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A Script for a Friend.

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Posted 22 February 2013 - 10:31 AM

So my friend wants to start a YouTube cartoon and he asked me to write the first episode script.

Tell me what you think, this is my first script so go easy on me :3

It's 2559 words and 13 pages long btw.

Itís a Small, Ovular world.

Act One
*Cut into Zian and Axel at Zians house*
Zian: So what time do we need to get there?
Axel: I think it was 7, weíre leaving early though because itís a huge event so we donít wanna get caught in traffic or anything.
Zian: Yeah good idea, have you got a suit?
Axel: Nah Iíve never needed one.
Zian: *phew* I didnít have one either, well that makes this situation less awkward, we should probably buy one, weíd look out of place going there without a suit
Axel: Yep, letís go
*Cut to them at a shop*
Zian: I donít remember walking here.
-3 second silence- *insert cricket noise/tumbleweed*
Axel: And where did that cricket/tumbleweed come from
Zian: I donít know, but it doesnít matter, we need to get our suits, we have to leave in 4 hours, I donít want to be late.
*Zian picks up suit goes and tryís it on in changing rooms (off shot) and comes out wearing it*
Axel (Wearing exactly the same thing): Yeah Iíll probably get that one too, I hate going over the top with fancy colours and sh*t, plus I canít exactly afford anything else.
Zian: Meh, it looks better with my hair, at least I actually DO something with it
Axel: Iíve told you a million times I donít give a sh*t about what people think about my hair.
Zian: Alright calm down, itís not my fault your hairdressers sh*t
Axel: Hey my hairdresserís fine, I just choose for my hair to be like this
Zian: Whatever, whilst weíre out I need to buy some hair wax.
Axel: Oh my god you have loads in your hair already, and you have like a cupboard full of it at your house, do you eat it or something?
Zian: Heh- yeah, obviously
*Cutaway to Zian with a pot of wax and spoon, about to eat a spoonful when Axel knocks, causing Zian to drop the spoon*
Axel: I wouldnít be surprised
*End of Act One*

Act Two

Jack: I donít think I can take seeing my aunt in this way
Chip: Yeah, yeah, I hope the chairs are comfy
Jack: You hope the ch- what the hell, do you even care about my-
Chip: Yeah I miss your uncle already
Jack: f*ck you, get to the funeral yourself
Chip: I donít even want to go, you just dragged me along
Jack: Donít come then asshole
Chip: Ok, seeya
*Jack and Chip walk in separate directions*
-Cut to Chip playing Videogames, with a blank expression (5-10sec)
-Cut to Jack sitting alone at home
Jack: I was too harsh on Chip, I should call him and apologise
-Cut back to Chip playing videogames again
Chip: I hope Jack dies, thatís a funeral Iíd go to
-Cut to Jack again
Jack: I should call him later on, heís probably pissed at me now, OH WHAT HAVE I DONE, Argh
-Cut back to Chip, now eating food
Chip: Hmm, I have nothing to do tonight now.
*Picks up phone and dials a number*
-Cut to Jack lying in bed really sad
*Phone ringing noise in Jacks scene*
*Jack picks up Phone*
Jack: Uhh- Chip?
Chip: Yeah I havenít got anything to do tonight so Iíll go to the funeral with you
Jack: Aw man Iím so glad you arenít pissed at me anymore, I was worried that I-
*Cut to Chip playing videogames again nodding and saying ďuh huhĒ as jack talks on phone*
Jack: -and we wouldnít talk ever again and I was really regretful for getting angry and-
Chip: Oh sorry I have to go to the shop, Iíll come to yours at 6, bye.
Jack: What a coincidence, me too. Which shop are you going too, I c-
*Chip hangs up*
Jack: Damn this phones connection!
*End of Act Two*

