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This Is A Disgrace To GTA 1 And 2

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Posted 22 June 2014 - 08:33 PM

And you sir are a disgrace to these forums.


GTA:CTW is probably my 3rd favorite GTA, for obvious reasons.  Drug Dealing, Hotwiring, and all the other small minigames within GTA:CTW made it a very lovable GTA game and I would love to see another 2.5D GTA or a 3D/HD GTA that have the same merits.

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Posted 23 June 2014 - 02:38 AM

To each his own. I loved it.

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Posted 23 September 2014 - 09:41 AM

How is CTW a disgrace to GTA's I and II? For what the game is I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, even though I mainly drove around the map.



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Posted 23 September 2014 - 06:11 PM


I thought it was pretty awesome

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Posted 27 September 2014 - 06:54 AM

Couldn't disagree with the OP any more. CTW is easily the best of the top-down/isometric games in the series.

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Posted 30 September 2014 - 05:53 PM

Throw the classic GTA 1 & 2 style in with a nice 3D effect. What do you get?


A unique creation from R*. I loved GTA Chinatown, still do.

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Posted 04 October 2014 - 09:24 AM

CTW is to IV like Advance is to III.

The difference? CTW wasn't sh*t.


Though GTA 2 was much better IMO.

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Posted 14 March 2015 - 08:39 AM Edited by CarlsonRe, 14 March 2015 - 08:43 AM.

What happened to searching for weapons?


Umm, there arent any unrealistic suprise crates, but there are weapons in dumpsters.

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Posted 09 February 2016 - 09:53 PM

I don't get how its a disgrace to GTA 1 and 2? yes all GTA's are about crime but all the games are different and give the player a different feel to each one, if all the Grand Theft Autos were the same then it would become boring repetitive and we wouldn't have much reason to go back and play them. I enjoyed GTA China Town Wars 

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Posted 11 February 2016 - 03:30 AM

As well as an isometric view, it's also an oblique view. Geography terminology. 

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Posted 11 February 2016 - 12:17 PM

This is not a disgrace, this is one of the best games ever made for handheld, for a person who played the living sh*t out this game when it came out.
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Posted 11 February 2016 - 12:26 PM

Despite CW coming out in the HD Era, between TBoGT and V, I find it more rewarding like a 3D Era GTA.  When I talk to friend's about the 3D Era (III, VC, SA, LCS, and VCS), I always include CW in there, despite being released much later in time due to the fact, you can find and have a lot of fun in this game like the 3D Era.  Nothing is restricted and a lot of the freedom is still there, unlike how most of the HD Era is with it so scripted out.


Now, I can't exactly comment on GTA I and GTA II simply cuz I played them a very little amount of time, but when playing them, I didn't get any attachment as I did with the 3D Era, some of the HD Era, and CW.


CW is a hidden gem in the GTA Series, imo.  It also contains some of the most unusual aspects in a GTA Game, where you won't find in any of the others except CW.  Example?  Using a Gas Station to make Molotov Cocktails.  The better you aim the gas pump, the more Molotovs you can make.  Drug Dealing?  Again, something that isn't is any GTA other than CW.  There is plenty more examples I can say, as well.  I also remember some of the Story Missions being a lot different than any of the other GTA's, too.  Even the Garage System is megatons different to any other GTA, too...

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Posted 14 March 2016 - 04:22 PM Edited by crashoverride93, 14 March 2016 - 04:41 PM.

For me it is a happy hybrid of GTA 1, GTA 2, GTA III and GTA IV. Blends everything together nicely, but is its own thing at the same time. To me this is the third best GTA. I like this more than the Stories games or even GTA IV or Vice City.

imo: III > SA > CW > VC > LCS > 2 > IV > VCS > 1

let me get this straight

If im reading this right you are saying SA is better than 3 while Chinatiwn wars is better than Sa while Vc is better than liberty city stories while is better than 2 better than LCS while Iv is better than 2 while vcs is better Than IV and mean while 1 is better than vcs man I am getting lost while trying to follow my mind is half a sleep so I may not have even interpreted that right
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Posted 07 April 2016 - 12:13 PM

*Reads OP*

Lol, K.

*goes back to playing CTW*

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Posted 12 April 2016 - 03:36 PM

I take that back, Chinatown Wars is a great game and i'd LOVE to see a sequel to it

Quoting the OP so everyone can chill out

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Posted 15 April 2016 - 08:42 PM


I take that back, Chinatown Wars is a great game and i'd LOVE to see a sequel to it

Quoting the OP so everyone can chill out



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Posted 16 April 2016 - 04:42 AM Edited by Jitterdoomer, 16 April 2016 - 05:13 AM.

Chinatown Wars had an over-the-top cel-shaded graphics that isn't seen in any GTA games reminiscent of XIII by Ubisoft with comic book panel-like sequence where you do certain actions like turning an engine of the car and breaking the car windows whilst underwater. It is also the first game in the series to use weapon wheel (switch weapons easily with a touch of a finger or an analog stick) before GTA V.

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Posted 16 April 2016 - 02:47 PM

I highly doubt a proper top-down GTA would succeed in today's market.

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Posted 17 April 2016 - 06:55 AM

I LOOOVE CTW,It was one of the best gaming experiences I had ever had.The Story was Ok,Graphics were pretty Decent for a DS title,but Gameplay was top notch.It was nothing like GTA 2

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Posted 21 October 2016 - 03:54 PM

How is it a disgrace? Are you too 20th century for your own good!? While I must say that GTA I & II did well at that time, GTA CTW is a totally new game with a different approach in how the game is played. While I myself didn't exactly enjoy GTA CTW, there are great elements in the game, like turning the analog stick to start a car or unlock a door, finding weapons in dumpsters, the lotto & that GTA SA-like story of being betrayed by someone you consider dear to you. No, you sir are a disgrace to the entire gaming world & the GTA series itself!!!
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Posted 17 April 2017 - 09:12 PM

CW is a lot better than the first two.

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Posted 20 April 2017 - 10:12 AM

If you don't like auto aim system in CTW, try GTA advance. there is the answer.

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Posted 10 July 2017 - 03:52 AM

Utter drivel, Chinatown Wars is a not a disgrace, it's more like a top notch homage to the classics such a funny & unique gem.


It's also a much better game than GTA 1. GTA 2? well that's a different matter.



Tao Cheng
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Posted 12 July 2017 - 07:24 PM

Wasn't the greatest looking one but the fun factor was really high compared to the recent GTA games that came out. It brought back the same feeling I had when I first played Grand Theft Auto III (My first GTA game)

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Posted 06 August 2017 - 04:23 PM

I enjoy the game because the controls feel a lot better than the original GTA games.

It also has a lot of great music and a much more interesting story than "kill these guys", though, almost every mission in any GTA game boils down to "kill these guys".

It's also also got one of my favourite art styles- Cell shaded.


Generally, I wouldn't call this game a "disgrace", since they're not trying to completely recreate the classic games. It's just that top-down fits portable consoles more.

Richie Makyura
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Posted 07 August 2017 - 08:12 PM

good game along with gta advance


everyne was saying it sucked 2dish and all but great game better than gta 1/gta 2 and gta london(i played them on psp using psx emulator they sucked)but gta 2 3d would be nice!


PC versions are better than PSX because controls dosen,t work

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Posted 14 August 2017 - 11:30 AM

Stop it pal, you're embarrasing yourself. Chinatown Wars is an underrated game, I like that game

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Posted 16 August 2017 - 08:00 PM

It's pretty fun. Don't get why it's a "Disgrace" to GTA 2 if it isn't even in the same universe as GTA 2.

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