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New MEd Objects Disappear (SOLVED)

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Posted 09 December 2012 - 04:43 PM

Figured this out the other day when I was trying to add new trees to the LAwn map.
Everytime I added this new tree, it would disappear. I added it like three times and as
soon as I double-clicked it to delselecct/unred it, it would vanish.

Then, when running the game after that edit, the trees were back!

What I had done was I had forgotten to highlight/select LAwn from the IPL tab. Another
IPL was selected, so when I tried to add some things, they were getting added to that
other IPL (which wasn't rendered since only LAwn was rendered and thus the trees
would disappear).

So, I assume that if I loaded the selected IPL's map, those trees would be in the location
that I had placed them (floating in space since I only render one map segment at a time).

MEd usually asks you to select an IPL before adding new objects, however, if you have
already selected an ipl, it just adds objects to THAT ipl.

01. Copy back up files (ipls and gta3.img) back to non-Program Files (86) install directory.

I ended up just reinstalling and then copying the files back...I donut know why....

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