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cone crazy $ / passing through barricade bug

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Posted 28 September 2012 - 09:27 AM

this is most likely old news, however i have not seen any video of this so i wanted to share these videos i took recently.

these videos showcase how money gets subtracted and the game displays negative money rewards for cone crazy after x amount of time exploiting it for money.

out of curiosity, has anyone continued further than this with cone crazy to see if the reward money remains negative after a certain point?

i was also curious about the glitch/bug where you can pass through the barricade on the most southern bridge to get to the 2nd island. has anyone figured out the logic as to why this works?

in this video
the uploader shows the glitch, and writes in the description that it was discovered by spuds. he also mentions that it has to be done while Tommy is standing up + has to go through that exact spot. in this other video (at the 3 minute mark), it shows the same glitch done with a different spot + tommy not standing up on his bike.


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Posted 01 October 2012 - 10:55 PM Edited by Spuds725, 02 October 2012 - 12:59 AM.

Surprisingly-- me (the vice city nerd) was kind of involved in finding both of these.

Not sure about the drive through barrier bug ..... from what we have discussed previously, the bug is likely some small gap in the collision data-- most likely in the model of the barricades on the bridges--we think the collision data is associated with the barricades themselves and not a solid wall going accross the bridge-- why aiming for the gaps is necessary.... we believe they overlap each other and by going fast you for some reason get past them and continue through... if you slow the videos down you will see the camera angle shift momentarily as you pass through it.... you don't have to be standing but you do need to be going fast and the bike has to be upright (not turning) as you pass through it....this is a best guess for why it occurs.....I don't know exactly why it occurs--

The cone crazy doubling glitch was not discovered by me-- however I believe I was either the first or one of the first to mess around with it and see what happens when you keep doubling your money.... we "kind" of figured out what was occurring.... I used an excel spreadsheet to verify the math going on...

It was discussed here several years ago....

Here is what I think will happen if you keep doubling your money... I have never verified this (from 2011).... http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=468870

Here is my original post here and our discussion of the doubling (from 2004)--- http://www.gtaforums...dpost&p=1556276

You will want to read a fair amount of the thread to get some of the context discussed..

Here is where I first posted about this--- the gtplanet.net VC recordbook thread-- March 15, 2004.... http://www.gtplanet....t=27116&page=50 (you may have to be a member to view the pic I posted)-- I will repost....

When I did it, the money did start subtracting when I had negative numbers, but it either started going back up or ended up being "max money" again after I saved--- perhaps when it displays it has to subtract everything negative before adding it back... I do know when I first maxxed out money using brown thunder that I saved the game as it was counting up (was not where close to displaying maximum money) and it immediately went to max $999,999,999 after I saved... so yes it appeared to be dropping on the video--- but I don't believe it was actually going to continue to $0.

Here is what I observed-- I did take screen shots of these-- I'm sure I have them on a hard drive somewhere....

Then it got weird--started subtracting money

$ -939,524,096
$ - 1,879,048,192

then it went positive again




Here is my pic from 2004-- user posted image

//edit again//

Ooops watched the first video again and I didn't notice the actual awarded money was positive-- but it started subtracting--- I did it on PS2--- it either didn't do that or I didn't notice it doing it--- all I know is that when I was done.... (last awarded value was shown in the video)-- and my money was going up and was maxed after I saved the game--- I do recall saving before it got all the way up. I did notice it dropping when I was getting the negative numbers for rewards (shown in my linked posts)

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