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Other Gangs Colors in the map?

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 07:46 PM

Hello everyone so this is the problem i want to have gang wars with other gangs rather than the Ballas or the Vagos, and show their color in the map.

I already tried Savegame Editor 2.8, Ryosuke Savegame Editor and the SA Savegame Editor v3.1.3.

-Savegame Editor 2.8: Doesnīt offer all gangs in the zone tab.

-Ryosuke Savegame Editor: Didnīt worked, changed colors and gang areas, but after entering game they return to their old gang owner and the color doesnīt change in-game.

-SA Savegame Editor v3.1.3: Succesfully changed gang members in zones, but still color wont show in the map and canīt start gang wars since color isnīt on the map.

1. Does anyone know how to show other gangīs colors in the map(ex. Rifa, triads, Aztecas)?
2. After that, does anyone know how to start gang warīs with them(rather than only the Ballas and the Vagos).

Im using PC Version with no mods installed.

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