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[REL|SA]Fun AnimationS Mod

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Posted 16 December 2012 - 08:48 AM Edited by Yezz007, 16 December 2012 - 03:37 PM.

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Fun AnimationS Mod
At the first, i just want to see all animations in SA based on the list i have but, i considered to publish it and add some fun things like drink beers, smoke cigars, wanking, pissing and get a random phone call.
I just want to make the code and installation far more simple, so i use CLEO 4 codes to build this mod, also you have to download and use CLEO 4 if you want to use this. Here download CLEO 4. Installation of CLEO 4 is so simple but if you can't get the requirements of CLEO 4, unfortunately, you might not be able to use this mod. Installation of this mod is also simple all you need to is just to copy-paste the script to your "GTA SA\CLEO" Folder.
Currently, this mod is now have about 50 animations! and can be more at the final version! here, the hotkeys:

Hotkeys and Features

Favorites Animation Shortcuts
Button PressEffect
SPACE + 1Drink Beers
SPACE + 2Smoke Cigarette
SPACE + 3Do wank
SPACE + 4Piss
SPACE + 5Get a phonecall with ringtone
Animation Mode Hotkeys
Browse through all animation in this mod.

Button PressEffect
F11+F12Activate Animation Mode
F4Show Help(hotkeys) and stop current animation
F5Select Next Animation IFP(group)
F6Select Previous Animation IFP(group)
F7Deactivate Animation Mode
Y/NSelect Next/Previous Animation in current group
G/HSelect Next/Previous 3 Animation in current group
RRepeat current animation
T/DELETERemove text box if you feel its disturb you
*There will be always a text box describing the animation group and names.

I dragged them from gtagarage.com

Screenshots and Descriptions
user posted image
Drink beers with families!
user posted image
Smoking cigar together
user posted image
Dance on that crane like fool!
user posted image
You can really make them get pissed-off
user posted image
Annoy those National Guards!
user posted image
Chat with other Grove Street Families!

Animation List

user posted image
user posted image

Version 0.5 - About 50 Animations available [BETA|PREVIOUS]
Version 0.6 - Favorites Animations shortcuts added [BETA|PREVIOUS]

Version 0.8 - Added get phone call in favorites list [REL|CURRENT]

*Same information can be also found at the "Fun Animations Mod.html"
*This mod will automatically be deactivated once you start a mission and active again if the mission done
Have Fun!

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