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GTA SA HD 2013

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Posted 21 October 2012 - 05:09 PM

GTA SAN Andreas hd 2013 verHD
Rockstar BrOs 2012.

user posted image

user posted image

I downloaded san andreas in 2010 and i started playing.(I know you all played the game before i played it)but i played only half of the game and deleted it because of its sh*tty graphics.
then again i installed it in my lttile-BrOs Pc ,in 2012 thats now and i was glad to see the sh*t workin.i went to cafe cuz my nets gone and downloaded some tesxture packs of 700 mb ,600,mb 300mb and 900mb and some cleos.
i tried installing one by one as given ,i already knew how to cuz i already started modding GTA Vice city Hd 2012 and because of some mod, it was going on crashing and left the project unfinished.So where was i?.ah
after installing the texture which satisfied me ,i started installing cleo's and other mods and it was hard to mod ,eact time i mod ,i will have check the game for errors,but NOW.i will finish modding and keep the game hd forever.
so none will ever want to mod this sh*t again and play GTA SA hd 2013 in peace without any problems.But i need you guy's help to complete the Project.

Screenshots from my bros pc where im modding.

size 7.gigs


Screenshots from the game in my little-bro's low graphic pc with no-graphic card nor shader.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

with enb

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image


Whats New:
HD ModS Of 2012
HD Ingame Cheats for cheaters.
HD horror suprises.
HD textures.
hd vehicles.
HD Effects.
HD Cleo's
HD Gamming
HD Graphics
HD NEw Missions
How im doin It!?
i mods,i mods ,it crash and it crash.then i back Up and mod and again it crash,an So On.
i will have to fix this sh*t every second it crash for some f...ing reasons!!But what to Do still i have to deal with this sh*t.

What did i do to improve the game?
im darkening and using the exposure effect to make the textures look more better.thats what i done to cj.


Mod Acceces

I had used many of the mods without permission in this modded game.Hahaha >1/1
wait wait...Calm down.
Dont worry Bros,all the mod makers names will be show as credits at the starting of the game in HD.
How do you feel,O.K now.
Officially thanks navetsea for cjs skin tweak ,but its brightness was still the same.i used the exposure effect to
make the skin look more sharp and dark.so that cj would look more hd .

NOTE:these mods should be available only on GTA SA HD 2013
Tasks to Help with
[i think its possible!)
(and i hope you guys help me with this project)

1.[Real View](Cleo)

i need someone to make a cleo ,which will make the view shake like real,while running and when jumping the view should go with player.
there was a mod called drunk adict ,it was kinda gta iv style,but we have to activate to use it.i need it randomly while running .

2.[Batman huntdown](Cleo)(Story)

batman had moved to san andreas ,officer gordon had given him an offer to huntdown cj and his family for his crimes.now cj will have to hunt batman before batman does.
i already have batmans models,1=Batman from begins,2-Batman from Arkham asylum and two batmobile.all i need is someone to make extra side missions of batman.
batmans logo will be on the radar.it would be good if it was with animations.what about batmans voice?someone will talk for batman like his voice or its just mission!

3.[Ped Remake](Modelling)

need someone to re-model the ped to hd version.Models clean and smooth,hd textures.but i need the same peds remodeled.mainly the girls in the street to hd with hot booties.

4.[Crash Time](Cleo)

i need someone to make a slowmotion crash mod,which will make the game gp slow motion .when the player car collides or gets to something very badly.like nfs-underground 2 ,Burnout paradise.etc

5.[GFs hotfigs](Modelling)

also need someone to re-model Cj's girl friends in hd,with nice figures and nice tits and botties ,so that the hot-coffe mod will be usefull enough.

6.[Main Remod](Modelling)

need someone ta remodel the main characters of the game,like Ryder,bigsmoke ,cesar,maddog,og-loc,hermandez etc.the models should be better then the old one,this time HD.not like buggy.

7.[Cj Rage mode](Cleo+Modelling)



i downloaded an hulk model from gtainside,it was hacked from the game "The incridible Hulk'but its buggy see screenshots below,instead of standing in the groung he stands above the ground!i need someone to fix it and also fix his neck.heres the link.
the most wanted thing is'i need someone to make a cleo file called cjrage.this happens when cj's health is low(10%) he gets angry ,to change the skin ,make an effect which will make a green color effect or explostion,this would not show cj's transformation,its easy.So cj turns to hulk.then he can do higher jumps and sprint faster like real hulk,i think its possible
to make this script.i dont want to use the mega jump cheat,cuz when cj jumps ,he falls back to the ground and shouts'ouch.hulk dosent do that!>so after cj turns to hulk.he can give super punch to cars peds etc, which will make them fly way like the super punch mod
if a special rage meter is created it would be better.when the rage meter is over,cj turns back normal.Extra things-When cj turns hulk ,a music will played in the background,we need hulk roars to add in the game when jumps and hits.like the incridible hulk's game.
disable these things:entering houses and shops,enetering cars,using weapons,etc. note that ,cj becomes hulk only when he free-roams not in mission.

8.[The Man from past] (cleo)(Story)

i have an model called archilles.it looks like a man from 1500 back.so i taught this will come in use too.so here's the plot.when the player goes to the woods like shady creeks,he will find a strange man standing in a marker.when we meets him,he will aks from cj where am i
,cj will reply,ayo freak dick,what are you doing in shady creeks in this costume.the man said,looks like i came from the past to the future.Cj:WHat the f*ck@,i will say the story to the one who helps withthis task.then cj will have to help him ,cj will take him to
his safehouse and help the man to survive in the crude world.

9.[Bullettime Headshot](Cleo)

When we perform direct headshot,the game goes slow motion for 5 sec.

