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The 10 Tallest Buildings in Liberty City

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 02:45 PM

Okay people debate on what the 5 tallest buildings are in the city. What's your list?

1. Rotterdam Tower
2. Zirconium Building
3. Bawsaq Building
4. Thespian Theatre Building ???
5. Woodworld Building ???
6. One Liberty Plaza
7. Panoramic Building
8. MeTV Building
9. ??????
10. ??????

Im really confident listing the Bawsaq Building as the third tallest because it's almost as tall as the Zirconium Building. But sh*t gets hard after that. Thespian Theatre has an antenna that extends from the base to the top of the building that if you add it, makes it the fourth tallest. I counted the antenna because it's built into the side of the building. And then when it comes to number 5, it's hard to tell which building is the tallest in Lower Algonquin. It's either between Woodworld Building and One Liberty Plaza but I chose the Woodworld Building because I think the spire on the top of the Woodworld Building.

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