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Metroplis Roleplay

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Posted 01 January 2013 - 04:28 PM

Metroplis roleplay is born as of the new year here we will tell you a little about the server factions are:
- LSPD (1)
- FBI (2)
- LSFMD (3)
- Hitman (4)
- Government (5)
- SA News (6)
to register in server you must pass the quiz or you cant join this is an Role-play server so we will not allow death matching
if you need some help or have any questions use /newb
all other commands can be found by typing /help
initial jobs Trucker, Arms Dealer, Bodyguard.Truckers can pick up a load at Ocean Docks and they will get a random load. The higher level you are, the better and bigger loads you can get. To join trucker job go to Los Santos Docks and walk into the yellow icon and put /join. Arms Dealer can sell the following weapons: Weapon Dealer Level 1: sdpistol(100 mats) 9mm(150 mats) shotgun(200 mats)Weapon Dealer Level 2: mp5(400 mats) bat(25 mats) rifle(1500 mats)Weapon Dealer Level 3: katana(50 mats) ak47(2000 mats) deagle(1000 mats)Weapon Dealer Level 4: spas(6000 mats) m4(3000 mats)Weapon Dealer Level 5: sniper(7000 mats) knuckles(50 mats) Arms Dealer is located on Market at the gun store.
You can level up by playing. You don't have to buy anything to level up or gather respect points, you level up as you gain playing hours.
LSPD can jail people up to 20 minutes
If you die, you can /ems or /giveup. If you give up you will respawn at either County General or All Saints. You lose your weapons and a hospital bill on $200 if you give up. You will keep your weapons if EMS saves you. You lose health over time while downed.
Roleplay commands such as /me and /do are used in this server
Sever Allows 2 houses per person each house when inside use /housemenu to see a list of items buy car insurance so if your car explodes it respawns
each house can be renamed and if you have enough cash you can upgrade your house
We are officially looking for admins!!! you must be trust worthy and reliable

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Posted 01 January 2013 - 05:14 PM

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