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Killing Coppers(XBOX 360)

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Posted 15 September 2012 - 08:05 PM Edited by MacJoker, 11 May 2013 - 06:00 PM.

GTA IV Vanilla,TBOGT,TLAD(It Depends)

INFO:Have you ever walked across the street in Liberty City and see crimes going on left and right and the cops don't do anything and the next minute you're getting mugged.Then when the LCPD actually does something all they do is arrest the elderly and arrest the wrong person who shouldn't be accused. And to tell you the truth guys I'm sick of it so I need some real people to overthrow these crooked cops.

What you need: An Xbox 360 ,A Microphone, and some maturity

Free Mode!
Auto-Aim:Allowed(If you don't want to use it you don't have to)
Friendly Fire:ON(So be careful! Trying to makes this difficult for each other. We can take a vote if we want it off.)
Location:Liberty City
Weapons:All(or Episodic for TBOGT)
Reticule Health:ON
Voice Chat:ON
Respawn Time:10 or 15 seconds(Or I can change)

First things to do
When a game starts we will start a sort of "Arming period" for an assault. At that time we will obtain all the necessary Weapons and Vehicles to start a attack. You should stalk up on Automatics and obtain Attack Helicopters and maybe some Heavy Ground Vehicle like an APC. Then once were all done prepping up we will determine a location to take on the LCPD

1. Be Mature, don't whine if you die. You can get more weapons and jump back in.
2. Do not kill anybody or any cops during the Arming Period if you do however somehow get a wanted level. Go to a Pay N' Spray ASAP.
3. If you think you are ready, go to the specific location and wait for other operatives.
4. Everyone cannot be a vehicle, we need some infantry on the ground as well.
5. Do what ever you can to survive against the cops!

There may be some people who be infantry or some people who think they can't stand a battle on the ground. So I think we can all have some specific jobs before we start. If you think you are a good enough soldier on the ground then you can join the Infantry. If you say you are good enough pilot you can provide Air support or if need Evacuation. And if you're good at driving an APC then we can you use for Heavy Ground Support. I made up this idea so we sessions start we can filter out the ones who are good at certain things so we can make a better team.

Infantry: Stay on the ground, can call Air support if they have special permission to, Cannot call for transport only for when they really need it, Can use any weapons they are good with.

Air Support: Only for experienced Pilots. Can use Mavericks for transport, Annihilator for Transport and for air combat. Can Use Buzzards for Heavy Air support. Also Provides Recon for infantry

Heavy Ground Support: Uses a APC or a heavy vehicle to provide support on the ground for infantry. Can also use Recon to tell everybody what's going on.

This for Organizational purposes.

Information Your answers
Your Xbox Live Your Answer
Age Your Answer
Your GTA Skills Your Answer
Do you have a working microphone Your Answer
Your Time Zone Your Answer
What profession would you like? Your Answer
When are you MOST available for GTA IV? Your Answer
Do you have Mods? Your Answer
Any additional information? Your Answer

Use this for your app.


[td][color=Green][SIZE=9][b]Your answers[/b][/SIZE][/color][/td]
[th]Your Xbox Live GT[/th]
[td] Your Answer [/td]
[td] Your Answer [/td]
[th]Your GTA Skills[/th]
[td] Your Answer [/td]
[th]Do you have a working microphone[/th]
[td] Your Answer [/td]
[th]Your Time Zone[/th]
[td] Your Answer[/td]
[th]What profession would you like?[/th]
[td] Your Answer[/td]
[th]When are you MOST available for GTA IV?[/th]
[td] Your Answer[/td]
[th]Do you have Mods?[/th]
[td] Your Answer [/td]
[th]Any additional information?[/th]
[td] Your Answer[/td]

I will think of a date to do this when I get enough people. To anyone who needs to convert this to GMT use this. http://www.timezonec...cgi-bin/tzc.tzc
Add my Gamertag for Xbox Live which is: MACJ0KER,
Also this is also my first time hosting a event so please understand why this is not so impressive...



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Posted 16 September 2012 - 01:10 AM

Cool. This sounds like its very well thought out. Props to you. Hope you can get many people. Haha I'd come join if I was on Xbox 360.

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Posted 11 May 2013 - 06:21 PM

If any admin wants to lock this thread, go ahead...

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Posted 11 May 2013 - 08:29 PM

sounds good auto aim and friendly fire are a bad mix though I'd turn friendly fire off

Information Your answers
Your Xbox Live GT SGT Jimbob h
Age 20
Your GTA Skills Driver/pilot
Do you have a working microphone yes
Your Time Zone GMT/ UK
What profession would you like? Pilot
When are you MOST available for GTA IV? evenings and weekends
Do you have Mods? no
Any additional information? Looking forward to giving it a go

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