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Posted 10 August 2013 - 07:28 PM

QUOTE (finn4life @ Thursday, Aug 1 2013, 20:27)
QUOTE (GunWrath @ Friday, Aug 2 2013, 01:11)
Well, I finally contacted my ISP and there's no issues from their end. They tried doing a reset from their end and had me do acouple methods and it still didn't work. My wi-fi still drops and still have some issues with buffering with streaming. But since they say it's not from their end, I now come to the conclusion that it's possibly time to replace my modem and router. I've had both for quite some time, like 5yrs or so.. but is that a legit thing? Can modems/routers go bad like that? or would it be one of my cables?

I suggest fixing the cables first because they're cheaper. If that doesn't help, try the modem, if you can borrow a friends first that'd be great just in case the modem is fine.

But yeah, Modems do go bad I guess, just like any PC component can stop working as efficiently over time.

Right on .. going into town tomorrow, I'll pick up some new cables and try that trick first. Thanks

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