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inserting sample building/town into game

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Posted 16 October 2012 - 09:30 PM Edited by r33dp, 24 October 2012 - 03:39 PM.

Im sorry about starting new topic 2 lines above the old one, but I assume they touch way different areas of mapping so. Well the old one is probably going to trash.

Anyway- as I began to create my first building in 3ds max (some layers with walls and floors were hidden to show it more precisely):

Of course its without textures, but I will apply them before placing object inside game.
I would like to insert mentioned house inside gta san andreas (single player), and here is what I found:

-Importing model into gta
-Inserting a map object
-not working video tutorial titled How add Buildings/Move Items For GTA SA

As I read them, I just realized that I am not sure what should I do first. Importing model into GTA? Technically my house is all brand new for gta engine, I dont even use gta textures, not to mention every object was made by me. So should I attach every object of home to itself and insert it? Sounds crazy.
On the other hand -dertyjerzian's San Andreas Max Mapping Tutorial is incomplete, I mean it ends at part one without helping in placing object.

My question is- do you have some link about putting house like my into the game step-by-step? I would be more than happy to read "yes" biggrin.gif. Anyway guys if you could help out- I would be really thankful.

Thanks in advance!

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Posted 17 October 2012 - 05:01 PM

Insert an ipl line in an ipl file to place your object
But first it needs to define the object in an ide file

The ipl and ide files (Lae.ide, Lae.ipl) are just plain text files and editable with notepad.exe
An advanced texteditor is better and more comfortable, for example sannybuilder or notepad++ can you get for free
A "must have tool" for mapmodding is the MapEditor
read Item_Definition and IPL Definitions


Basic informations:
Every model (actor, car, weapons, object (Buildings, Landscapes, tuningparts are also objects) must be defined and have an ID number
actors in data\peds.ide
cars in data\vehicles.ide
weapons in data\default.ide
tuningparts in data\ maps\veh_mods\veh_mods.ide

Buildings, Landscapes and other objects in a lot of files separated in different folders of data\ maps folder

data\maps\generic contains ide and ipl files for small objects for the gameplay like doors, hydrant, shark ect...
data\maps\interior contains ide and ipl files for interior rooms and their accessory
data\maps\country contains ide and ipl files for Buildings and Landscapes of the country as well of area51
data\maps\LA contains ide and ipl files for Buildings and Landscapes of Los Santos
data\maps\SF contains ide and ipl files for Buildings and Landscapes of San fierro
data\maps\Vagas contains ide and ipl files for Buildings and Landscapes of Las Venturas
data\maps\leveldes contains ide and ipl files for the seabeds and for the Liberty City interior world

GTA San Andreas Root Directory
|__data |
. . |__Decision
. . |__Icons
. . |__maps
. .  |
. .  |_country (country ide and ipl)
. .  |_generic  (dynamic and gameplay objects ide)
. .  |_interior  (interior and interior properties ide and ipl)
. .  |_LA  (Los Santos ide and ipl)
. .  |_leveldes (Seabed and LC world and special objects ide and ipl)
. .  |_SF  (San Fierro ide and ipl)
. .  |_vegas  (Las Venturas ide and ipl)
. .  |_veh_mods (vehicle Tuningparts ide)
. .
. .
. .
. .  gta.dat  ("Master file" in txt format: List to load IMG, IDE and IPL files)
. .  default.ide (weapon ide)
. .  peds.ide (pedestrians, charackter ide)
. .  vehicles.ide (vehicles ide)
. .  timecyc.dat (Weather, Game Colouring)
. .  object.dat (dynamic, script and special object settings)
. .  water.dat (water cube coordinates)
. .  weapon.dat (weapon settings)
 .. gta3.img
 .. gta_int.img
 .. cutscene.img
 .. player.img

The ide and ipl files need to be loaded and requires to insert their filepath (relativ to game root directory) into data\gta.dat
Same for img archivs
gta3.img, gta_int.img, player.img, peds.ide, vehicles.ide, default.ide are loaded automatcal and don't need to add the path in gta.dat

