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Posted 01 March 2013 - 05:36 AM

What's up, guys? I've had this idea in my mind for a while and finally got it onto paper. This will probably be the only part, even though the cliffhanger is obvious.


For the past 5 years Iíve been under the name, ďWillis.Ē Everyone gets excitable when I say that, because they think I look like Bruce Willis. Itís a shame to turn down such an eager fanbase. I canít just lie about my identity like that. I already have been enough.

Joe was my best buddy. Weíd sit down at a park bench and take in the scene and actuallyÖ talk. About life and how ours would soon cease. For man to man conversation, it was blissfully peaceful. Not like any homosexual thing thoughÖ we were friends. Since college.

We shared a room for two years before I dropped out. Thatís probably why Iím in the situation I am in in the first place. Joe has no idea, he doesnít need any more stress in his life, his wife in a coma and all.

It was about 3 weeks ago when I left. Joe hasnít seen me since. I hope we can keep it that way. He works hard enough without me interrupting everything. Anyway, his wife was found severely beaten. If they had arrived mere minutes later she wouldnít have made it to the hospital alive. And how she looks there youíd be surprised when someone told you she WAS alive.

Iíve been on the road most of the time. Willis is a carpenter, he needs to keep his image. I had a good friend also from college who let me borrow his companyís truck so it looked like I was a carpenter. Iíve travelled the land far and wide to try and find a place to stay, but thereís no good place to live in this country anymore.

Too bad, as well, I was going to stay in a hotel for a while, but the manager just disappeared the first night I stayed. I wasnít risking it and left right away. The town Iím in right now isnít that cool, I think Iíll just keep moving.

Is that cop following me? Oh, Iím sorry, I get easily distracted. Yeah, the roadís been rough, but I know happiness awaits me. Thatís what the pastors say, anyway, but with the way Christís been treating me lately, I couldnít care less what those fools tell me.

This place looks nice. Cute little town. I like it. Well, thanks for listening to my story, where was it you needed to go again? Gas station? Cool. It was nice to meet you. Crazy circumstances you breaking down on the very same road I was travelling to escape my past.

Did I say something strange? What was it? Sorry if I offended you or something. Here we are. You know what, Iíll come in too. Could go for a drink.

Yeah, Iíll think Iíll stay here for a while. Wait, whatís on the T.V. over there?

ďHotel Manager found dead, suspect identified by tenet?Ē

What? She DIED? WaitÖ thatís my picture! Who in their right mind would think I killed someone? Video footage? ThatÖ looks EXACTLY like me! What? No it canít be me.

ďSuspect is thought to be linked to carpenter found dead outside building??Ē

This has to be some kind of trick! Who in their right mind? Look, it was cool to meet you, traveler, but I need to be moving on. I donít think weíll ever meet again, so be safe and good luck.

I just hope Joeís wife doesnít wake up.

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