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Life After Death

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 03:30 AM Edited by universetwisters, 10 March 2013 - 11:51 AM.

So, do you believe in life after death? Personally, I believe in life after death.

Like, do you believe in heaven or hell? Or do you even believe in anything after death, other than nothing?

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 04:07 AM

I'll get in before sivis finds it. You'll need a bit more substance to your opening post.

Like... why are you asking? Why is the topic important? Why are people arguing about it? It might seem obvious and straightforward but it helps frame the debate and get discussion going. If you don't have those things this will get shutdown.

Personally I believe that we leave an indelible impression on the world. Not just on those who we meet and interact with, but also on a higher level with the world itself. So while at the end of how ever many years we are graced with our bodies turn to dust, our essence lives on and perhaps is even reborn as an echo of that first impression.

Philosophy is a tough thing to debate but hopefully we'll manage some good discussion. wink.gif

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 04:42 AM

I haven't decided my stance on it yet. There's no compelling argument for either side. Part of me wants there to be and afterlife, as I fear non-existence/the unknown. On the other hand, if there is an afterlife, you will eventually go mad from the endless tedium and praise of God, and you're constantly being supervised.

Christopher Hitchens' view on North Korea pretty much sums up how I feel.

QUOTE (Hitchslap)
"Religious belief is a totalitarian belief.

"It is the wish to be a slave. It is the desire that there be an unalterable, unchallengeable, tyrannical authority who can convict you of thought crime while you are asleep, who can subject you - who must, indeed, subject you - to total surveillance around the clock every waking and sleeping minute of your life - I say, of your life - before you're born and, even worse and where the real fun begins, after you're dead. A celestial North Korea.

"Who wants this to be true? Who but a slave desires such a ghastly fate? I've been to North Korea. It has a dead man as its president, Kim Jong-Il is only head of the party and head of the army. He's not head of the state. That office belongs to his deceased father, Kim Il-Sung.

"It's a necrocracy, a thanatocracy. It's one short of a trinity I might add. The son is the reincarnation of the father. It is the most revolting and utter and absolute and heartless tyranny the human species has ever evolved....(pause)

"But at least you can f*cking die and leave North Korea!"

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 07:52 AM

Rown is correct.

your question is too vague.
you need to expand on what you mean by "life after death."

more specifically, you should explain what you mean by "life" and "after death" separately.

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 08:51 AM

Poll removed as they don't tend to encourage proper discussion.

Please re-write your initial post, expand on your ideas and make a proper argument. Do this by 08:30 UTC on Monday and I'll leave the topic open.

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 09:16 PM Edited by sivispacem, 11 March 2013 - 07:45 AM.

Locked due to poor quality of initial post.

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