013 - 11:33 PM

QUOTE (PumpkinsNeverDie @ Sunday, Mar 24 2013, 16:43)
And that's the 7 problems with modern music for you , so tell me what you think.

I think you should try to look past facades if you want to be taken seriously when discussing music. Also:

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