10.[final rag-dead] (Cleo)

when our enemy is about to die in one more bullet,he ragdoll's away after our final shot

11.[Road reflection](Cleo)

you know what it is

12.[On foot music] (Cleo)

while we walking a BG music should play lighty like Bully.And when we are on a mission
it will play BG music.Each missions have a different track,i'll find and give you msuic titles
and you write down the script.We will have to disable radio stations only if we are on mission.
i already added zaz's latest mod,police radar ,a mod which will play a music when we are wanted.

13.[special peds] (Cleo+Modelling)

now this time there will be extra peds walking around the streets of SA. So the thing is!
i need some one to model some new peds first.The peds are "kids,dog & cats".I found out
that may of the games doesn't have these peds,Adding these thing's would make the game better.

14.[Extra taunts] (Cleo)

Cj will say a random dialogue from a random mission, by pressing "T".

15 .[better stunts] (Cleo)

better jumping range. sprint+jump:while we sprint and press the jump key,he should sprint
and jump, because originally he stops sprinting after a jump. when cj fall from great hieghts
he should ragdoll while falling in various ways.

16 .[Superman Vs SuperCj] (Cleo)+(Modelling)
this begins with the mod "supercj" which is now also in cleo.The story is that sUPERMAN EXTRACTE half of his power into to a mechanical thing.for later use,
unfortunately Cjfound it in his radar and tried exploring it,the curious nigga was pressing some Micro-buttons,Suddenly the powers got to his body and Cj found that
he could fly ,use mind control etc.when superman found out some ni**er stole his powers,Now superman is back of cj to gain his powers back.But Cj uses the powers to clean out ballas.
to make this work,we need to make cj have supermans powers only when he is Superman Vs SuperCj Missions or it his poweres will be disabled.we also need someone to make some kinda generator
which is supermans power keeper.No need to worry about supermans model.i already have one,i only need someone to make a cleo script which will give superman ,supercj's powers,so that they both could fight flying.

17.[Shootout Mod] (Cleo)

this time cj can shoot while "Falling,Swimming,jumping,sprinting. also shoot in car but only putting his hand out of window like gta iv.

18.[Night Dogs]
need someone to make dogs spawn at night in someplaces and follows cj to bite or eat him,they should come randomly ,when the player is freeroaming.

who will work with what> if you want to help!?Just pm me with the tasks name!

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Posted 22 October 2012 - 05:10 PM

Did you ask the mod makers that you want to use there mods?

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Posted 22 October 2012 - 05:16 PM

Oh god please not again such a 'GTA SA ULTRA SUPER MEGA 2012 EXTREME GFX' with 'all new carz, missionz, super ultra photorealistic gfx'. I bet you haven't got permission for any of those mods used in your crap modpack starting with MY vegetation pack and -BLITZ- SRT3. Now please delete this crap and get off this forum.

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Posted 22 October 2012 - 05:23 PM

QUOTE (Dumbass-Productions @ Monday, Oct 22 2012, 17:16)
Oh god please not again such a 'GTA SA ULTRA SUPER MEGA 2012 EXTREME GFX' with 'all new carz, missionz, super ultra photorealistic gfx'. I bet you haven't got permission for any of those mods used in your crap modpack starting with MY vegetation pack and -BLITZ- SRT3. Now please delete this crap and get off this forum.

Now get outta here with you super cool HD mod.

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Posted 22 October 2012 - 05:43 PM

The first thing I saw was the SA ART, with a ugly bloom effect added. Then I immediately knew this couldnt be any good, turns out I was right.

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Posted 22 October 2012 - 06:12 PM Edited by _FgF_, 22 October 2012 - 06:15 PM.

QUOTE (Dumbass-Productions @ Monday, Oct 22 2012, 17:16)
Oh god please not again such a 'GTA SA ULTRA SUPER MEGA 2012 EXTREME GFX' with ' .

Oh, My man you mean: GTA ULTRA FUTURAMA SA TRIPLE MEGA EXTREME 2055 NARCIS GFX..... smile.gif

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Posted 22 October 2012 - 07:08 PM

QUOTE (Triple-S-BrOs @ Sunday, Oct 21 2012, 19:09)
Screenshots from my bros pc where im modding.

yea right, modding where you stole mods, that kind of modding suicidal.gif
i bet he didn't even done the enb settings moto_whistle.gif

  • l911


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Posted 22 October 2012 - 08:02 PM

this is just awesum.
i have logo for the mod :
user posted image
im sure you will like it.

credit goes to Dumbass-Productions for the idea happy.gif

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Posted 22 October 2012 - 08:34 PM

Best thing about this mod, is your logo ludi911.

My stock SA looks "more-HD" with MSAA set to x8

  • d3jan


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Posted 22 October 2012 - 08:45 PM

yea, he should thank you for the logo biggrin.gif

  • Death2Drugs

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Posted 22 October 2012 - 09:11 PM

This is the world's greatest mod ever. Seriously, all that hard effort, that time you took adjusting those settings, absolutely the best HD mod ever!

(Not really)

  • TheD94


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Posted 22 October 2012 - 09:41 PM

Great mod man. Always wanted to have something like this. Any finally, this came up. Oh god... I'm so excited, can't wait to install dat mod and play with it. You are the best! Thank you very much for that!! smile.gif
Sarcasm included. Logo by ludi911 is the only good thing so far tbh. Most work in it.

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Posted 23 October 2012 - 03:39 AM

Good job putting together all these mods, but next time don't be a smartass and try to release the mods as a single pack and claim it as your own project. This is a bannable offense. You can use these mods on your own game but you can't release them here without permission from the original authors.

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