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Posted 07 November 2012 - 06:31 PM

I typed and posted this while in school, because I was very frustrated after I had to redo a project after one mistake. I typed the whole thing in about ten minutes, so excuse the excessive use of periods and such. Also, my classmates feel the need to look over my shoulder while I do anything, so I'm very uncomfortable right now.

Whatís the purpose of so many things Iím enslaved to do at school? It simply does not make sense in my mind.

First things first are doing projects on something Iíve already learned. Today I had to do an illustrated project on Newtonís laws of motion, which I already learned when I was in second grade. Iím in eighth now, but have I really forgotten it? Itís not like I forgot something that everybody learned when they were kids; and when I say everybody, I mean everybody. What person reading this hasnít learned about it before fifth grade? No one, and itís permanently burned in our minds forever.

Second are tests. Similar to the first example, these are just ridiculous. Unlike far too many of my classmates at school, I can actually learn from what the teacher tells me. Also, what do tests prove? If youíre smart enough to do good in the subject in the first place, canít you just prove that with homework, instead of doing what you just did again?

These next two arenít about work, but other aspects of school. Number 3 are teachers that donít teach. My math teacher, for example, gives us a problem on the board and practically tells us to figure it out ourselves. Practically no explanation is given, and the parts she does explain are vague and unclear. The work Iím given is also several times harder than the work I had last year. Itís like being told to walk in a field and then scale a brick wall or the difficulty spike in far too many video games.

Fourth and final are students that get in my way. Say I, or even you, are in a crowded hallway while classes change. Some decent, smart enough students start forming a path to get around the huddled mass of people, and then the giant douche bag of the whole school clogs the path to talk about stupid sh*t to his douche bag friends. The result is like a clump of hair in a drain; everything stops. And in the midst of all this, you seem to be there. Every damn time. The same thing happens in classrooms. For some reason, the walking space has to be as narrow as possible, and the students want to walk in unison Ė or take up as much space as they can. Then I have to shove through them because they wonít be respectful and actually make space. The situation is even worse than it sounds because Iím claustrophobic.


Long story short; I really hate school.

I think at least one person can relate to some of this.

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 11:50 AM

I won't lie to you, this sounds very whiney. If the biggest problem in your live is being taught stuff you already know, then..... I just... i dunno.

We all frustrated but if you want to learn beyond what school offers, go to a library and study books, or seek out extracirricular clubs/classes.

To me this doesn't even look like creative writing, but a - as you put it - rant.

I honestly can't see too much positive feedback coming from this because it's just.... nothing. You could build it up into something else - why not a poem? Poetry often helps me when i have issues going on.

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 04:39 PM

QUOTE (Mokrie Dela @ Friday, Nov 9 2012, 03:50)
To me this doesn't even look like creative writing, but a - as you put it - rant.

Sounds like something more suitable for the Grumpy Old Forumers topic in Gen Chat.

But anyway, eight grade you say? Have fun in college. icon14.gif

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Posted 11 November 2012 - 11:31 PM

Using the combined experience of age and having taught... I'd say that you should use these lessons to look for something new. You will never know everything about everything, you will always find something new to learn.

Eventually you'll realise this - it would be terrible if you eventually looked back at this post and felt that these experiences were an opportunity wasted.

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