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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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Posted 05 December 2016 - 10:35 PM

Can I just say that Skullface was a bad villain? He was so under developed.
It's not like he did anything wrong, he wasn't really the generic villain. Anyone with the self awareness to call himself Skullface is already better than a generic villain.

But he was just disappointing.

Skull Face was still great in the tapes. The Code Talker interrogation tape is one of my favorites and James Horan has an amazing voice and delivery. A good actor can do wonders with a bad material, so that's perhaps why I have a higher opinion on the character than he really deserves.


The problem is that his performance in the cutscenes is like a complete opposite. Not even Volgin was this laughably hammy (WOULDN'T YOU AGREEEEE) and he really doesn't do anything in the game to properly challenge the hero. And they've set him up so well in Ground Zeroes... he has an interesting backstory, a decent motivation and a plan (putting the stupid magic parasites aside) and what he did to Paz and Chico was absolutely disgusting. All the makings of a solid villain were there, but squandered.

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Posted 06 December 2016 - 05:45 AM

So it's been over a year since the game has been out and allot of us have probably finished it, in the long run how has the ending impacted you guys? Have you accepted it, did you go back to playing the game again? It left mostly everyone i know who played it salty and even i didn't touch it for a good long while, then came back did some Side Ops and it's been a while since i last played it, now about the ending.

I feel like the execution could've been better but all in all i've accepted it and it makes real good sense in the overall story arch, although i'm still pissed about how Konami says that the cut Episode has nothing to do with the overall story and it is complete, which infact it is not, Eli's arch was left unfinished with that Mission being cut, i'm saying what many have probably said but it's what it is, i'll probably go into more depth cause i love the franchise and i love talking about it a bit later,

so thoughts? have you went back to the 80's since it's release? or was the ending revelation to bitter to take another bite?

Personally, playing the game was probably my favorite gaming experience ever. I loved everything about the game. I could honestly say I couldn't find a flaw. You know, until I realized there was no ending. That was pretty rough. It kind of broke my feels for a minute. The way it 'happened,' I actually didn't realize the game was over until about a week later when I looked up why no new missions were showing up even after clearing out side ops. Once I saw that it was essentially over, I instantly turned off the PS3 and packed it away (I was in the process of moving, so don't take that as too melodramatic). I wasn't angry, I wasn't sad, I could hardly say I was disappointed because I so thoroughly enjoyed the game. That's probably the worst part. For a series that is so good at bringing the feels, ending it without ceremony was just awful.


I think I finished the game a little under 12 months ago, and I've had a few urges to play it some more, but I never do. I generally don't replay games right away, so this is no surprise. If I do ever play it again, it won't be for a few years when the experience might seem fresh again.

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