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zeppelincheetah's poetry/ free writing

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Posted 17 February 2013 - 05:14 PM

Her Eyes

You can never stare into her eyes
They are magnetic and repellant all the same
I love her only while looking into her eyes


Love is everywhere
It's in my head
I can feel it
Command my breath
I can hear the beat
Of Love in my heart

my best friend used a gun
and his curtain closed
when i heard the news
the dubious power of my medication immediately wore off
that was all the reason i needed
i was already tinkering on collapse
i panicked i could already see
the gray sky closing in
i took all my lithium at once
this would make me think clearer
suddenly i felt more intelligent than god himself
if there was a god
how stupid was i not to realize i could fly
i decided to try out my wings on the roof of my high rise
and i flew the best i could but did not fly far
i jumped and my credits rolled.

("Epitaph" was actually an assignment I turned in in college. The assignment was to write a poem that would fit as your epitaph)


I am inspired by you
As you begin to perspire
You are one to inspire
Let's extinguish the pyre

Rhombus Escalator

"The wall in my Rhombus escalator sneezes blood
At the tribal tongue ceremony
Underneath the moon lizard women's soft scent
Where half purple roses squirt meaning
Until the sun gets its vodka flavored supermodel starfish
Pantomiming the way fish-rockets swim

Thursdays at the park with fire ninja wonder bras
Except together
Motion blur apples stream far away television languages
Testing students' hammock abilities
Without pants or guidance counselors

Where she's eaten by her friend
The Venus zombie happy fun time cheerleader robot police
With soft half eaten camel sandwiches
On the pillows of the wise cracking Egyptian Hookah

Sailing fantastical serious professors
Of art, responsibility and napkin fetishes
Together within also beside the whatever spirits
All while not spilling the beer," Said the ear.

That last one is a free write inspired by this.

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