The most important content of ide lines are
Model ID number/Model name/Texture name
these 3 entries, separeted by comma define the model and allocates the dff file with txd file to an ID number

the ide line contains also more entries, which can be different, each if it is a ped, weapon, vehicle or map object
the meaning of the entries for map objects is:
ID#, modelname, Texturepack, viewdistance, flag
1211, fire_hydrant, dynhydrent, 40, 128

The models itself must be placed in an img archiv and each model must have a *.dff file(3d model), a *.txd file(textures) and a *.col file(collisions model)
A *.col file is an archiv which can contain one more collisions models
the name of the collisions model must be the same as the name of the *.dff file but the *.col file archiv can have any name


The ide files have sections
the normal object definitions are placed between
objs and end
1211, fire_hydrant, dynhydrent, 40, 128

To add a new object needs to use a new free ID number, smaller than 20000
You can add 2 or 4 new objects to the game because of limit
Adding more objects requires to use LimitAdjuster

Free IDs in standard unmodified  GTA San Andreas (generated by Free ID list generator on unmodified GTA SA, made by fastman92.tk):

2-6, 8, 42, 65, 74, 86, 119, 149, 208, 265-273, 289, 329, 332, 340, 382-383, 398-399,

612-614, 662-663, 665-668, 699, 793-799, 907-909, 965, 999, 1194-1206, 1326, 1573, 1699, 2883-2884, 3136-3166, 3176-3177, 3179-3186, 3188-3192,

3194-3213, 3215-3220, 3222-3240, 3245, 3247-3248, 3251, 3254, 3266, 3348-3349, 3416, 3429, 3610-3611, 3784, 3870-3871, 3883, 3889, 3974,

4542-4549, 4763-4805, 5085, 5090-5104, 5376-5389, 5683-5702, 6011-6034, 6254, 6258-6279, 6348, 6526-6862, 7393-7414, 7974-7977, 9194-9204, 9268, 9479-9481, 10311-10314,

10745-10749, 11418-11419, 11682-12799, 13564-13589, 13668-13671, 13891-14382, 14529, 14555, 14557, 14644-14649, 14658-14659, 14696-14698, 14729-14734, 14766-14769, 14857, 14884, 14899,

14904-15024, 15065-15999, 16791-16999, 17475-17499, 17975, 17977, 17979-17999, 18037, 18103, 18106-18108, 18110-18111, 18113-18199, 18631-19999


You can add new ide and ipl files to define and place your object
This needs to add their path into gta.dat as mentoined above

Or add an ide line into an existing ide file and add an ipl line into an existing ipl file


The ipl files have also sections
the normal object placements are placed between
inst and end
1211, fire_hydrant, 0, -1284.767, -864.867, 27.701, 0, 0, 0, 1, -1

read more about ipl at: IPL Definitions


Example for adding Item placement with new ipl file:

open notepad.exe and insert this:
1211, fire_hydrant, 0, -1284.767, -864.867, 27.701, 0, 0, 0, 1, -1

save it as mymod.txt in folder data\maps and close the editor
rename the file manual into mymod.ipl
insert the filepath into gta.dat :
IPL DATA\MAPS\mymod.ipl

now start the game and search for the fire_hydrant
biggrin.gif you can't find it
you need to edit the coordinates for the placement
1211, fire_hydrant, 0, -1284.767, -864.867, 27.701, 0, 0, 0, 1, -1

insert new x, y and z-coords separated by comma
1211, fire_hydrant, 0, X, Y, Z, 0, 0, 0, 1, -1

Use sannybuilder to get the coords of the gameworld
Choose TOOLS on menue, then IDE Tools >> Coords Manager
to read the x,y,z coordinate and the z-angle of the current player position if the game is running
Or use MapEditor to make the final placement

Select the tab "Scene",
set the hook at mymod.ipl and also at this ipl file which needs to be loaded to show the map where the object should be placed
click on "Render"
search your object and select it with doubleclick
edit position and orientation

save the final placement:
select the tab "IPL",
select the mymod.ipl,
select any item inside of mymod.ipl
click on save

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Posted 17 October 2012 - 05:47 PM

Thank you ZAZ!. Thats a lecture, but from what I see now its probably precise answer. Thank you for your time put into explaining all this. Respect man!

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