Act Three

*Cut to Zian and Axel on the phone*
Zian: -and oh my god the look on his face! Ahahahah
Axel: I know, that guy was just like ďfine see ya laterĒ
Zian: Yeah! Oh wow, I wonder what started the argument was about
Axel: I donít know, probably a trading card or something
Zian: Haha yeah, listen Iím gonna get ready then come to yours in about 10 minutes
Axel: But its 4:55, we donít have to go until 6:30
Zian: But- I- fine, but donít expect me to turn up early, anyway I have to go, thereís someone knocking at my door, probably a Jehovahís Witness
Axel: Alright donít be too harsh on them
-Hang up-
*Zian walks to the door and opens it*
Zian: No I donít want to learn about the church of J-
Jack: Um hi, umm where abouts is the nearest Egg-Mart
Zian: Pfff bahahahah- Umm *ahem* I mean, Uhh I think thereís one just down the road.
Jack: What was so funny?
Zian: Umm it was- uhh
Jack: Ö
Zian: Ok ok, I saw you and your friend arguing earlier and I found it hilarious, so you turning up at my house was just the icing on the cake, small world eh?
Jack: Yeah it might have been funny to you but if you were in my shoes, it isnít so funny, all my life Iíve been pushed around, ignored, spoken over, and Iím sick and ti-
Zian: Yeah so the Egg-Mart is just down the road, nice meeting you, Iím Zian by the way.
Jack: Ugh. Yeah Iím Jack, great to meet you too. Before I go can I ask you one last thing?
Zian: *sigh* what is it?
Jack: Well basically, I uhh- my aunt died and I didnít- there was ah- no one told me where it was or what time, so I kind of donít know where to goÖ or when.
Zian: Heh, itís funny Iím going to a funeral too, say it isnít for your Twice Removed Step-Great Auntie Smith is it?
Jack: No, just my Aunt Sm- wait, are you being f*cking serious, are you seriously going to the same funeral as me, this is the luckiest Iíve been all week, now you can tell me how to get there and when and you can meet my friend Chip and in fact we should all go together
Zian: Woah whoa, Jesus, slow down. Yeah itís a small world huh, sure you can come with us let me just call my friend first and let him know the plans, come in if you want.
Jack: Thanks
*Zian dials Axelís number*
Zian: Axel oh my god, youíll never guess who turned up and is somehow related to me and is coming to the funeral with us-
Axel: Me?
Zian: Y- what? No! What? Itís that kid from town, that was arguing with his friend, turns out they were arguing about a funeral because heís a loser and his friend didnít want to go or something, long story short my Twice Removed Step Great Aunt smith is just his Regular Aunt Smith, but uh he didnít get invited so he and his friend are coming with us.
Axel: Hahahahaha no way, oh my god unlucky that heís related to you, whatís he like? Whatís he doing now?
Zian: He seems alright, and heís just-
*Looks at Jack*
Zian: Umm one second Axel
*Puts phone down*
Zian: Jack you know you can sit down if you want, youíve been standing in the same position for like 20 minutes
Jack: Oh right, itís just I donít usually get invited in much- ever
*Sits down*
*Zian picks up phone*
Zian: Sorry, he was just standing there
Axel: What the hell itís been like 20 minutes
Zian: I know, anyway come over so you two can meet each other-
Jack: Three because my friend Chips coming over too
Zian: Three, because his friend Chips coming over
Axel: Riiigghhtt, Iíll be on my way
*10 minutes later*
-Knocking Noise-
*Zian opens door*
Zian: Oh hey you must be Chip
Chip: Hey nice to meet you, sorry you turned out to be related to Jack
Jack: f*ck off Chip
Zian: Calm down guys, you donít need to argue again
Chip: Again?
Zian: Yeah my friend and I kinda saw you two arguing, and it was hilarious
Chip: Yeah well I tried telling him I didnít want to go to the funeral and he wouldnít listen so I walked off
Zian: Yeah that was the hilarious bit
Chip: Yeah well you should have heard him on the phone, he was like- uhh nevermind
Jack: Ok so whenís uhh- whats his name again?
Zian: Barack Obama
Jack: Whenís he coming round?
Chip (Muttering under breath): Idiot
Jack: Huh?
Chip: I said I donít know
Zian: He was meant to be here rightsÖ NOW!
Zian: Damn that usually works on TV shows
Zian: Iím sure heíll be here soon, he was just getting ready then coming over
*cut to half-dressed Axel asleep on his sofa*
*3 hours later*
-loud knocking-
Chip: Jesus Christ is it finally him?
*Zian answers door*
Axel: Well Iím not going to lie to you, long story short- I was asleep
Zian: Oh f*ck sake, now weíre really gonna be late, quickly introduce yourself to Jack and Chip then we have to go
Axel (To Jack and Chip): Hi guys, Iím Zians friend
Chip: Hey Axel
Jack: Hey Barack
Axel: Did he uhh just call me Barack?
Zian: Oh dear godÖ
Jack: What you said that's what his name was
Chip: It was sarcasm you twat
Axel: Look we all have time to be stupid later, letís go now
Zian: Iím hungry
Chip: Me too
Axel: For f- fine, go eat something THEN weíll go
Zian: Jack do you want any food?
Jack: Sure just make me anything
*5 minutes later*
Zian: Ahh nothing better than meatballs
Chip: Yeah I love meatballs
Axel: Me too
Zian: Sorry there was only salad left Jack
Jack: Ugh itís fine I guess, foods food
Chip: Iím gonna go to the shop quickly and buy a drink
Axel: Itís ok I bought some
Chip: What the hell is that? Itís like the cheap version of cheap coke
Zian: Be quick Chip, weíve got to leave in 10 minutes
*2 hours later*
-Zian and Axel are asleep-
-Jacks sitting there-
-Super loud knocking-
Zian: Jesus whats that
Axel: I donít know, couldnít possibly be someone at the door
Zian: f*ck off
*Zian opens door*
Zian: Sorry I was asleep
Chip: What about Jack? I bet heís just been sitting there for 2 hours
Jack: I find it rude to open other peopleís doors
Chip: Youíre such a useless invalid
Zian: Yeah we know Jacks stupid, And Iíve only known him for a few hours, right lets go to the funeral
-Cut to Jack then to Clock saying 9 PM-
Jack: Uh guys
Zian: No time, lets go
Jack: I think the funerals-
Zian: Who got the invite, me or you?

