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Convert Cars From SA TO IV

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Posted 14 October 2012 - 10:49 AM

Please delete the first topic/post! I was not ready to submit it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Original Tutorial by Mr. Bolleck and translated from German to English by me as best as I could! Feel free to comment and help me translate it better/make it better! We need this tutorial SOOOOOO bad!

Tutorial: Convert to GTASA GTAIV[SIZE=7]

Programs needed:




TXD WorkShop

An image editing program (paint.net, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, etc.)

Nvidia. Dds filter

Nvidia normal map filter

> MODCAR get (IMPORTANT IN ANY CASE, the permission of the / AUTHORS SEEK)

Benutzest Carmod <In this tutorial GWM. Gta-worldmods


First, the desired car download and endpacken. TXD Workshop and start via "Open TXD" the. Txd
select and store all related textures with TXD Workshop as. tga

user posted image

This includes the textures of the vehicle.txd

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Rockstar Games \ GTA San Andreas \ models \ generic

Here is a short overview of the Zmodeler

user posted image

2.Import the textures

Opens eueren ZModeler

Go to> Options> Settings> Services> Textures

And then on "Add" button

And select the path where are the textures (the. Tga's) you have just unpacked

Then click "Apply" and "OK"

3.Importieren of CarMods

Click on Import File (see legend) selects your Carmod and respects the area in the Lower

Preferable Textures TGA stands. Then import this should then be ausschauen [Fig 1]

In the Lower box should now "appear No error"

But if just check what could be the problem (if any are missing textures)

If you import a Carmod "NOT" it may well be possible that there is lured

Then simply ask the author whether he still Unlock it has available.

Sometimes it also happens that the total Carmod "deformed" in Zmodeler

Loading this could be because it was exported with 3d's Max.

You may buy 3d's Max or ask someone of it and export it as a. Obj leave.

So everything clears from the "Scene Browser" which is no longer needed ('s Dummy, Damage Model, As
Collisions etc. soda) at the end only the actual model is left.

Should look something like this [Fig 2]

user posted image

Third Distribution of material

Important Link KotChopShop

I myself have simplified this a little while and I invite my preliminary ever want to change model in
the Zmodeler (in the material have been [ect specular highlight.] the "right" Extensions)

In this case, the "ugly" Ingot

Thus, I had already pre-material

If it is not so easy Duplicates manages the required material and Bennent to it.

(Important in any case is the meaning behind the name of textures]

[vehshare light semi-immersive, etc.]

user posted image

As I said, now is necessary to replace the existing material

To check the "important link" Use

Really replace many each texture with the originals

But many textures (eg black, red, white, underbody, Chrome, etc.)

Are available on the vehicle_generic_detail2.wtd

user posted image

This saves on the. Wtd file a few. Kb

Allocation of the new materials

In the Commands bar> Select Go> All

Then activates the bottom of the Zmodeler the Select Mode button should now be highlighted in Colour

And then go to polygon mode (see legend)

The whole should now so ausschauen (Vievpoint: User)

user posted image

Then goes back into the Commandsbar

Select> [By matreial] now select the material from which you want to replace

Verfahrt and so long until you have all the material reassigned

You can reassign as follows

Right-clicking in Vievpoint

Properties ...> Mesh> Polygon> Materials

And then the new material in the list auswälen

(thinking of the vehicle_generic_detail2.wtd)

It is also important to her that the Respect Parts demensprechend the required UV Channels
get (Chrome, tires, undercarriage, engine, etc.)

(What material needs as many UV Channels)

red = 2, blue = 1,

Paint1-texture uv1 uv2 dirt, spec uv1 (silver alloy spec)
Paint2-texture uv1 dirt, uv1, spec uv1
Paint3-texture texture uv1 uv2, dirt uv1, spec uv1 (paintjobs)
GENERIC uv1 texture, bump uv1, spec uv1
LIGHTS (vehglass) - uv1 texture, dirt uv2, spec uv1, reflect auto sphere
VEHGLASS-texture uv1 uv2 dirt, spec uv1, reflect auto sphere
LIGHT SEMI SIVE texture uv1 uv2 dirt, spec uv1, reflect auto sphere
INTERIOR-uv1 texture, bump uv1, spec uv1
Interior2-uv1 texture, spec uv1
SHUTS-texture uv1, uv2 dirt, bump uv1, uv1 spec-or-uv1 texture, bump uv1, spec uv1
TIRE texture uv1 dirt, uv1, uv1 bump, spec uv1
BADGES-uv1 texture, bump uv1, spec uv1, reflect auto sphere
MESH texture uv1 uv2 dirt, bump uv1, spec uv1
CHROME texture uv1 dirt, uv1, spec uv1
RUBBER-texture uv1 dirt, uv1, spec uv1

All you have to to Vertex mode

Right-click again in Viepoint

Properties ...> vertices> Format> UV channel (there should be selected 2)

Also ensures that is taken out at the Diffuse Color hook

This can model after passing the (in-game) is black.

