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Swagg Vegas CNR! :)

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Posted 08 January 2013 - 02:04 AM Edited by docrikowski, 08 January 2013 - 11:42 AM.

image [removed]

Website [removed] come join our community

Las Venturas(Swagg Vegas) NPC's Elvis and The king is brother ip add to favorites [removed]

Swagg Vegas Square location across from NVPD


Civilians - No Restrictions
Cops - No Restrictions
CIA - Restricted to Law Degree
FBI - Restricted to Law Degree
Army - Restricted to Defense Degree
Medic - Restricted to Medical Degree

SVCNR: Master Degrees(Skills):

Real Estate Degree - Own up to 5 houses and 5 businesses(3 default) + ability to sell owned properties to players at any price
Law Degree - Access to CIA/FBI classes and vehicles
Defense Degree - Access to Army class and vehicles
Medical Degree - Access to Medic class and features
Mechanical Degree - Ability to fix and refuel any vehicle at any price
Dealership Degree- Own up to 5 vehicles(3 default) + ability to sell owned vehicles to players at any price
Weapon Degree - Ability to sell/buy/get materials and guns to anyone at anytime at any price

VIP System:
Levels Include: Bronze(1) (50 cents USD), Silver(2) (75 cents USD), Gold(3), (90cents USD) Platinum(4) (1 dollor USD) All NEGOTIABLE!!
Evade all taxes and medical fees
Access weapon spawning commands at anytime
Access health setting commands at anytime
Access vehicle modification, refueling, repairing and flipping commands at anytime
Hide wanted level with a single command(Changes marker orange)
Access to private VIP chat channel
Ability to make VIP announcements
Ability to change to any skin id at anytime
Ability to save and load positions
Ability to heal yourself every 3 mins
Access to Admin Tower and Hanger
Vkick players
Vip cars 1-13

Houses for sale even trash bins for sale to live in great interior
Alot casinos and places to rob nvpd cia fbi rob them all smile.gif
Alot of businesses to be owned

Personal Vehicle System:

Purchase from a range of Sports Cars, Motor Bikes or Special Vehicles
Sports Cars Include: Infernus, Bullet, Comet, Banshee, Super-GT, Sultan, Elegy
Motor Bikes Include: NRG-500, FCR-900, PCJ-600, Sanchez
Special Vehicles Include: Maverick, Vortex, Monster Truck, Bandito, Quad Bike
Own up to 3 vehicles on default
Own up to 5 vehicles with a Dealership Degree
Own up to 7 vehicles as a VIP

image [removed]

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Posted 08 January 2013 - 02:42 AM


This is a joke, right?

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Posted 08 January 2013 - 11:43 AM

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