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GTA SA Criminal Rating Guide

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 06:26 PM Edited by Celestial Hyena, 01 January 2013 - 12:12 AM.

GTA SA Criminal Rating Guide V2

By Celestial Hyena

Contents/Quick Jumps

1. Introduction

2. How Criminal Rating Works

The Criminal Rating Titles (In reverse order)

Criminal Rating Increasing/Deducting Points


3. My Best Ways Of Increasing Criminal Rating

I. King of Firefights

II. Aircraft Heaven

III. The FBI Are Going To Die

1. Introduction

Here i will explain Criminal Rating in the simplest form to make this clear for even those who still has not identiflied what Criminal Rating is.
To start of Criminal Rating is a rating level for your players criminality during the course of the game and can be viewed at any time in the Stats area on the pause screen, here's what it looks like

user posted image

Apart from the points there is also a title to your Criminal Rating which will depend on your Criminal Rating points, you start the game at 0 (VIC)

2. How Criminal Rating Works

The Criminal Rating Titles (In reverse order)

King of San Andreas1,000,000 +
GodFather500,000 ~ 999,999
Four-Star General375,000 ~ 499,999
High Roller300,000 ~ 374,999
OG200,000 ~ 299,999
Shot Caller150,000 ~ 199,999
Boss Hawg100,000 ~ 149,999
Big Homie80,000 ~ 99,999
Monster65,000 ~ 79,999
Ghetto Star50,000 ~ 64,999
Gangsta40,000 ~ 49,999
Hawg30,000 ~ 39,999
Soldier20,000 ~ 29,999
Hoo-Rider10,000 ~ 19,999
Foot Soldier7,500 ~ 9,999
Shooter5,000 ~ 7,499
Jacker4,000 ~ 4,999
Loc3,500 ~ 3,999
Lil' G3,000 ~ 3,499
Banger2,750 ~ 2,999
Hard-Ass2,500 ~ 2,749
Hoodsta2,300 ~ 2,499
Road Dawg2,100 ~ 2,299
Homie2,000 ~ 2,099
Homeboy1,700 ~ 1,999
Crime Partner1,500 ~ 1,699
Pimp1,300 ~ 1,499
Mack1,150 ~ 1,299
Playa Partner1,000 ~ 1,149
Hustler850 ~ 999
Thug700 ~ 849
Street Cat650 ~ 699
Fool610 ~ 649
Prankster600 ~ 609
Pee-Wee550 ~ 599
Peon500 ~ 549
Red-Headed Stepchild450 ~ 499
Trick400 ~ 449
Chump370 ~ 399
Mark330 ~ 369
Buster300 ~ 329
Poot-butt270 ~ 299
Sucka240 ~ 269
Punk-Ass Bitch200 ~ 239
Transformer150 ~ 199
Dry Snitch120 ~ 149
Snitch100 ~ 119
Rat75 ~ 99
Civilian50 ~ 74
Square20 ~ 49
Vic0 ~ 19
Playa-Hater-1 ~ -499
Scandalous-500 ~ -1,999
Off-Brand-2,000 ~ -3,999
Bitch-Made-4,000 ~ -5,999
Crackhead-6,000 -

Criminal Rating Increasing/Deducting Points:

• For each 0.1% of progress completion +1 (100% will add up to 1000 points)
• Making someone deceased +1 (per kill)
• Destroying an Aircraft +30
• For each 1% of accuracy with gun fire +5
(you are requiered to make your 101st shot for these to be added, 100% accuracy = 500 points)
• Every time your Busted or Wasted -3
• Typing a in game cheat -10
• For every $5,000 you reach +1 (for example $65,000 will be 13 points)

Note: that you only receive points from kills when you reach a checkpoint, also all kills must be legitimate this means not running someone over, Once you have made your first legit kill "Kills Since Last CheckPoint" will appear in "Crimes" if you get Busted or Wasted you will lose all legit kills you made since last checkpoint

user posted image


• Saving the game
• Visiting the Pay 'N' Spray (Transfenders don't count)
• Passing any Mission

Also You can see how accurate you've been by going to the "Weapons" area of Stats ("Bullets Fired" / "Bullets That Hit") if your accuracy is poor a great trick is to preform a drive-by on Vehicles or Peds (any Uzi works) this will increase your "Bullets That Hit" but your "Bullets Fired" will stay the same until "Bullets That Hit" goes one over your "Bullets Fired" like this

user posted image

Also note that Sniper shots don't go towards "Bullets that hit"

Note: If your "Bullets That Hit" is one over "Bullets Fired" like this ^, when you make another shot "Bullets Fired" will level with "Bullets That Hit" (even if your shot misses) so in my case my "Bullets Fired" will go to 40420 and "Bullets That Hit" will stay the same, Of course "Bullets Fired" and "Bullets That Hit" will resume as normal from here on.

3. My best ways of increasing Criminal Rating

As the title states this section holds all of my best ways on increasing Criminal Rating, Some tactics are easily done where other's may require some concentration.

I. King of Firefights

One great way you can increase your Criminal Rating is to go on a all out fire fight with the cops but it's best done somewhere that has the following elements:

• Shelter - Cover from the helicopters
• A place where cops will spawn in only one direction
• Getaway vehicle ~ If you feel you've had enough or need to escape quickly
• Body Armour/Refreshments ~ So you can maintain your health

Besides the area it's also good to equipped yourself with Body Armour and load yourself with great weapons like the M4, Gatling Gun (Minigun) and make sure your max health is the highest possible (if not complete level 12 of "Paramedic" Missions - Best done at whetshone or if you don't have access any other countryside area)

I find the best location is the Gas Station in Idlewood as it has all elements and also close to the Pay 'N' Spray, CJ's Garage at Doherty is also a great place to brawl with the cops and a vending machine is just across the street next to Cranberry station.

