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Move save disk?

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Posted 25 December 2012 - 11:44 AM


I think everyone here knows about the "Madd Dogg savehouse basketball glitch", the glitch where, if you save at Madd Dogg's mansion, basketballs will disappear.

Anyway, I'm pretty certain that this glitch happens because of where the save disk is located. And therefore I believe that if the save disk were to be moved further into the mansion, this glitch would not happen.

Unfortunately I'm a complete noob at this stuff, and have no idea how to move the save disk. Is it difficult? How can I do this?

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Posted 08 January 2013 - 02:17 AM

Moving the disk will solve the problem. Below are the coordinate we use for the Chain Game saves. All you need to do to move the disk is turn $ONMISSION on and off and the save scripts will move the disk to the new coordinates.

//OSR/CG23: Move Madd Dogg's Save Disk to Madd Dogg's Library
//          to avoid Basketball Glitch
0004: $SAVE_PICKUPS_X[1] = 1291.8
0004: $SAVE_PICKUPS_Y[1] =  -797.8284
0004: $SAVE_PICKUPS_Z[1] = 1089.5
0004: $SAVE_POINTS_X[1] = 1286.8
0004: $SAVE_POINTS_Y[1] = -797.69
0004: $SAVE_POINTS_Z[1] = 1089.1
0004: $SAVE_POINTS_ANGLE[1] = 90.0

Or use the savegame editor. The Fix tool can replace the basketballs if they are glitched, and move the disk so this won't be a problem again.

GTA SA Savegame Editor v3.0 by Paul Breeuwsma: http://www.paulinternet.nl/sa

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