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The Dream Delicacy Topic

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Posted 25 February 2013 - 07:00 AM

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“Ingredients are not sacred. The art of cuisine is sacred. It is at that altar I worship, and I shall go to sacrifice the fat geese and tender cattle to serve its ends. The holy icons of the chef’s faith—fragrant truffles, rich foie gras, well-marbled meats and other luxurious ingredients – these are not God. Their synthesis and their miraculous transformation into a sum greater than its parts is creation, and this is what I find most worthy of reverence.”-Tanith Tyrr

Welcome to The Dream Delicacy Topic. The point of this topic is to post some of your experiences banqueting upon Royal/Epic delicacies and also to post some which you would like to get your tongue on, someday. This works exactly like ThePinkFlyodSound's The Dream Destination Topic, you should post more than just one line - a minimum of five lines is enough. You can also write a review about them. Make sure to attach a mouth-watering pic, if available.

I'll kick things off by posting mine.

Barbeque, Al Faham, Fish Tawa, Pahadi Kabab & a Paneer 65

I devoured the above bitches in a Sea Food Restaurant along with few of my mates. I don't want to spell the name of the Restaurant though as I'm afraid that it might serve as a tongue-twister for you. Every single time I wanted to visit the place, it was unreasonably full. Waiting time of more than 45 minutes guaranteed by the maitre d' all those 4 times I have been to another branch. Made me wonder if it was one of those places that had a crowd no matter how the food was or it was so very spectacular indeed. It was one of my happiest moments in life to realize that this place served such brilliant food. Authentic cuisine or not, the dishes were just fantastic! For someone who is always ridiculed for poring into the menu like I was preparing for an exam, I had to do it even the more owing to vast expanse of the menu.

We were a group of 6 and one vegetarian amongst us. Orders started pouring in with preferences galore. For the starters, we ordered portions of Barbeque, Al Faham, Fish Tawa, Pahadi Kabab & a Paneer 65. One even quipped for a Chicken Shawarma. Orders were served very fast indeed. Ok, to be frank, I have had better Barbeque Chicken elsewhere. The meat was not as succulent as it should be and the masala was a bit blunt than what I would have preferred. But the Al Faham, Pahadi Chicken & Fish Tawa blew my mind! Everything about these dishes was perfect indeed. Perfect spices, Perfect Grilling. The Paneer 65 was also great. I was told that the Shawarma was great too.

The waiters were purely awesome. On our every beck and call in spite of a full house. They were prompt and particularly well behaved, having excellent knowledge of the cuisine and menu.

Some of my dream delicacies are:


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So yeah, post yours and let's keep this going!

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Posted 19 July 2013 - 04:42 AM


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Posted 19 July 2013 - 04:52 AM

The buffalo rollers at 7/11 are to kill for

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