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Posted 09 March 2013 - 10:22 AM Edited by airassault54, 09 March 2013 - 10:36 AM.

SWAT is an extremely addicting and fun gamemode I have been playing with my community for years.
Must be played in Cops and Robbers

Swat must give a minimum of 5 minutes for the Terrorist team to set up at any place on the island that u spawn on.

Swat team is limited to 1 Sharpshooter(Sniper/SMG) 1 CQB(Shotgun/1 Grenade "Breaching Charge")

The rest of the Swat officers must use Mp10 or M4 and Glock

Swat team is the only team allowed to use flashbangs which are molotovs.

If a Terrorist is hit by a flashbangs he drops all of his guns to cover is his/hers eyes from the bright flash--(This in turn will require the terrorist while on fire to press start) If that Terrorist doesn't give up he can obviously be shot(At end of round he will be executed for terrorist activities etc.

Terrorists are allowed to use Mac10 or Ak47 and glock

They may have 1 person who is allowed to use the pump action shotgun(Combat is not allowed)

Terrorist Leader is the only person that is allowed deagle and if this person is captured with flashbangs games over and the Terrorist team must surrender

(Their is no going for the escape vehicle and must be played on one for all)

Anybody is allowed to use this gamemode to play with friends(Reminds me a lot like Search and Destroy just no bomb YES!)

We will also play this gamemode on GTA V( I will also be putting up a legit zombie event and hardcore serious rp events)

First GTAF Event(Saturday 3/9/13 7 pm central)---

Next Event(Monday 3/11/13 6 pm central)

Make sure that u post ur XBL GT here so that I may add u on an ALT account for GTAF players so u may get invited to every SWAT event if ur on ofcourse tounge.gif

IG Airassault54
  • IG Airassault54

    Insaniac Gaming 4 Life

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 01:12 AM

Taking place now Msg Airassault54 for inv

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