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Star Wars

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Posted 3 weeks ago

The problem a lot of people have pointed out is that the cross in the middle is metal and that in a saberlock you could slide your sword to cut through the metal.



You'd be more likely to get hit by a meteorite than that happening tbh. The section needs to be metal by virtue of it being the only part the hand would make contact with, lol.


In any event I'm glad they didn't opt for this style of cross guard




Visually just feels... off. 






I've seen it rumoured that



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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Nutsack McQueen, 3 weeks ago.

Just watched the 2nd trailer again and I'm actually starting to get more excited for this film. In the beginning of the year I wasn't really that hyped about it, because Mad Max: Fury Road was still coming out and I wasn't actually that into the first trailer(and no it wasn't, because of the damn lightsaber). But yeah I like how everything looks visually in the 2nd trailer and it's really awesome that they're going to use a lot of practical effects. I do hope that movies like Fury Road and Force Awakens will inspire more directors to not abuse CGI. To be clear I'm not saying everything should be practical. Fury Road used a lot of CGI and green screen, but most of the time it blended in with the stuff that was practical and wasn't that noticeable. Except for the sandstorm scene.

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