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Editing Carcols.Dat for Dummies !

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Posted 27 October 2012 - 04:45 PM

Alright then, Lets Get Down to Business

In This Tutorial, I'll Tell You How to Edit Your Carcols.Dat and Change Car Colors *Puts on Sunglasses* Like a Boss cool.gif

First Off, Open Whatever GTA Game Carcol Your Editing. Inside You Should See Something Like this

# This file contains all the info about the car colours. There are two
# sections, col which contains the colour table and car which contains
# the possible indices into the colour table for each car.
# The end column of the col section is the radio chat version of the car colour.
# Press START on controller to reload this file while the game is running.
# 1-10 service colours
# 11-20 reds
# 21-30 oranges
# 31-40 yellows
# 41-50 greens
# 51-60 blues
# 61-70 purples
# 71-80 greys
# 1-10 dark-light

Now Scroll Down Until You Reach This

5,5,5    # 0 black   black
245,245,245   # 1 white   white
42,119,161   # 2 police car blue  blue
179,54,58   # 3 cherry red   red
38,55,57   # 4 midnight blue  dark blue
134,68,110   # 5 temple curtain purple purple
243,237,71   # 6 taxi yellow   yellow

Here, We'll Learn How to Edit the Color And Make that Car A Color of Your Choice, But there are Key Facts to Know.

1. The File Uses an RGB Scale, So If You Want A Color, Say Red. Then You Need to Replace that Color's Code in RGB Scale Style Settings.

2. Although You Know What the File Really Looks Like on the Inside, Make Sure Not a Single Line of Code is Misplaced (Meaning Out of Line, Not Used on Different Color)

Lets Get Starting.

First We'll Edit #6 taxi yellow

243,237,71   # 6 taxi yellow   yellow

Now Here's Where we Start Cracking. You See those Values in Your Carcols File For Taxi Yellow ? Those Lines of Code Mean that The Following RGB Color Will Be Used On Taxi's. Let's Edit it To Something More "Yellowy" And More "Bright", Now, Just Easily Replace the Code that Comes Before The Word "#6 Taxi Yellow" With the Following Code.


Now That's Done, You're Taxi Is Now Officially Brighter, And You Can Revert it to Normal Whenever You Want Too.

Now Lets Go to the Next Part, What Colors Have High Chances of Being On the Cars

Once you Scroll Down A Little, You Should Reach Something Like this.

banshee, 54,1, 14,1, 52,1, 61,1, 43,1, 51,1, 12,1, 11,1

Each Number Represents What Color This Car Will Mostly Be Available In.

The Code Over there means that The Color "1" Has A 8/16 Chance Of Appearing On the Banshee.

Lets Edit it And Make things Interesting.

Remove the "1"'s With "0"'s,

Now It Should Look Like this

banshee, 54,0, 14,0, 52,0, 61,0, 43,0, 51,0, 12,0, 11,0

This Means The Banshee Has A 8/16 Chance of Being the Color "0",

But Before You Get Comfy, Scroll Down Until You Reach "Police"

police, 0,1

The "0" And "1" Don't Mean It Will Appear in Those Colors, Instead it Means Both Colors Will Appear On the Car. Adding More Will Cause Problems and Changes Wont Appear Mostly.

For Service Vehicles, This Code Means Which Colors Appear on the Car At the Same Time. So Its Best We Don't Edit it At this Time, For That I'll Save Later.

[B]So Guys, That Was All For Now, Keep Practicing And You'll Become *Puts On Sunglasses* A Boss cool.gif,[/COLOR]

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