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Improved Vehicle Features

SA Released
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Fahad Farooq
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Posted A week ago

Guess what, I had tried that before to no avail, but now it magically works  :blink:.

License plates still screw up at night though  :dozing:.

Bro Mine Licsence Plates Were To Screwed But Now They Are Fine You Just Need To Download Official ImVehFt With Official ImVehFt Adpated Cars
And If You Had A Crash Then Just Simply Delete Your GTA_sa.set In your GTA SA User Files

  • LaDiDa

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Posted 6 days ago

I doubt anything on that site is "Official" as well as it wanting you to download and use an installer (which is totally unneccesary and probably injects malware somewhere along the line).

I also used adapted cars but their plates where still screwed up.

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