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Character switching idea for San Andreas

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Posted 06 February 2013 - 09:59 PM

I have been thinking this through and the character switch idea could have been possible way back in 2004, they just never gave it much thought.
Here's how it would work, with minor adjustments to the original game.
Delete the 'player stats' and replace with 'Character mission log' Here you would find out how many missions have been completed by each character, with their name and a percentage complete next to it.
Instead of playing as just CJ, we have 4 playable characters.
1. Carl Johnson - LS missions
2. Countryman 'Trevor' - country & desert
3. Cesar - San Fierro mission thread
4. Tommy - Las Venturas mission thread

Carl Johnson - you have to complete all of the Los Santos missions before you can play as other characters. One minor change - after the mission The Green Sabre, CJ runs off, instead of being captured.

A 'Trevor Phillips' type - We now play as this country guy and find ourselves in Angel Pine. We now get to complete the countryside missions or switch to the other character in San Fierro.
You can't play as the Las Venturas character yet, it's all about progressing far enough in the storyline, similar to unlocking new parts of the map. Upon taking Truth to San Fierro, we can then go onto finding Toreno and completing the desert missions, or switch to -

Cesar Vialpando - When the 'Trevor' character arrives in San Fierro, Cesar thanks him for bringing Truth. If you have already completed the SF mission thread, this meeting is all that occurs, before continuing onto the Toreno missions. If not, the game prompts if you want to switch to Cesar or keep going as 'Trevor'.
One mission would have to be changed and that is Photo Opportunity. Instead, Cesar is driving and you just meet CJ at Angel Pine. The good thing is after completing a mission the game will prompt if you want to switch, so you can play as Cesar then after completing a few missions then switch to 'Trevor'. Completing the San Fierro missions as Cesar will be necessary for unlocking the Las Venturas character -

Tommy Vercetti - Has a score to settle with the mafia and to help Woozie establish the Four Dragons Casino. All of 'Trevor's missions must be completed for the final mission Home in the Hills, to be unlocked. Tommy is parachuting down and meets CJ at the landing.

So now we have gone full circle and finally play as CJ again for the final missions.
What do you think? With some reworking of the game engine and character scripts the character switching idea could have been possible in a gta game as early as 2004.

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 09:27 PM

It could work. But instead of adding new characters I would just want "2) Catalina - country & desert" "4) Woozie - Las Venturas missions" or possibly Maccer or Kent.

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Posted 26 April 2013 - 04:51 AM

Uh, who is this "Trevor Phillips" person you keep referencing? I assume an irrelevant GTA IV character. Besides, why is V mentioned? Is V a prequel or sequel to San Andreas? Instead of writing fan fiction, why not write your own series that isn't copyrighted? If you insist on the fan fiction, I should point out some serious plot holes: Vercetti doesn't have a score to settle with "the" mafia, he has a score to settle with the Forelli mafia. They betrayed him and got him jailed for 10 years, not the other mafias. Vercetti and the Sindaccos never had any relations at all. In San Andreas, the Forellis appear in Intensive Care, Freefall & Saint Mark's Bistro whereas the Sindaccos appear in You've Had Your Chips & the The Meat Business.

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