I also recommend their new material, the new instant maps

click to top left of the viewpoint (see legend)

and accordingly on "UV Mapper"


example Chrome

Will select the folders to the material / parts

(Goes to the polygon mode and select the polygons you want to change or stop the [By Material]

Now go to Vertex mode (it should then be ausschauen (Vievpoint: User)

user posted image

Then right-click makes the vievpoint

Mapping> Edit UV

user posted image

Or. paint3 at this job would be the pain!! Otherwise always Dirtmap

How the Zmodeler maps I have found a tutorial

When you're done with the distribution of the materials is done now so it should look something like this!

user posted image

Now you have to divide only the parts and model behind the bumper
<Side windows separated from the doors and the body -

<Possibly build the interior of the rear lights -

<Back for fenders and bumpers Modeling

Eventually, the model must then be scaled

Rename each part still (after submission of the original model)

Then assign the respective parts and move the pivots and dummies at the right place

user posted image

Thus DAs model would now, Adapted "

What follows is very important, because in GTA IV there, premade, Scene ""

If you do not pay attention to the correct spelling, it may be that the export in Zmodeler

Hangs Well that's it, Get out at the last save ^ ^

Distribution of extras there Maximum 9 extras

Certain parts (eg Lightbar) which one would constantly have the model, you can rename MISC_ (az).

When naming you always keep to the correct spelling.

If you now have the parts where divided

You need is a second "simpler" model (less poly's)

Either we modeled the new or copied .... _L0 and deletes unimportant parts (Tügriffe, switches, parts of

Engine, etc.)
These should be called .... _L1,

the [COL] can continue to use the existing model, you just have to fit it.

It is also a model .... _L2 what needed because of the model outlined in approximately equal
user posted image
This was actually already export all around the model.

Finally, export

If it comes to error messages such as.

user posted image

Looks to whether there is a ... and a ... _L0 _L1 model. And Renames it dan right.

A few more tips

Blink <1> White glass color (white blinker)

To do this select the appropriate glass, go to Vertex mode and select all the poly's

(Note the Select mode must be Enabled)

Go into the CommandsBar

Surface ...> Paint ...> Color

user posted image

Selects the color and click on entspreschende, Fill Selection''

user posted image

The more often you there,'' Fill the more intense the yellow
This can also be for example Disks use a certain gleam in the sun produce

Break <2> Side markers can

I have seen many mods where the sidemarker in accidents simply lauchten ^ ^

In order to prevent this easy on the light again a semi-immersive material vehglass material over it translated

And transparent and allow for the use of a texture has a transparent background

(eg badges textures.)

<3> blowouts

If you in your model, INGAME'' the problem that in a mature Platzer a portion of the rim, with

Bursts "easy to vehicles.dat increase the Reds worth
If the burst tire and the rim just floating in the air, the Reds worth shrink

user posted image

ingot, ingot, car, INGOT, INGOT, [email protected], [email protected]_XX_LO1, 100, 999, 0.2094 0.2094, 0, 2, 1.0,1, ext_sunroof

4 Creating the. Wtd

open your "image editing program''

invites all required textures into your program and stores it as a dds.

possibly a few normal maps to create (discs, seat upholstery, wheels, tires)

thereby creating one game a "3d feeling" of certain textures (eg the Patriot in the rear bumper)

it has now all needed textures you open G-Texture

go to File> New>

Selects the location, assigns the name and Saves

Then Textures> Add>

In the next window again, add'' selects all required. Dds of textures and click on Open and then

"OK," so now you have all the textures in his wtd. Throughout the File> Save, save and finished

Thus one has its wft. And. Wtdvon his carmod

Imports now your carmod'' with SparkIV in your GTA and stertet your game and, addiction or Spawns in you

Handling may need to be adjusted.

A tutorial on how to import, I will add more.

Mr. Bolleck

Now you have to refine it only finished until it's release

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