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Posted 19 October 2012 - 09:07 AM Edited by kor0ro.k3yz, 19 October 2012 - 09:28 AM.

if your interested in helping me you can read the tutorial "jpm1" posted

the goal is to remove the most crap you can without loosing in realism . i've just seen your mod , it looks nice but if you want to gain some fps burrying is not enough . here's what i did

- you have 3 trash cans or newspapers dispensers at the same place you remove 1 or 2 .
- you have 2 types of bin bags on the map (several thousands) . you replace one with transparent textures or by a leaf model (or anything else and small sized) . model of leaves can be found somewhere can't remember where but probably in rubbish
- same for rubbish piles if they are not used by stunt jumps just remove or burry them if there are in a main wpl . do not ever delete anything in main wpl (nj01.wpl,manhat02.wpl ..) or game will crash (you can add but not delete there) . don't forget to delete/burry their lods too or you'll still have the shadows around
- you have a place with 50 drums or 50 security cams remove half of each . and this should be done for any place with redundants objects . too dense areas will cause game to lag
- you have trash on sea . replace by transparent textures or leaves or fishes . you can find fishes models in GTA-random Vice city mod . you can set fishes dept/density in procedural.dat file
- you have plenty of small building sites all around LC just remove everything that can be removed , and keep only few things . same for scaffolds burry or remove 80 % of them (with their lods)
- there are plenty of graffitis all around too by removing redundant stuff you'll make them more rare and lighten game workload . you can also add custom graffitis (by removing i mean replacing by lighter transparent textures here . graffitis entries should be kept if you want to add custom ones later)

i did that part of modding long time ago so i don't remember where all objects are located but 99 % of them are in maps folder (rubbish , procobj , or maps files if object is unique) . to find an object you can use Open IV and its global search . once you found the object you can locate it using the placement search . it will show you where the object is located on a map (and its wpl) . extract the wpl in OPL format and edit it with any text editor . if you replace some textures by transparent ones be sure replacement textures have same size than original . cause Open IV doesn't automatically resize textures , and this may cause you problems if you want to do further modifications , for graffitis for example . if you replace a 512x512 graffiti texture by a 32x32 transparent one , Open IV will keep 32x32 size , and if you want to add a new graffiti later there you'll get complications . if you burry some objects you can decrease game workload too by removing the objects textures and replacing them by much smaller transparent ones

be careful on the mods size you download , it has no sense to spend hundreds of hours working on a side to add on another

be sure to perform tests frequently so that when you got a mess you know where it is , and to do a backup of the files too . it's a long and time consuming modding so if you can save your work on 2 or 3 differents hard drives it's better (you can create a backup partition too)

if you want to add fishes , you just need to replace any sea procobj (_w) by one of GTA-random (Vice city mod) fishes . then add fish texture in any file underwater.wtd for example and then in procobj.ide find the object you've just modified line and in place of second name add the name of the wtd you've put the fish texture in , without extention like this
CJ_PROC_BEER_W, underwater, 5, 131072, 0, -0.0523136, -0.134804, -0.0728243, 0.0612218, 0.110848, 0.0402793, 0.00445414, -0.0119784, -1.0162725, 0.146652, null (objects with _w at the end of their name are sea trash)
to set fishes dept/density you need to tweak procedural.dat file (description in file) with a text editor . as GTA-random fishes models are rectangles you can put any custom fish there
i think i said almost everything . i'll edit eventually

and yeah you can check my mod here "My Mod"

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