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Arrow/The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow/Supergirl

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Posted 2 days ago Edited by Arrow, 2 days ago.

The Flash was enjoyable. DeVoe and his wife are formidable foes. They have everything laid and properly planned. It turned it a really nice "People v/s Barry Allen" case. Never before have I seen a superhero show base itself strongly on a criminal case. This one was detailed. DeVoe's wife has a really strong defense. The episode was less serious than it should have been. And I liked Ralph's sense of judgment about planting evidence. Overall, it's not a typical "The Flash: Single episode plot arc" thing. We will definitely see Barry behind the bars will the season finale. Time for the Team Flash to do some detective work. Also, Captain Singh's speech was not really necessary. The show wanted to put a contrast, yes I get it. Still not required IMO.

Arrow seems all lost atm. They're trying too hard to work it out like the pre-season 5 days. That's the problem with too many characters. Once you introduce too many people, it seems necessary to build their back-story while wasting considerable footage and screen time on them. Not really a fan of Dinah, Curtis and Rene trying to build their own team. It's just another wasteful sub plot and will end up being a complete mess. As for Cayden James starting up his wannabe "league of villains", it's unnecessary really. Again, too many characters. Breaking up team Arrow is the worst idea. Funny how Arrow glories on the fact that the former three think their sense of judgment is better than Oliver's. Also this:

Also, I love how Team Arrow decided to leave the Arrow Cave because Caden James may have bugged it, but Team B thinks it's perfectly safe to move into Caden Jame's old hideout. Arrow Logic!

Cayden's team is a waste. I was expecting the Vigilante/Vince to have his own arc with Team Arrow. Instead he serves as a goon to Cayden James. Why bother? Ricardo Diaz is one of the best foes in comic. He barely gets 10 minutes of screen time on the show. Would have preferred if they had made him the antagonist. The showrunners are under-powering Oliver atm. He's known to take down even more dangerous swarm of people at times. And now, he's just too afraid of facing them.
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