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LC Prison Break | Every Saturday | [XBL]

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Posted 05 November 2012 - 06:44 PM Edited by SlickSpencer8, 05 November 2012 - 07:07 PM.

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When: Every Saturday @ 6:30 EST | 3:30 PST | 11:30 GMT
Where: Xbox Live on The Balled of Gay Tony!
Note: Please read everything carefully and if you have any questions please contact myself personally on the forums via PM or Xbox Live.


Logo - Narcis_speed6
Word Fonts - Narcis_speed6
Map -
Signatures -

[IMPORTANT MESSAGE:] Hello ladies & gentlemen, I'm back on Xbox Live and after lots and lots of thinking about starting this game mode again, I have went forward and decided to give it my all this time and start it back up. I have some new ideas to bring to the plate and hopefully you can join us this time around. If you have any ideas to bring to this game, please do so. My eyes and ears are open to any suggestion's.

Hello and welcome to Liberty City Prison Break. Since the event turned out good in the past, I have decided to do it every Saturday @ 6:30 EST | 3:30 PST | 11:30 GMT. After the game mode has ended I will update this forum and I will clear the list so others can come next time. Also with that being said, I will add reply's to keep everyone posted on what's going on. For the last group of people that did it, thank you for the encouragement of doing this again and as long as people keep signing up and if I have time, I will keep doing it. I hope you all enjoyed it and have fun with it as much fun with setting it up and playing beside you guys.

Anyways, The game can be tactical and it does require teamwork and lots, and lots, and LOTS of weapons. The objective of the game is to get from the Alderney State Correctional Facility to Francis International Airport. From there we will get helicopters and we will fly to Rotterdam tower and parachute to the yacht with 6 stars on them (Police will be on). There will be 3 teams, one will be ground team; which will run to all the checkpoints. Buzzard team; which will fly and take out other police helicopters and do airstrikes when told to. APC team; which will cover the rear and front of the ground team and take out any pack of police like S.W.A.T. trucks and mass police cars and will be the help at all times. Please we ask all to come and have fun in this game mode and if you want, bring your friends!

Buzzard Team
  • Provide Air support when called in. (Airstrikes)
  • Pick up people who spawn far away and para drop them into the battle.
  • When everyone gets to the airport, provide pickup and dropoff at the Rotterdam Tower and pick everyone up

    Ground Team
  • Listern To Ground Team Leader.
  • To Get across Liberty city without dying with as many stars as possible.
  • Carry anything you can.
  • Advise any bombs or grenades thrown or launched
  • Try not to shout over people or get in people's ways.
  • Please do not call Air support, that is the Ground Team Leader's job.
  • Stay as a group and help eachother out.
  • Dont go creating your own route, stick together. If you scatter, you will most likely fail and die.

    APC Team
  • Pick the lowest person with health and take them to a health kit
  • To smash road blocks when needed and cover the rear of the ground team and the front.
  • Provide ground team with fire support when called in.
DO NOT shout over comms as we will need to hear everyone,
Keep things short and simple (eg. SWAT Truck to north )

**Ground Team Leader will be ordering Air stikes and gun attacks.**

NOTE 1: Listen and keep Comms Clear
NOTE 2: If the two people that claim the choppers dont show up, then it will go to the next person who RSVPs on the list
NOTE 3: DO NOT RSVP if your not going to attend the event.
NOTE 4: If we have less than 10 people in the game, then the APC will be limited to 1 person
NOTE 5: If anyone fools around in-game and does not take it seriously, you will be kicked out of the game.
NOTE 6: Stay on the sidewalk so you don't get run over.

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Anyone and everyone is invited, if you can please tell all your friends and sign them up if possible. I will only invite people first when the signup. Please signup with the following: Gamertag | (Select: Ground Team, Buzzard Team, APC Team). There will only be a limit to two (2) buzzards and two (2) APC people. Rest will be ground team. So please tell all your friends about this game and you must have TBoGT (The Balled of Gay Tony) to play with us. Myself or another person will PM and notify you on the forums a day before the event to notify you

  • Must have a working head set (I will NOT Tolerate kinects)
  • Must have The Balled of Gay Tony
  • Able to follow instructions from ME
  • Must be MATURE
  • You MUST send a friend request if you want to get in.
Buzzard 1:
Buzzard 2:

APC 3:
APC 4:

Ground Team:
5. SlickSpencer8

Waiting List:

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*Thanks to XxCACKOLINAxX* 1080p is recommended!

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Posted 12 November 2012 - 01:40 AM

Jayy C x and cousin x Wargy x will both do it


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Posted 13 April 2013 - 11:20 PM

Surprised this isn't very active

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Posted 15 April 2013 - 07:23 PM

QUOTE (VESRPG @ Saturday, Apr 13 2013, 23:20)
Surprised this isn't very active

Stop this nonsense of bumping old topics.

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