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Most Wanted! - We are recruiting - 69.9 To do!

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Posted 09 August 2012 - 10:26 PM Edited by X-Seti, 30 January 2013 - 11:05 AM.

I have set this topic up only for recruiting members.

We need members assistance with mapping and other modding duties to speed up progress with the mod. State of Liberty is a project designed to bring Liberty City (GTAIII), Vice City and San Andreas to a single game engine whether it be VC, SA or on the IPhone / Android, However some time next year we will hopefully be on Rage.

We need some new blood and new ideas, and Coders to make new tools to speed up the engine.

For those who do not have the time to work on the team and only want to offer contributions, look here.

----------- Coder Needed.

We need someone talented who could work on a Img Tool for VC/SA and SOL.

We need a tool that will sort the img file against the IDE list order pretty much how Steve M's COL Editor 2 sorts the COL file against the IDE file.

Example picture:
user posted image

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

There are many reasons why it is best to sort your Img files in this way:

1. To find files in the img file not listed in the IDE.

2. Speed the game engine up as less sorting is done in memory before an object is spawned.

3. Loading time speeds up.

4. With bigger mods like SOL it helps to have all the img files sorted in order and as a result speeds the engine up.

5. You decided, this method has been argued around GTAF for years and was originally pointed out by G-Force of Myriad Islands.

----------- Coder Needed

We need someone to sort out the radar, finish the map and replace any broken tiles.

----------- Mapper Needed

I would like someone to follow me in detailing the new maps.

1. Add the props where they look best on the map, Trees and Lamposts.

2. Check for bugs in the map

----------- Artist Needed

1. We would like all the billboards replaced with new made up advertising

2. Who is able to work on other textures on the map.

----------- Modeler Needed

1. I would like someone to work on Mainland Liberty and replace the old buildings we put there as we were planning out the map.

We basically planned the map out using old buildings however we need to replace these buildings with Chicago style buildings.

2. Who is able to create buildings on demand.

3. Has the ability to work alone without any direction, in other words be creative doing your own thing.

----------- Forum Led by needed.

1. Who can watch the board and make sure member keep to topic

2. Keep the board tidy.

3. Has ideas to make our section better.

----------- Story Writer Needed.

Someone who can come up with a nice story line to tie in VC, LC and SA.

The story line can use multiply Characters

----------- Media / Production person

Make a new video to replace the game start intro as well as making You Tube videos to promote the project.

----------- Website design - Layout

We need a new website.

1. A site that would show what this project is all about.

2. Show the current progress of the project.

3. Information, History about the project.

4. Links back to this forum.

----------- We need a new theme - 7 Years and we need to change.

Every project has a theme, we need a musical intro like the theme SA has during loading and game intro. This has to be original and to our needs.

----------- More to come.

For more information about the project. = http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=501707

Please post your questions about this thread here = http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=500908

Off-topic questions please goto - http://www.gtaforums...c=500908&st=200

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Posted 21 March 2013 - 07:08 PM Edited by X-Seti, 22 March 2013 - 12:56 AM.

New file structure and ID allocation.

# ID Define
# Peds: 0-129 (special characters 99-109)
# Vehicles: 130-239
# Vehicle Parts 240-245
# Ped Parts 246-249
# Wheels: 250-258
# cuts heads/objs: 285-289
# weapons: 259 - 294
# Misc 295 - 299
# Generics 615 - 2450
# Game Models 3000 -19899
# LODs upto 19900 - 19999

# Shadows and Other effects that do not need to be in SA or Rage can be listed from 24000

Getting the files right has taken me forever but this in the end will help build the mod more professionally. With less bugs and run better without glitches.

The main problem with most mods is having something in the IMG file not assigned in the IDE and the VC engine dislikes unknown objects in the IMG. Having so many used objects means I have to build the mod this way so I can keep track of all the objects.

I have gone through each file one at a time checking and converting it to Renderware 3.4 with new animations around the map.

The /data folder has not changed much at all. I moved / renamed the default.ide file and moved this to the /models folder called gta3.ide.

The aim here is to have the same exact amount of files in the gta3.img/dir file as what is listed in the gta3.ide and gta3.col.

The second major change is the new Generics.IDE, Generics.COL and Generics.IMG/DIR that also has an equal exact amount of objects. these can be found in /SOL/Cdimages

This is the cleaned map version where I will start to build the new map from the folder /SOL/Cdimages/game.img/dir, game.ide and game.col

I have all the files sorted and ready to be inserted into the IDE, IMGs and COLs so it should not take long to release the full cleaned version. Beta 69.9 (StrongAsBull)

If you want to build your own mod you can use these files as a base to your mod.

This files can be downloaded here for your own mod, X-Seti's VC cleaner

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