Tip: Bring a push bike (the normal bike i find the best) as not only can you use it for cover but as you know it's indestuctable biggrin.gif and can be used as a instant getaway vehicle!!!
but don't expect to be "Untouchable" this will just lower your chance of getting hit.

Another place is the police HQ in Las Venturous.

If you position yourself crouched at the top of this stair case

user posted image

all the cops will be running from the far end (and alot of them to) giving you plenty of time to pick them off there's also armour there too.
Note: that cops may spawn behind you when you first get in position but don't worry they will stop spawning from behind you as long as you stay in position and facing forwards.


You can use the Crack Lab in San Fierro as a good brawling spot, here's how i usually position myself
user posted image

Unfortunately cops will be spawning from outside to the left as well as from in front however the small wall should guard you against the cops on the left (it's best to have a bike at the ready inside the right corner of you and don't forget to use a push bike as cover, it will help)

II. Aircraft Heaven

This is the Fastest way to increase your Criminal Rating which as you may of guessed requires destroying aircraft.

The first and best way is to get hold of a Hunter helicopter, get to four or more wanted level and simply fly around San Fierro airport destroying all the aircraft that comes in sight including the police and news choppers but watch out for that annyoing Hydra of course, with any luck it should leave you alone after it's first attack.

Or if you havn't got access to the Hunter you can build up lots of sniper rifle ammo and with one well aimed shot take out police helicopters! (mostly known as "The Sniper Trick")
For those of you unsure which part of the police maverick and news chopper to hit, here's which part to aim for

user posted image

I'v marked the areas in red to shot for (remember it only takes one shot on the marked areas to take them down)

Note: Your sniper shot won't hit it's target instantly if your target's far away so keep this in mind

Tip: If you've missed your shot and the choppers get to close (or to high) to hit the weak spot you can hit F1 to trigger reply, once reply has finished (or you press F1 again to cancel)
the heli's will retreat and then return giving you another chance to hit the weak spot (this trick can be done as many times as you like)

III. The FBI Are Going To Die

One of my favorite ways and is only possible on entering San Fierro as of course five stars become available.
here's the very spot this way is done

user posted image

You are going to need five stars (best done before you gain access to Las Venturas as 5* is max before then)
Here's how this way works, First i strongly recommend getting hold of the Shotgun (with plenty of ammo), then get in the position shown in the above image (there are also plenty of hotdog stands if you need health fast), At five stars wanted level you notice the FBI Rancher's coming from the left of the freeway (West heading South) they come very frequently too, when they get close enough shoot the Petrol Cap and BANG four FBI Agents in one If you don't know the position of the FBI Rancher's Petrol Cap here it is

user posted image

It dosn't take a good sharp shooter to hit the cap just aim as close or within the area i'v indicated on the image above and you can build up kills alot more quicker than my first way, the only drawback is that you will have to wait once you've destroyed alot of FBI Rancher's until more come along, also if you've gained access to Las Venturas you will keep getting six stars thus ending the FBI fun.

Thats all for now

I be adding more in the future and also refurbishing the guide

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 09:00 PM

Hyena - nice, all in one place info. Thanks. The chopper hits need to be slightly more accurate though, it's actually the thermal exhaust port for the engine. Also keep in mind that sniper rifle shots count AGAINST gun accuracy. Drive-by shots do not count towards bullets fired, but just bullets that hit. Although accuracy is only a very small portion of your rating. Also, in the night hours when the police choppers have the bright search light at you, if you look away and then look back real quickly, there is a brief moment you are not blinded by this light and can see the target zone.
One small note though - it is a "guide" not a guild.

Celestial Hyena
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Posted 08 December 2012 - 09:37 PM Edited by Celestial Hyena, 09 December 2012 - 01:47 PM.

Thanks for the feedback, Fixed smile.gif although i can't edit Topic titles but i contact lil weasel for that icon14.gif Done

Also when it's foggy the search light isn't as effective to make it easier to pin point the hit locations. I also done a test on the "hit locations" and it should be accurate icon14.gif i have another look at it though wink.gif

And yeah sniper shots don't count as "Bullets that hit" i must of forgot to add that
Added icon14.gif

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 09:38 PM

Did you see Plakas King of San Andreas Thread? You should check it out.

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 09:44 PM

QUOTE (shoumic)
Did you see Plakas King of San Andreas Thread? You should check it out.

Yeah i remember seeing his guide a while ago icon14.gif

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 11:33 PM

In your "old" topic there was mentioned way to get fast Criminal Rating points during one test in flying school, something with destroying aircraft with Hunter which spawns at Verdant Meadows. I'll look onto it as soon as I'll have a time, so you could perhaps add it to your guide if you want. Anyway good work once again.... tounge.gif

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Posted 10 December 2012 - 01:21 PM

Made a new topic ??Any specific addition to the guide ??
Anyways good work..

Celestial Hyena
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Posted 10 December 2012 - 04:03 PM

QUOTE (arijitsen)
Made a new topic ??Any specific addition to the guide ??
Anyways good work..

Nothing extra yet, because of my change in account i had the old one removed so i can edit the new one icon14.gif

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