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Restart of a legendary mod.

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Posted 02 December 2012 - 07:33 AM Edited by Dr.Octavious, 02 December 2012 - 07:37 AM.

Greetings. It is I the ancient T-808 of mad max mod fame.

well "fame" at any rate. I have still continued to work on the mod but sadly I have lost some progress that was done and some of the last beta models to make in game were never sent back to me. life and my team sort of fell apart.

So what am I doing under a new name posting a new topic in what I hope is the right place? well several fold. I lost the e-mail account tied to my T-808 account on here so I can't get that back. but that's not an issue. I am happy in the new name.

I lost zmodler 2. I have a brand new 3ds max 9 but no importers. I have lost most of my knowledge on getting proper dummy assignment. I lost many working ingame beta models when the artists helping me left. I doubt most of them would remember the vehicles or even have them on their hard drive. I am basicly alone with many 3D meshes and an almost built set peice looking for Team.

In a nut shell here the project and my needs.

with the release of Mad Max Fury Road looming to a possible late 2013 (or maybe delayed to 2014 no officail word on that.) I feel it's is time to work full time on some of the old and a lot of the new. the new and improved Mad Max Universe Mod will the movies of Mad max, Mad Max 2/Road warrior,Mad max III beyond thunderdome and Mad Max Fury road. that is 4 movies worth of amazing vehicles,weapons,and set peices all in one mod.

I have many finished,working models for both VC and SA. I need someone to help me convert and update these for IV if possible. (yes I know this part of my request is in the wrong forum so I'll post it there too.)

I basicaly need skinners,tech people to put the models properly ingame and if at all possible extra modelers ,though this last request is optional. to help make the finished meshed work in what I would hope would be VC and SA and IV to allow for those who only have one game or the other to play these mods since many of our over seas fans only have the older games. but the VC and SA mod finishing can be optional if people only wish to help with GTA IV.

I have many refs for those willing to skin. but mostly before I throw my heart into making the rest of the models I want to know if there is even enough interest anymore. I might be beating my head against the wall here but I believe in this mod and many of you used to as well. all interested parties please comment below.

a place to see some of my works not ingame.

Unfinished mod WIPs

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Posted 02 December 2012 - 11:03 AM

wrong place.

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