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Solution: Quick TC Assembly

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 05:02 PM

Found that on net today:

Building Generator v0.6 is out!

Grab it here: http://tysonibele.co...Gen_v06_100.mse

What's new?? Well, I'm glad you asked:

New Features:

-A new floor layer manager has been added. The floor layer manager replaces several of the old systems that controlled building bevel, taper, ledges, etc. It allows for per-floor control of all of those things, exactly the same way that the door/window layer managers allow for per floor control of doors and windows.

So, now you can control exactly which floors get a ledge, what the ledge contour will be, which floors get tapered, and by how much, which floors have their corners beveled/inverted, etc.

Also...the bevel control system available in the floor layer manager has a handy graphic interface that allows you to see exactly how your changes will influence the perimeter of the floor.

-Building Generator can now create basic interiors for your buildings! Yep, that's right...now you can tell building generator to create walls and doorways inside your buildings, visible through the windows. The settings to setup your interiors are available in the floor layer manager, and thus, interiors can be enabled/disabled for any floors of your choice. Even though they're composed of very simple geometry, they can really bring your buildings to life due to the extra detail you'll see through through the windows during parallax shifts.

A set of new material ID slots have also been created for the interiors, allowing you to randomly assign various wall, floor and ceiling maps to the interior geometry. The Building Generator texture pack has also been updated, with a few sample wall/ceiling/floor textures to give you a good base to start with. As with all of the texture settings, you can always add your own as well.

Also, a setting has been added allowing you to control interior illumination with randomized vertex color values. Once that setting is enabled, each room will be assigned a random grayscale vertex color value. This can later be used as a mask/map for self-illumination within the standard material settings, or a mask/map for anything within the custom material settings.

Grab the latest texture pack here: http://tysonibele.co...exture_pack.rar

-Building Generator can now generate buildings over surfaces! I showed you guys the development of this feature earlier in the thread....but now you can try it out for yourselves! Surface generation has many controllable parameters, and you can scatter buildings over any surface using a distribution map, and control the scale of the building using a distribution map as well. If you scan through the thread, you can see lot of demonstration images of this feature already posted in here.

-Building Generator can now assign custom materials to building objects! Many people request MR Arch&Design material support, so I decided to just go one step further and allow for any type of material to be used by Building Generator. The setup goes like this: you can setup any type of material however you want, and once it's ready you can bring it into building generator and then override the map slots of your choice with randomized texture maps (similar to the way you assign texture maps to standard/Vray materials in previous versions of building generator). The method is straightforward, and you'll see the options once you change any of the matID material types to "custom" in the material settings rollout.

-The Preset Manager now displays building previews! Whenever you save a preset, you can now choose to also save a preview image with the preset file, for easy browsing later. What'll happen, when you choose to save the preview image, is building generator will generator the active building, take a render snapshot of it, then save that data to the preset file. Now, whenver you load that preset file, you'll be able to see a little thumbnail of what the building looks like in the preset manager, before loading it. This feature is not mandatory, and Building Generator will ask you first if you want to save a preview image with the file...since it will take a little extra time to render the still frame out.

-Preset Files have been re-designed to allow for full backwards compatibility. The problem with preset files in previous versions of Building Generator, is that as soon as I add a new feature to Building Generator, compatibility issues will arise. This is a pretty critical issue, so I re-wrote the way they're saved and loaded, allowing full backwards compatibility. This means that from version 0.6 and onwards, preset files will be interchangeable between versions. Unfortunately, preset files created in any version under 0.6 will not work in 0.6 or above.

-Custom pillar contour controls have been added to the pillar settings of the door and window layer managers! As requested, you can now design wall pillars by drawing their contour, similar to the way you can draw ledge contours. Options for setting the number of sides on the pillar are available as well.

-You can now generate blinds behind windows! 3 blinds types have been added, "venetian", "fabric" (curtain), and "flat". Settings controlling their open min/max amount, and various other parameters, are also available.

-You can now specify balcony placement. Two new options allow you to change balcony frequency per-building-side, as well as position offset.

-You can now have balconies that are parallel to each other transformed into New-York-style fire escapes! Stairs and railings can be created to connect nearby balconies with each other. This is controllable on a per-floor/per-wall basis.

Other changes:

-I'm using the new maxscript encyption algorithm now, meaning the script will only work in ***Max 9 SP 1*** and above. If you need a max 8 compatible version, please contact me directly.

-Shutters can now be opened/closed based on a max/min angle (previous versions just had a binary open/close option)

-Extra options have been added allowing you to exclude ledges, roofs and walls from UV normalization/randomization

-"Sliding" door type has been added

-Option to assign textures by flag to currently selected ID only has been added

-Height offset for windows can be negative now

-Windows in previews are now transparent, allowing you to see things like blinds behind them

-A new "X" button has been added, beside the main "Generate" button, allowing you to delete the most recent previously generated building(s). This makes it easy to generate-analyze-delete-repeat without having to tediously select+delete the buildings you generate each time.

-Every time you overwrite a preset file, the original is duplicated to a ".bak" file in the same directory. I noticed while testing the script that I often hastily saved over preset files and then wished I hadn't moments later....this will help to avoid those types of problems, by preserving the original file. Only one ".bak" file is kept for each preset file though, so you won't fill up a folder with tons of ".bak" files simply by overwriting old preset files.

-Fixed many bugs reported by users in this thread and through email.

As always, please EMAIL ME or post a message in this thread if you have found a bug! There's a ton of new features in this version, meaning it's hard for me to test out every possible combination of settings in order to make sure the script is bug free....getting bug reports from people really helps tremendously in ironing out the kinds.

Also, many people have requested tutorials.....I'm holding off on them for now because I keep having to tweak the UI of Building Generator, to fit in new features and re-organize old ones....so I fear that if I do any tutorials now they might become obsolete too soon. So, I'm going to wait until I get a few more of the features I'd like to add in before doing any tutorials.

Features I'm still planning on adding in the future:

-Custom object type support
-Basic road generator to augment surface generation system
-A few other surprises

I'm always open to suggestions as well.



FREE procedural Building Generator for 3d Studio Max


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Posted 25 January 2013 - 05:07 PM Edited by MenuET, 25 January 2013 - 05:10 PM.

Who don't undestood anything, Let me explain:

BuildGen is a script for 3dsMAX that allows you make procedural buildings,
in basic, it makes a entire building with interiors for you in less than some clicks, accelerating the process if your TC is a fictious city and dont need to be accurate

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 05:46 PM

Link broke, i searched on the site but can't find the file, could you fix the links?

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 07:37 PM Edited by MenuET, 25 January 2013 - 08:17 PM.

Here it is

Thread About: http://forums.cgsoci...5&postcount=482

http://forums.cgsoci...9&postcount=786 - BG+ :The same BuildingGen Improved

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