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San Andreas Public Transportation System

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Posted 25 November 2012 - 04:14 AM Edited by lil weasel, 25 November 2012 - 06:23 AM.

Note although this was not designed in SA-MP RP, it would work in said servers.

Sick of being a lazy idiot who just runs around being lazy by shooting random civilians all day? Want to ride/drive the bus? Well, now, with the SAPTS [Pronounced SAPS] idea, if it goes into action, we will now have a way to get around easily through the giant state of San Andreas!
My idea is a revolutionary idea to change the entire market of automobiles and easy fast transportation at that. Shelling out five dollars when you could easily earn it while killing a random civilian who drives a crappy truck not only makes you lose money, but it also makes you lose your wanted level. An easy system to remove your wanted level when riding or driving a bus, you get easy access to the Aezakmi™ System™ cheat where you get no wanted level! That, and you easily get access to all of the roads and you can replace (steal) any other bus for free if an accident comes at hand! What an amazing idea!

The map is, as follows!
Note that systems may change throughout the course of all history and may result in the ending of any system throughout the entire time of the transportation idea. Sponsored by Canny Bus lines.

Nothing is needed to enjoy these rides, or the buses. As long as you have a way to clear your wanted level and own the Hashbury garage (one of the only garages in the game that can hold a Bus), you're fine.

Please know that SAPTS is not responsible for any crashes, damages, deaths, diseases, viruses, plagues, or explosions caused by said buses. Sponsored by the Canny Bus Group, a division of Coach & Bus Lines of San Andreas. Repair not included in joining of the program. Please do not drink while driving and if so, do so responsibly.

~San Andreas Public Transportation Systems

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