-Cut to them all in the car-
Axel: I canít wait to get to the funeral, Iím so hungry
Zian: We JUST ate
Axel: Yeah but itís a buffet, so Iím hungry again
Chip: Gotta hand it to him, he knows how to train his stomach
-They pull into the church car park-
-Itís empty-
Zian: Where is everyone?
Axel: I donít know, maybe they walked there
Chip: What, and they carried the coffin on their backs?
-All get out of car and walk to church-
Zian: What the hell, the front doors locked
Jack: I tried to tell you that itís 9PM but you wouldnít listen to me
Chip: Well letís get back in the car and go home, this funeral was for a nobody anyway
Jack: Hey my aunt was great and you have to respect that
Zian: She was my relative to and all but, I really donít care that we missed it, letís just go home and play videogames
Axel and Chip: Alright
-Cut to them at their house-
Jack (Alone): Dear Diary, today I made two new friends named Zian and Axel, Zian is related to me somehow and I found that very cool, I can tell we will be friends for a long time, They arenít as dickish to me like Chip is, but Chip isnít even that bad anymore, I suppose I donít mind that I missed the funeral but-
*Chip and Zian run into the room*
Zian: IS that a diary?
Chip: haha thatís so gay
Zian: Letís burn it
*Axel runs in with lighter*
*Zian grabs it*
Zian: I have an idea!
Jack: Zian give it back
Zian: No
Jack: Oh come on, please thatís got loads of personal stuff written in it
Chip: Letís read it
Zian: No I want to burn it
Axel: No give it back to him
*all fighting over the book, lighter sets it on fire*
Zian: f*ck! MY HAND!
*Throws book out window*
Axel: Put the fire out! Crap!
Chip: No time, just stomp on it!
*Them 3 stamping on book Whilst Jack just watches with his mouth open*
-Cut to them inside house-
Zian: Iím really REALLY sorry Jack, I just didnít want to set my house alight, yaknow? Itís getting late anyways I think you two should go home, hey give us your numbers so if you wanna hang out again we can call
Chip: Sure here you go
*Chips gives number*
Jack: Uhhh I donít know my number
Zian: HA yeah, like I was gonna call you- I mean, uhh thatís fine Iíll just call Chip
Chip: Yeahhh, weíd love to hang out with you Jack.
Jack: Awesome *Happy Face*
Chip: Well I- We best be going now, see ya later
Jack: Yeah see ya
*Both leave*
*Door shut*
Zian: Hahahaha now theyre gone lets read it
Axel: Yeah I canít believe he fell for the fake book thing
Zian: Yeah, what did you burn anyway?
Axel: Just a dictionary
Zian: I have a dictionary?
Axel: Well not anymore
Zian: Whatever, letís read his diary
Axel: Right, page 1, Dear Diary, today my Uncle Calvin came round, he was very fun and played lots of games with me, after each game I had to wash my hands which got really annoying, but they did get very sticky and dirty during the games ĖJack 10/10/2004
Zian: What the actual f*ck
Axel: Uhhhh that was creepy, letís skip to the middle page
Axel: Dear Diary, today my uncle Calvin died, I was very sad but he left me a note in his will with £250 in it, the note said ďDear Jake, hereís £250, now never tell anyone about our games, Love, CalvinĒ I guess Calvin didnít want anyone to know how fun his games were
Zian: Iím throwing this away, itís probably all about his uncle Calvin
Axel: Yeah good idea, anyway I have to go home now, what an eventful 2 days its been
Zian: I know right? See you later man
Axel: Bye, Make sure that book gets bloody burnt and buried
Zian: Oh it will, itís creepiness will never see the light of day
*Zian shuts door*
*Hides book under his bed*


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