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Cyberpunk 2077

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Posted 3 days ago Edited by Grae, A day ago.

Yeah, many possibilities. And if at E3, maybe just tidbits.



Also, I wonder if CDPR committed to the language translation feature - from the current Wikipedia page which unfortunately sources old, vague articles:


It is set in an open world metropolis called Night City, whose inhabitants communicate in non-English languages. Players who do not speak the languages can buy translator implants to better comprehend them; depending on the advancement of the implants, the quality of translations will vary, with more expensive implants rendering more accurate translations.


Hmm. Not too many games have "that", meaning alternative, unique dialogue...

I believe the most extensive ones are Arcanum (Intelligence 5+ vs <5) and VTM Bloodlines (the "insane" Malkavian clan - very different from the rest of the clans). Both were made by ex- Fallout 1 & 2 devs*, as *Obsidian carried on in New  Vegas. Altho the others relevantly scale a bit and have good moments, VTMB is arguably best with (much) more dialogue that, while less reactive or consequential, has cleverer exposition and better acting. I'm unaware of other games as extensive (well, except this, lol). Bioware attempted dumbspeak in NWN1 but it's only our character's text, no responses from any NPCs AFAIK, and they ditched it in the expansions.. Obsidian didn't do it in NWN2, tho decently a few years later (not on F1&2's levels, yet closer to them than F3; F2's is the best of those, and Arcanum is a notch or two above F2, IIRC). (Edit: This paragraph is sloppy, as it's been several years since I played some of them, and my struggle/laziness to find good comparison vids).

Put such stuff with a different class/style, good C&C, some bacon, etc., and I got me another great playthrough. I'm not forgetting the rest, like the Nosferatu clan's ugliness (which a lot of NPCs react to), Silver Shroud, or Overseer First Citizen Lynette's dialogue mechanics - the latter mentioned by a CDPR guy in an old article I failed to dig up. And I realise this feature could be very different, possibly even better. Also possible that development might be stretched, making this too shallow (less interaction, more background fluff), or it'll be ditched.

Wait. What about language localisation? Would they swap languages around for certain regions? Or make it so we can customise, maybe 1) main language 2) foreign NPCs'? The latter could be unified to 1 or 2 languages to make it "easier". Or would CDPR use and expand Witcher's semi-fake languages instead? :p  My point is that it'd be dumb for players to understand a language while the text shows otherwise. However, it could be a logistical nightmare or a feature they simply don't want, so I shouldn't get hyped...

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Posted A day ago

So far, I can tell that the expectations are incredibly high for this game. Just remember, Cyberpunk may be or may not be the "biggest game of the generation". I have faith in the studio for sure, but sooner or later it's time to put the Witcher 3 glasses off. Don't overhype yourself yet. It never leads to anything good. Witcher 3 took us by surprise and caught attention of people who were new to the series. Because the studio gave us one golden child, it doesn't mean their every game will be a storm like the Witcher 3.

Overhype leads to complaining, a lot of it. We were hyped for the release of GTA5 for years and it didn't take long for people start bitching ang moaning about everything. People already say the game should be like this and that. We haven't seen anything and yet I can already tell some people will complain no matter what the end product might be. I'm not pointing my finger at anyone: just the internet in general. It's hard to not be hyped for a game made by the creators of W3, I'm trying to keep it down, think not too much what the game might be and just let it come in time.

Anyways, I'm a fan of the recent Deus Ex games and my guess is that a sequel to Mankind Divided is coming sooner or later due to the cliffhanger and I wonder if Cyberpunk will beat it. I don't know what other game series we can compare it to. Deus Ex is a series that is going on since years. It's gonna be a challenge to beat it.

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Posted A day ago

Heheh. While W3 is in my top 10, it isn't #1; no game is really, as many blows are traded and a lot is incomparable. Expecting this'll be bigger and better than W3? Nah. Actually, I want this to have, for instance, a significantly smaller map(s) and fewer quests, for greater concentration of goodness, i.e. increased quest depth, but not crazy depth, just more options/paths here and there. I'd also love it if such reductions meant we could have something inspired by W2's branching paths (intertwined across the city instead) and if it still meant a somewhat shorter main questline, that's okay, assuming it has W2-like replayability and is decently written. Perhaps between W2 and W3's amount of quests, and being closer to W2's amount would be fine. I'm sure lots of people would launch into tirades from merely glancing at the words "smaller", "fewer", "shorter" - and I'd laugh at them (provided those improvements as said - if not, then, well, ^#+%!). Yeah, we'll see.





Wild speculation, ahoy! :pirate:

Let's suppose the translation thing is a thing, and that there are 2 or 3 translation quality levels, including having no implant. None/cheap/good or just none/good? I think none/cheap/decent/perfect is asking way too much. However, ideally I could complete the storyline and a small chunk of relevant side quests (I'd expect relatively very few quests would include the translation feature, which is fine) by sticking with no/cheap implant, and that playthrough would be decently distinct along with a different class/style etc. Scenario ideas:

  • Early-ish, when having the best implant is unlikely, tho technically possible, we meet two guys, [grandiose foreign name] and Bob. [Grandiose foreign name] has info for a price, doesn't speak our language and is a bit shy (d'aww). So Bob translates, omits info and raises the price. With no implant, we have to accept Bob's bullsh*t, or kill, which gains us some unique loot but [grandiose foreign name] kills himself and all the info isn't recorded. A cheap implant allows us to half-assedly call out Bob, resulting in full info or low price. Good implant = humiliate Bob and get all info + low price. The extra info would probably be access for an alternative route, a stash, etc.
  • Direct foreign conversations. Obviously good implant = smooth convo. When implantless, some interactions could be limited to NPCs ignoring, cursing or fighting us. Cheap implants might occasionally have very clever mistranslations and unique quest branches. Maybe once have a hilariously unrealistic series of coincidences sparked from a mistranslation of a simple phrase. I'm struggling to concisely describe a good scenario, but just imagine a crescendo of crazy sh*t poppin' off, perhaps ending with us waking up alone, naked and drunk in a hotel room, a few new/missing/malfunctioning upgrades, the TV and sheets stolen, an ironic foreign song playing on the clock radio, and we bump into a foreign housekeeper who either gets angry and calls the cops or gives us a tip about our stolen gear...
  • A minor interaction with a hot-dog vendor. He speaks our language while mumbling to himself in a foreign one, with a smirk. Without an implant, we only have suspicion, but at least a cheap one allows us to understand that he's mumbling something about hot-dog water and snot...

Overall, maybe a few relatively major interactions (Bob, hotel), several minor interactions, and lots of background talk. The latter doesn't have to be fluff, as it may occasionally provide useful info, story/quest exposition and sometimes spark quests. Or how about situations where we'd eavesdrop on conversations, even within their sight by pretending we don't have an implant by acting like we're a tourist or disguising ourselves as a local hobo....and they could...and we...and...

...Oh, for f*ck's sake. :miranda:

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Posted A day ago Edited by Leftist Bastard, A day ago.

W2's branching paths just don't work with anything short of a linear game. As long as 2077 is open world in any capacity, I don't think we'll see a repeat of the Roche/Iorveth choice.


And that's alright, I don't mind it personally.


EDIT: Mankind Divided getting a sequel anytime soon is doubtful at the moment but I don't think CDPR will be able to capture the mechanical intricacy of a DE game. Basically I think Cyberpunk might have better writing, story and possibly world design but I doubt they'll beat DE's gameplay.

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Posted 19 hours ago Edited by Grae, 6 hours ago.

For the DX (DE doesn't sound as cool!) bit, I pretty much agree. I'd like a happy medium there, so deeper than W3's design but shallower than DX, speaking of generally across Cyberpunk's big open world. But I think relatively, pound-for-pound, and in certain ways as you said, DX can possibly be beaten overall, depending on how someone values the various things. I remember an interview years ago where Warren Spector said the DX1 team thought about making different paths between UNATCO and the NSF; CDPR might have similar-ish ideas for this.



What I meant is much looser than the W2 references may have suggested. It's more about the RPG spirit of that, and the source material here inspiring them, but I don't expect a hardcore conversion of the latter at all. Suppose CDPR stick with a voiced protagonist (male & female, hopefully), and they'll "streamline" the best or most sensible bits from Cyberpunk 2020's "roles" down to two class options, say a cop and criminal (more imaginative titles tho). Replace W2's different maps etc. with safehouses (police station vs gang hideout), a few different skills/upgrades/weapons (criminal has black-market stuff and the cop gets equally-interesting police gear), and some unique quests / perspectives. So there'd be two protags.

For the main questline, perhaps as little as 3 "major" quests, yet it'd really be 6 quests considering protag perspectives. Unique intro quests before being set loose to explore the world or begin working towards the main quests. Each has to do some smaller quests (both unique and universal*) to unlock main quests. The cop could be tasked with cleaning up police corruption (or taking part in it) while the criminal would have to bring their gang in line one way or another. After a certain amount of smaller quests, we'd unlock a major quest involving, say, a sort of heist, with different objectives etc. based on class.

I'd like it if we can see and work against the other protag in the main quests. But maybe they would keep getting away / fail to catch us until the last quest? Or how about if we're a cop, our interactions with the criminal are affected by whether or not we cleaned up that police corruption. The criminal might have a dirty cop in their pocket that turns on us, either due to us having gotten them fired or because we're both dirty and there's no honor among thieves. If we're the criminal, the cop protag could always be dirty, with criminal connections to use against us. And just make each other's safehouses inaccessible somehow.

*On side quests, most of them probably shouldn't be tied to our class beyond the few unique skills/upgrades we use in basic gameplay, and minor dialogue changes. I'd be very surprised if CDPR did this, but what about a corruption rating system? Like if we're a goody-two-shoes, we lose respect of the fellow criminals and the dirty cops are more likely to turn on us, mainly affecting rewards, hostility levels and quest availability? Yeah, no. The purpose of such a system would likely be tied to a few quest decisions instead.


I hope we get to play both. That would be a sweet twist. A game with two protagonists on opposite sides and the story alternates between them. Add to that the choices you make throughout the story that could affect what happens in the story of the other protagonist and you've got a recipe for mind blowing experience. Also, a lot of replayability.


^That, W2 etc. sparked those ideas. However, I'm skeptical of the "alternating story" (or rather, I fail to wrap my head around it), as I think they'd keep the two protags very apart and the main questline fairly static, i.e. largely separate, linear perspectives and the other protag always gets away / fails to catch us until the end and we always take them out. Wait, no, it should be fairly easy to make it so we can spare them in the end with alternative quest branches for that, as there'd be no need to plan consequences beyond (except leaving bits open for possible expansions). Obviously other possibilities, like instead of two protags, we could just join different factions and such.



To clarify, I don't expect any of these things to happen, as I mostly just enjoy the fun of speculating for its own sake - it doesn't reflect or affect my hype level...much :orly:

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