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Save your Cars - perfect for Carshop - Mods!

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Posted 26 October 2012 - 10:37 PM Edited by DerDodga, 11 November 2012 - 11:46 PM.

Update: New Version V2 Online

- Added Possibility to Un-Safe Cars
- Automatic Saving of Cars when getting out (still might be buggy)
- Keys are now:

Shift+N for loading
U for Saving a Car
CTRL+U unsafe car
shift + U save cars to file

temporary download new version:


This is a simple script i wrote because i need some of this functionality for my other still unreleased mod
"crime does pay" (sorry will take some days still - had only recently time to work on it).


user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image


To install, just copy to your GTA4/Scripts directory. Obviously you need the .net Scripthook (you know where to get that by now i hope wink.gif


To start the mod, you have to hit shift + N. This will load the saved cars, spawn them, mark them as "needed for mission" and attach a blip to them.

To save a car, just hit "Q" while inside a car. This will prevent it from getting deleted (i hope), attach a blip to it and write it to a file on save.
If you already saved this car, only its data (colour, health, position) will get upgraded.

To save all cars to file, hit shift + Q. This will write all data into a file inside your gta4-install-folder called fcars.ini

On top of this file (generated on first save) you find also a value called "MAXNUMBEROFCARS". You can control the number of safeable cars by increasing/decreasing this value.


Sorry at the moment no customizable keys - i wanted to release this quick because some of you might also like the funcionality in a stripped form.
If you really cant stand the setup - just change it yourself.

As always for my work, not only a compiled script but also the sourcecode (.vb) is included! only use one of both files (.dll / .vb) at a time!

Known Bugs:

None at this time tounge.gif

Download till aproval on garage:


Feel free to reuse parts of my code in your own work or reupload my mod, but ALWAYS remember to credit me and include this readme!
if you want to make money out of modders work - you have to ask them of course ,)

if you want to contact me, feel free to pm me on gtaforums or leave a message in the comments!

Of course there is no garanty whatsoever on nothing wink.gif


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Posted 12 November 2012 - 07:14 PM

Wow Crime Does Pay sounds like a great mod name. Sugest a great idea.
Waiting to see that.

Right now I'm getting lots of trouble trying to do what you have just donw in this simple script. Can get the code from you ? Just to get the ideia ?

It's for mod I'm doing so credits to you too, if yes.

I'm really fighting with that. I have the same ideia kind of working but it is very buggy.

Cars sometimes keep spawing, sometimes don't spawn at all. Not really sure why all this happens.

Anyway, good job on your mods.

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